The Book of
Emmanuel or God among men

The Teachings of Him who had walked in Galilee: He that is thy Lord!

From the records which are preserved and kept, in the Archives of the Order, of the true Faith, of the true God

The Lord, thy Christ, thy God.
Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One!

For He, as ye have been told, is not the God of the dead, not the God of those that have forsaken Him, but those that love His coming, that love His associations among men, the God of the Living, the God of Life! For, He Is Life! To be served with the purpose; that as may be given, as that Counsel, that Advice, as will enable the body in its present experience to meet all of those conditions. Know in whom you believe. Know in what you believe. Know the author of thy belief. How few stop to know that! We say we believe, but what? Who is the author of thy salvation? Who is the author of thy faith, of thy hope, of thy aspirations? Man? What man? Only He, who has made the test in giving himself in the service of his fellow man. Lord Lead Thou The Way. I Commit My Body, My Mind, To Be One With Thee, That We May Make Manifest the Love of God and Man. Only those who know God, or have sought Him, may interpret even His walks among men!

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Glossolalia - The manner in which all heard in their various tongues the message that was given by Peter in the one tongue. Acts 2:4 This was the activity of the spirit, and what the spirit indeed meant and means in the experiences of the individuals during that period. For one that was of Cyrene heard a mixture of the Greek and Aryan tongue; while, though Peter spoke in the Arabic, those that were of the Hebrews heard in the Hebrew language; those in Greek heard in Greek.

God - God is Spirit, and seeks such to worship Him in spirit and in truth! God is God of All; not just a chosen few who may appear to have more intellectual or physical or mental abilities than others. For, as He once gave, there were many righteous in the days of Elijah; yet to one, an unbeliever, was the man of God sent. There were many lepers in the days of Elisha, yet by the kindness, for the appreciation of kindness shown, was Naaman healed. So, in thine own experience, in the offices as a teacher, consider these, and be wise, in Him. For, the love of God as made manifest in the souls of human beings in the earth, is as old as the earth itself. For, God is not the respecter of persons, but of those who seek to Do, to know, His will with man. For, as He hath given, he that would be the greatest among you, he that would be favoured by the mercy of a loving Father Will and does measure to others that he seeks his God, his loving Father, to measure to him. And indeed it becomes a law, in not only the material but the mental and spiritual realms, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." In the Godhead there is found still the three-dimensional concept: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This conception of that which has been, which is, these are still founded in that summed up in: "The Lord thy God is One."

What is thy God?:
Are thy ambitions only set in whether ye shall eat tomorrow, or as to wherewithal ye shall be clothed? Ye of little faith, ye of little hope, that allow such to become the paramount issues in thine own consciousness! Know ye not that ye are His? For ye are of His making! He hath willed that ye shall not perish, but hath left it with thee as to whether ye become even aware of thy relationships with Him or not. In thine own house, in thine own body there are the means for the approach, through the desire first to know Him; putting that desire into activity by purging the body, the mind of those things that ye know or even conceive of as being hindrances, not what someone else says! It isn't what you want someone else to give! As Moses gave of old, it isn't who will descend from heaven to bring you a message, nor who would come from over the seas, but Lo, ye find Him within thine own heart, within thine own consciousness! If ye will Meditate, open thy heart, thy mind! Let thy body and mind be channels that Ye may Do the things ye ask God to do for you! Thus ye come to know Him. What is truth? Law! What is Law? Love. What is love? God. What is God? Law and love. These are as the cycle of truth itself. And wherever ye are, in whatever clime, its ever the same. For, as it is said of him, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, unalterable!

God Speaks to Thee: Take Exodus 19:5. To be sure, it is interpreted by many here that the Creative Forces or God are speaking to a peculiar people. You were one of them. Why not, then, today? Although through the years your name has been changed, the soul is the same. Hence this is, as it were, spoken to thee. Study then, also the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of John as it speaks to thee, and as to how ye may apply thyself in the intuition, the walks with divine influences. Then take the 30th of Deuteronomy, where there is the admonition as to the source, that it's not from somewhere else, but it is within thine own self. For that influence of the Creative Force is so near, yea closer even than thy own hand! And it is with what spirit ye entertain that ye measure that kind of helpfulness to thy Maker. Do what thou doest intuitionally, or as the spirit moves thee. The still small voices of nature, as to those influences from the silences of the night, as in the songs of the brook, as in the moonbeam's rays upon the forest and hills, with the calls of nature, whether of the wild or of the cricket or the activities of the loon upon the lake - these are as Calls to an individual; that in same the greater beauty of God's love is shown to man if he will but take same as to be a portion of him and find that quietness as within.

Relationship with God: First there must be the finding of self, then; realizing there cannot be one relation with thy fellow man and another with thy Maker, not one expressed in words and another lived in the inner life. But know, "Know O Israel the Lord thy God is One!" These sounded, these kept within, ye may rise to those abilities to give, to measure out, to become a channel through which many may call thee blessed! Study then to know thy relationship to thy Maker. But Know Who is thy Lord, thy God!

Child of God: The startling thing to every soul is to awaken to the realization that it is indeed a child of God! That is startling enough for any man, any woman, any being, in this sin-sick world! And yet it is the heritage of every soul to awake to that consciousness that God indeed is mindful of the children of men, and calls ever, "If ye will be my children,
I will be thy God." This is the message, then, that you shall carry; for there is a loving Father that cares. That is thy message!

The Father speaks with the sons of men: He too, may walk no longer in the shadow of doubt and fear but know truly there is a rod in Jessie (Isaiah 11:1), the Father would speak with the sons of men; and His Son has led the way so oft in the earth over and above the teachers that have come into the earth from generation to generation; He will walk with thee and guide thy hand, if ye will but choose the Lord while He may yet be found. If the purposes and the aims are for an exalting of the powers of the Creative Forces rather than of self in the present experience; in application of the abilities and the opportunities of those things that are to be the experiences of the self during this experience or sojourn in the earth. As to the purposes, then, for the soul's forces entering into matter in the beginning: That there might be a comprehending of how material forces acted upon spiritual, or Spirit, endeavour of an entity, a soul. For, here we would give the variation between the mental mind of an earth being and the spirit that occupies its space in that man calls space. For, it must be learned or comprehended within thine consciousness as a being, in a finite force of activity, that time and space are one; and the divisions of these have been set in human experience and human endeavour that there might be the destruction of the physical forces that the spiritual might catch here a line, there a line, here a precept, there a precept, that there might be gained more and more that consciousness that is sought by the inmost recesses of this entity's desire, and again lived in the present in such a way and manner that the fruits of the spirit may be in thine own consciousness.

Self must become selfless: For, self must become selfless, and the spirit must become magnified in the relationships of the individual's activity in its meeting with the fellow man; whether this is in relationship to seeking to know how the response of spirit or spirituality in the experience of another soul acts upon it in its environ, in its surrounding, in its journey back to its Creator, or what not.  For, as given of old (and let these be not as platitudes in thine own experience), as a man, as a heart, as an experience is sown, so shall the harvest be, according to the application of those things that make for growth in the realm of that sought. For, to say "Do good" unto thy neighbour and then stand aside and see what will happen when others act in this or that way and manner does not bring an experience to self; for only through experience may the soul, the mind, the heart, the body, become aware of the effect of any application of the law of continuity of force, continuity of life, or of forces that make for growth in the experience of a soul. Then, know: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. And in the material world there stands in the laws of the Creative Influences only these: "Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, thine mind and thine soul," and the second is likened unto it: With the body and with the attributes of same, manifest to thine brother that law of God, and see in him, in thine brother, in the weakest among thine associates, in the weakest among thine companions, that spirit of God which if magnified will make for a growth of the Soul in thine brother, that it may be found in the way that leads to life, to light, to immortality for that soul. And he that saves a soul has experienced, and does experience, that realm of joy, peace, solace, understanding, that may only come to those who have experienced in saving, in directing, in blessing, a soul. For, the soul of self, as the soul of thine brother, is seeking its way, its journey, to its Maker. The birthright of every soul, as given by its Creator is coming into a material plane, is the same as for self; that it may experience the fruits of the spirit that may be manifested in a manifestation of life in a material or earth plane. As to the development of the psychic forces, the spiritual actuality in the experience of the entity in its sojourn from its environs, that is experiences have brought in the earth plane, this has been set before self, and, as has been seen, has been kept well balanced in the experience of the soul self; so that, as the seeking then comes into spiritual things, these as is seen and as must be known, may not be put into the crucibles of materiality. They may not be measured in or by the ways of the finite forces, or the finite mind, but rather they are measured by the consciousness of the spirit, of the way that was given and that has been given and is the standard of excellency to this material world, in the life and in the experience of Jesus, the Christ, who thought it not robbery to make himself equal with God, yet found himself of no estate; rather enjoying the experiences of his brethren in every walk of life, and using those experiences in such a way and manner that naught could be said of the life of the man, and naught could be said in the experiences of those that knew Him best, other than "He went about doing good." So, in self, in self's experience, in self's application of the spirituality of self, know that He gives His angels charge concerning thee, and that they will bear thee up in the experiences that ye have in a material plane, if ye will but keep the heart, the mind, the soul, Singing the praises of a Risen Lord. For, "God of the fathers be with us yet, lest we forget" that He is the God of the living and not of the dead! In the application of self, then, as to the developments in the present experiences and in keeping that balance in body, in mind, in soul, in the activities of the self in this present sojourn, first seek to know self as to what is the impelling desire in thine inner self. Take counsel with soul, and let this be as thy first experience in thine psychic self; for psychic, as given, is but a name, yet its metes and bounds take hold upon the mental, the material and the spiritual things in the experience of every soul! But ask in self: "What Is my purpose? What Is my desire? Is it an experience that I may exalt my inner self? or that I may glorify my Maker, my Redeemer, my Lord, my Master?" And get the answer from the mental self!

Enter into meditation: Then enter into meditation, in the wee hours of the morning, when the world at large is quiet, when the music of the spheres and the morning stars sing for the glory of the coming day, and ask the soul; and let the spirit of self answer. Audibly? Yea, within thine own heart will come the answer Yea or Nay. Then, when thou hast made thine own skirts clear, thine own soul clean, until He answers within thee that thou, having chosen the better part, may be given the application or the privilege of using the talents thou hast developed in thine experiences. For, as indicated in that which has been meted or measured to thee, the purposes are well, if the intents are kept just as clean. For they would bring in the experience of thine brother, and thy neighbour, the more abundant life, and the more abundant understanding of the relationships of the creature to the Creator, and the Way of the Creator with the creature. The Father hath given such a leeway to the sons of men that no force, no impelling force, unless sought or desired, and no activities in the material world, in the mental world, might be given. Then, if thine activities are such as to not belie that spoken in the mind or by the word of mouth, He will be thy guide, as thou wilt be His son. Not that thine experience in the field of activity may be entirely different from that of thine next door neighbour, but find not fault in thine friend nor in thine enemy; for, hath not He, the Father, allowed the tares and the wheat to grow up together? Be not as one that would tell the Father, the Creator, as to who the tares are, or as to when such a tare should be rooted up. Be thou rather found in the way of Blooming, of bringing forth fruit worthy of a son that has been endowed with the privileges of manifesting the spirit that He has shed abroad in the earth through the gift to the world of the Babe in Bethlehem, that grew in stature, in body, in mind, and then manifested the love of God in the way that He went about doing good to those that sought; yea, those that asked in the Father's name! For, ever were the blessings to the individuals in accordance to the desire of the soul. Then, in applying self, my son, know that the Father liveth in thee, and will rightly guide thee in thy seeking and in thine steps day by day, if thou hast prepared His temple in thee for the place that He may abide. If thou keepest the temple cluttered up with those things that bespeak rather of the flesh, only the flesh can answer - but if thou keepest the temple clean and decorated in the spirit of love, and in the light of truth, then it will shed its light abroad, even as He has given: "I will not leave thee comfortless but will come and abide with thee, that ye may be my children and I will be your god." Then, in seeking those things that will make for the greater understanding in thine present experience, let thy yeas be yea in the Lord, thy nays be nay in the Lord, and thy days will be long in the earth, and many will call thee blessed in His name; for the way is set before thee, and it is not past finding out. Doubt not, but seek. Seek in His name.

God speaks directly to men: Know this that the highest possible psychic realization, is to be aware that God, the Father, speaks directly to the sons of men, even as He has promised. Study same, then, with that same knowledge as was given of old, that God the Father speaks to Himself through man and man's activities in the earth. The spirit is of the Father, and all force is of God. For the smile of a baby, the fragrance of the rose, is but a reflection of God's care for man. Would he but learn the lesson of these little things! For it is the foolishness of man that is the wisdom of God, and the wisdom of man that is the foolishness of his Maker. God Is impersonal; but as has just been given, so Very personal! It is not that ye deal only with Impersonal, it is Within and Without! It is In and Without, and only as God Quickeneth the spirit within, by the use, by the application of the God-force within to mete it out to others. Else How, Why, did that material experience of a man hanging on a Cross bring, Bring, redemption to a world? In this: Though ye know He had the power within Himself to come down from the Cross, though He had the power to heal, though He had power to rid the very taking Hold upon death, it had no claims upon Him. Why? Quickened by the Father because the life Lived among men, the dealings among Men, brought Only hope, Only patience, Only love, Only longsuffering! This then being the law of God made manifest, He Becomes the law by manifesting same before man; and thus, as man, even as ye, becomes as one with the Father. For until ye become in purpose, in activity, a saviour, yea, a god, unto thy fellow man, ye do not take hold upon that Personality, the Individuality of God, that is the life, that is the being of life, eternity, hope and love! These then become not only as impersonal but personal, in that ye know thyself, even as He, thy brother in the flesh, made manifest that ye are aware of thyself Being thyself, yet one with Him; and thus able to enter into the joys, Wholly, that are prepared since, yea, before, the very foundations of materiality, for those that keep His ways.

God, The Father and His Manifestations in the Hearth: That the manifestations in the earth that are good (and there are some that call All good) are of God, and the variations in the manifestations, and the ability to discern that which will lead to the light or to God, and that away from the knowledge of the Father. God is an all-wise, all-inclusive, all-manifesting force in the experience of man. The Father is that loving Influence in the experience of those that seek Him. God is a fact. The Father: those that seek may know. The manifestations: how and what they are.

God is One: The Lord thy God is One! And the Christ, the Saviour, died for all, Not for one! no sect, no schism, no ism, no cult. For, the first to meet the Lord in peace was he that was also crucified. That should, in each heart, make those who have named the Name, and who claim God as the Father, Jesus Christ as the elder brother, know that no sacrifice is too great in order that the glory, the honour of the Lord may be demonstrated, manifested among men.

Good - The entity's experiences have made for those activities in the present both good and bad. For we meet ourselves constantly. For the law of love, the law of mercy, the law of grace is that no soul should perish but that All should Know the face of their Maker! Hence there is given each soul an advocate with the Father, in the Son. And He bears with thee! if thou dost hold to Him as thy guide; not only believing but rather acting like you do believe!

What is good?: How is such defined in thy life, of awakening to all the possibilities that exist in thy intake of life and its phases? To do good is to think constructively, to think creatively. What is creative, what is constructive, ye may ask? That which never hinders, which never makes for the bringing of any harm to others.

For, know, good alone lives on!

That of a nature which causes resentments, distrust, animosity, is already cut from that which is Creative. It is true that it may have its place in the experience of others, but it is much like the nail driven in the post. The nail, the hindrance, may be removed, but the scar remaineth. It is weakened by the might or force. The Creative Force, or God, is not in the tempest nor in the storm, nor in the loud noise, nor even in the rumbles or rumours. But that which is helpful, the more oft, is in the Still Small Voice Within.

Gospel - What is gospel?: News, tidings, understandings; that which bespeaks the sounding of warning, knowledge, awakening; if there will be the considering in the mind of the hearer, Gospel, Glad tidings.

Government -
There must be the choosing of individuals who are to fulfil certain stations or places in the distribution of the ideals pertaining to preparation for better living and better facilities. Grow in strength, in power, in ability to aid others. The abilities lie in the direction of an organizer or organizations, or as a go-between between the producer and the distributor of those things as may be produced from the facilities of those who have the creative ideas and ideals. Then, as a leader or organizer the individual may find the greater outlet for the abilities; yet there are principles that need to be applied in the daily life in its relationships one to another. There are the laws that are unchangeable, and that are ever creative and constructive in their influence. For, otherwise there are turmoils that overtake those who disregard same, that are unseen and not easily found by material reasoning. For, they are the results of thoughts. Know that thoughts are things, and as their currents run they may become crimes or miracles. Are thy thoughts always prompted by the desire to be of help to others? or are they the more often prompted by the desire to use Others as thy stepping-stones to better things for thyself? This can only be answered in self, according to what is thy ideal. Who is the author of thy ideal? Then study to keep that as may find expression in the present in the creative for spiritual attitudes, and not in the dictatorial powers. It is never right to do that which is evil that good may come!

Grace - For all, as has been given, are as one before the throne of grace and mercy and peace and justice. For God is not the respecter of persons or of places or positions. For to fulfil that purpose for which an entity, a being, has manifested in matter is the greater service that can possibly be rendered. Is the oak the lord over the vine? Is the Jimson beset before the tomato? Are the grassy roots ashamed of their flower beside the rose? All those forces in nature are fulfilling rather those purposes to which their Maker, their Creator, has called them into being. Man, is in that position where he may gain the greater lesson from nature, and the creatures in the natural world; they each fulfilling their purpose, singing their song, filling the air with their perfume, that they, too, may honour and praise their Creator; though in their humble way in comparison to some, they each in their Own humble way are fulfilling that for which they were called into being, reflecting, as each soul, as each man and each woman should do in their particular sphere, Their concept of their Maker!

Gratifying, Satisfying Appetites, Self-indulgence - For it, to do such, is the birthright of every soul; and they that sell their birthright for the gratifying or satisfying of appetites or self-indulgence, or self-glory do so to their own undoing.
There are gratifyings in Venus as to appetites of body, of mind, of purposes. For those pertaining to the mind (which is the builder in spirit as well as in flesh, or the earth) must be applied in correlation one with another. Don't let thy knowledge be thy undoing, but do the first things first. Know in Whom ye believe and in what ye believe, spiritually. Know from whence ye came and whither ye go.  For if ye become as anxious about using thyself for the purpose for which ye entered, ye will not be so anxious about where you are going. For remember, it is only self ye are meeting that causes anxieties or any character of trouble. For thou hast been from the beginning. It is up to thee as to whether ye continue. The soul that sins shall be cut off, the soul that sins purposefully, that doesn't use the opportunities given by manifestations in life. And what is the law of the Lord? "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, thy body, thy soul, and thy neighbour, thy brother, thy friend, thy foe, as thyself." The whole law is in this. Ye can apply it to this or that extent, but do apply it in the whole law if ye would be at peace with self and know the peace which passeth understanding to a materially-minded individual or world.

Growth - For mind being the builder, ever, is both human and divine. And as the mind dwells, so does the application of that the teacher of teachers gave become effective; not by merely taking thought may one whit be added but by Applying in material experience the law and the love of same - this makes for growth! For life and truth and understanding, and happiness - in its greater sense, are but a growth. For ye Grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding. And knowledge without wisdom is indeed a dangerous thing! Then as ye have held, as ye have applied that ye have gained, so does the ability come to be of that help, that aid to those who are stumbling - some blindly, some gropingly, some discouraged, some overanxious, some overzealous of their own peculiar twist or turn; yet all seeking - seeking the light. But He is the light, as ye have seen in thine experience - yea in thine experiences through the earth ye, too, have seen the light and lost thy way. And even as He put on flesh that He, too, might know the ways of the flesh, of the desires, of the urges that have wrought in the experiences of men that blindness of self-glory, self-indulgence or self-aggrandizement that has led many astray, even with the forces of Divine at times working through them. For the Spirit Is willing, the flesh is weak. And the strength, the influence, the force and power, is by that trust, that faith in Him - that has been again and again manifested in thy experiences in the earth.

Grumbling - No use grumbling to everyone else because things are not just like you wish them or because they are not just right for yourself in any particular field of activity or service. Don't impose upon others. For, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them" should be not merely a saying but a daily practice in the entity's experience.

Guide - For, know, they that have saved a soul from self-indulgence, from self-destructive influence, and guided such a one towards the light of the new hope in the promises from Him from above, have covered a multitude of sin.


Habits - What change should one make, to ones habits?: That is within the individual self. That necessary to make one's self wholly in accord with that known by self to be the correct attitude toward self, family, neighbour, associates, social and business, and keep self unspotted from censure by the own conscience. So, be mindful, as He warned Thomas, Philip, Andrew and Peter, as well as showed to James and John, that these things are oft hard to be understood by those who may only know that which answers to the sensuousness-consciousness of an individual. Not the senses as the higher realm, but sensuousness that begets (and its children are!) lasciviousness and those forces that engorge or indulge in those things that gratify appetites, and those things that become a part of many who become self-indulgent in habit forming, habit creating. For, the animal man is a creature of habit. But learn rather from such the lesson, and not become so much a part of same. For in nature and in the animal instincts we find only the expressions of a universal consciousness of hope, and never of fear, save created by man in his indulging in the gratification of material appetites.

Happiness - Happiness is a state of consciousness. It is found within self. Ye had not found thyself, nor thy relationship to the Creative Forces as may manifest in this material world. Happiness is love of something outside of self! It may never be obtained, may never be known by loving only things within self or self's own domain! Happiness is abiding in the Infinite love. For Happiness is being busy about the Lord's work; not in other peoples' business, not in that of stirring up strife, but rather as He brought to the world that of peace and Happiness in going about doing good. Then let the mental attitude be kept in that way of expectancy, in the ability to help others. Happiness is a state of mind attained by giving same to others. For much of happiness is before thee, if there is left Off grudges, hatreds, dislikes, and the love of the divine directing thy ways. Know, realize, that thy soul, thy life, thy joy, thy happiness, is as precious in His sight (thy Maker) as any other soul in the world of opportunity today. Thence, keep self unspotted from any self-condemnation; and as ye do this, ye will find rest and harmony in thy experience, through this material sojourn.
It is well that each in the study of of Happiness as applied in your personal experiences think, too, on the difference between Pleasure and Happiness. It is like the spiritual and the material. We oft see things beautiful, and they come out of that which may be very murky, very bad-appearing yet that necessary for the beauty. Only when one has lost sight of self, in the appreciation of the love, beauty and hope in the Creative Forces and their activity, may one indeed know Happiness. That which gratifies only the sensuous self, or as an aggrandizement of physical pleasure, Rarely brings Happiness. Out of the dregs of same may Grow Happiness, but in themselves they are only passing. To illustrate: The road to Gethsemane, to the minds of those who look upon their own Gethsemane, was as a road of thorns; the perspiration, the sweat of blood and all appear anything but Happiness, yet the kind words spoken, even on the way to Calvary, were indeed those that brought Happiness. And as there were the words from the Cross, these, though filled with all of the horrors of spite, fear, by the very activities of others, were such as to bring Happiness into the hearts and minds of those who seek to know His Way. It is again as Infinite Love and Divine Love. Infinite Love is the love of God, while Love Divine is that manifested by those in their activities who are guided by love divine. These bring Happiness and the experiences of joy; not mere pleasure, not gratification of any of the material things. But differentiate, or, as has been given, put the proper value upon the proper phases of one's experience. Because we see one smile, or with the outward appearance of pleasures and the gratifying of the worldly seekings, does not always indicate Happiness. The gratifying of the worldly seekings may bring pleasures, but very rarely indeed do such pleasures bring Happiness with them. For it is indeed as has been said, there are ways oft that appear to be good but the end thereof is death, separation, dissension, anger, all those things that make for strife. Happiness, then, is of love divine; manifesting in the experiences as one gives a cup of water in His name, that may bring much greater Happiness than to he that taketh a city, or to he that ruleth even a nation. You each are endowed, to be sure, with power only from one source, but to know Happiness, then, is to do the biddings of the Father; or as He gave, "If ye love me, keep my commandments (John 14:15) they are not grievous." (I John 5:3) The basis of all healing, of all happiness, is within; that spirit with which ye seek, with which ye manifest in thy dealings one with another. For to find happiness is to find that the Spirit of Truth is Directing thy footsteps; yes, thy activities; yes, thy very thoughts day by day. For He has given, "Take my yoke upon thee and learn of me, for my yoke is easy, my burden is light", to those that have found that grace in making themselves a channel of blessings to Someone today.

Bring the joy and happiness of the Lord in Jesus!: Then, as the suffering of the Master brought Happiness to Him and to thee, so indeed out of thy disappointments, thy trials, thy tribulations, do ye know Happiness. Such then is that as given in the affirmation; and again is it illustrated in that as you see it in and as you do it to your fellow man, so may the measures of Happiness and joy be yours. For, "As ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto me," ever has been, ever is the relationship-conditional. And in the loss of doing or being for self, but rather for the glory of God, does the knowledge and the wisdom and Happines come. They that know not what have been the measures given for the bringing of life into existence know not the Happiness nor the joys therein. They that have known not the sorrows, the disappointments for Righteousness' sake, know not the joy and the Happiness in the Lord. Hence as has been the warning to many: Look not upon the things of the world and the pleasures of things therein as a measure or standard as to the joy and the Happiness in the Lord. If you completely surrender yourselves to God's will, and become a channel of blessings to others, you then possess true Happiness. Study to show thyself approved, not finding fault, even as thy Master did not; making the proper evaluations in the experience of self and in others. These keep and make for harmonies, if reasoned together. Let the ways of mercy and justice, as ye meted it to those in Galilee, to those in Bethsaida, to those in Bethany, as ye gave counsel to those in the days when turmoils were arising and those oppressions from the political forces made for dissensions, be thy counsel in the present. And this has been given in ways that, studied, meditated upon, will open new vistas of possibilities to the self.

Happy - Mental attitude: Keep ever that as of the constructive; that is, knowing there is much for thee to do as a witness for the Creative Forces, for God, for Christ. These ye manifest by thy relationships with thy fellow man. Be happy: be in that attitude of ever being helpful to others. These will bring that peace within that is the promise from Him.

Hardships - For God has not purposed or willed that any soul should perish, but purgeth everyone by illness, by prosperity, by hardships, by those things needed, in order to meet self.

Harmony - Study to show thyself approved unto God. Find harmony in self and ye may bring it into the experience of others.

Hate - Hence, as was given: "He that hateth his brother has committed as great a sin as he that slayeth a man," for the deed is as of an accomplishment in the mental being, which is the builder for every entity.

Healing - In what manner may souls, as one, find then expression in bringing to those that are troubled in body, in mind?: They have their individual methods or manners of approach. To one it is Innate and finds expression by the laying on of hands, by holding within self the abilities for the replenishing, the quickening of life itself in the very activity; by the Means of subjugation of those influences in and about others. To the other it is an activative force; one reaching or gaining its access through its Spiritual development and spiritual import, yet means not only by implication but by the applying of that which may be termed as the use of energies in nature itself, that is the handmaid to every individual that not only dedicates itself but that makes application within its experience of the glories that the Lord hath poured into the minds and hearts of the children of men, that they may know! Then unifying these, let both in their own method, in their own manner apply same; yet knowing deep within self that the Source of power, the Source of might, the Source of grace, the Source of mercy, the Source of life, the Source of health comes only from the Living God! And each then becomes as a stay one for the other; becoming as a prop, as a brace, as a helpmeet. In these manners, through the effacing of self, these influences may be wrought in such manners that many, Many will call them blessed, Many will give the glory to God; not to them, not to their efforts, but that they make themselves channels through which the glory and the might and the power of the Lord may be made manifest! Not that turmoils, not that strifes oft, not that disappointment in the activities of men and of individuals here and there will not make for hardships. But Even Then, if their purposes are only that they may, as one, effacing self, show forth the glory of GOD, they may become, through such experiences, a strengthening influence one to another. Through that which has been given each in their experiences in the earth is shown how they have had this or that in their experiences which has created, has builded the present conflicting influences. Meet Them! In what? He, thy King, thy Lord; yea, thy Brother hath Shown thee the way! "I am the way; I am the water of life." Drink ye Deep of same, that the healing you each may administer to others may flow as His love through thee! For love healeth the wounded; it binds up the brokenhearted; it makes for understandings where differences have arisen. For Good Is love. And as He gave, as He allowed, as He purposed: The children of men through their brother, Jesus, might Know the way; because He comes to the hearts of those that seek, not those that are indifferent, not to those that pass by; not to those that seek for self, for self's glory, for self's gratification, but that the love of God may be manifested! For: "I in the Father and thee in me may Know the truth and the truth shall , and does make you free." In these manners, in these ways, studying one another; not as to finding differences but as to union of purposes, as to the Glorifying of that Saviour of men, that makes for love that binds the hearts of the children of men as in oneness of ways and manners, that brings peace and happiness and joy, that maketh not afraid, that brings to those that seek those things that make for peace and joy and harmony. And as such they are the children of God.

Health - As has been so oft indicated to man, throughout his search for God, take time to be holy. This may imply and does apply to the general physical health as well as to the general physical, mental and spiritual being. For, holiness is oneness of the mental, spiritual and the material body. Hold fast; knowing that thy life is an expression of the divine, thy health is an expression of thy faith and thy hope in that divine power within thine own self. Know that there must be the answer within self for each purpose, for each desire; and the choice is within self. Know that there is nothing that can hinder thee from fulfilling that purpose for which ye entered this experience save thine own self. For, as ye study nature, as ye study the expression of life in the various planes of consciousness about thee, ye do not find the rose, because of hindrances, attempting to be a blade of grass. Ye do not find Any influence that is brought to bear in nature deflecting from the attempt to fulfil that purpose, that state of awareness which it has been given. Then in thy own consciousness, ye are indeed a child of the King. Thou Art a helpmeet in the creation of the earth, the world, the thought of same. As a child of the living God, then, quit thyself as such; knowing that upon His power, His love, His promise ye can put thy trust. For His promise is: "Though ye may be far afield, though ye may be discouraged, though ye may be troubled, if ye call I will hear, and answer speedily." But keep thy faith, the appreciation of beauty, the appreciation of body, the appreciation of activities, the need for the perfect Physical and mental body.

Heaven -
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Hell - From what may Anyone be saved? Only from themselves! That is, their individual hell; they dig it with their own desires! For, nothing in heaven or hell may separate thee from the love of God, as is manifested in thy being, save thyself.

Help - The sources of help and power are of the divine that is within. For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. Use it, consider it, apply it as such.

Help Others: Do not put off today that which will bring hope and help to the mind of another. How did He say? "In a more convenient season I will hear thee"? Those things that make for the putting off become a joy never fulfilled. Use, then, the experiences from day to day as the basis, and these will Grow Under Thine Very Effort; surprising even to self as to the joy that comes from same, and gradually taking shape to become a joy to self and blessings to others. Then give of that which thou obtainest within self to others, in aiding them who are sorrowful, aiding those who are fearful, in assisting those that find the way of life hard. For these that come are directed as an opportunity for thyself, for He hath given, he that saves a soul hath covered a multitude of errors in self. For: “As ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me”, saith the Lord of hosts!

Helping others: In this, there are always those seeking that we may help, that may help us; for as we help another does help come to us. Pray for that friend, that the way through the shadows may be easier for them. It becomes easier for you.

Helpful -
Be Helpful to thy fellow man: Just because a person doesn't do particular harm to anyone, nor does he abuse his own person, or lead others astray, doesn't mean that he is accomplishing much in the earth. If the purpose is that the individual should glorify God, having an ideal, merely living a life that does not bring an incentive to someone else to glorify God is sin, and just as vile in His eyes as one who in lack of thought or of judgment would err. For this is purposefulness of self-indulgence. This is not an abuse to the individual, rather as a warning to make the experiences of the life not only good but good for something. Keep in the way that is good, but good for something. In being helpful to thy fellow man. "If we would bring the best to self and others, we should give of our best to others". "Speak gently, speak kindly to those who falter. Ye know not their own temptation, nor the littleness of their understanding". Each day do a kind deed for those who are either shut-in, despondent, or who have lost hope. Create within that environment for such that which is the true spiritual attitude. Just being gentle, patient, showing brotherly love, leaving off resentments, will bring much bettered conditions to each individual. Just being kind and patient with others. Don't find fault with others, with yourself or with circumstances, and you will find that the spirituality will bring the health and material things in more active forces in the experience. Do that.

Hinder - Belittle not those things that hinder. These are a part of thy cross, of that necessary; else He, according to His promise, would not allow these to be a part of thy awareness. For, know; as He hath given: "Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end." This is not a mere saying, but an awareness which one may find through that attuning through meditation, through prayer, through the opening of self for direction by Him.

Holy Word - Minimize rather than magnify disagreements in every organized group for the teaching of the holy word. For know that these in their true spiritual meaning are unchangeable. For God is one Lord, and the Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. There may be different channels of approach, yes. For not all peoples walked in the field when the wheat was ripe. Neither did all stand at the tomb when Lazarus was called forth. Neither were they all present when He walked on the water, nor when He fed the 5,000, nor when He hung on the Cross. Yet each experience answered, and does answer to something within each individual soul-entity. For each soul is a corpuscle in the body of God. And when differences arise in a body, where corpuscles are at variance to a common purpose for all, sin enters, and death by sin, to whatever may be that group, that organization, that is stressing differences rather than the coordinating channels through which all may come to the knowledge of God.

Honest - Be honest with yourself if you're not with anyone else! Don't keep fooling yourself.

Hope - Know in Whom thou has believed, and know He is able to keep that committed unto Him against any experience that may arise in thine life. As the love, the counsel, then though trials, though temptations, though those things that would beset arise, know that all may be placed in His keeping; and Do Not belittle self nor self's associations with that that enables self to gain the greater control over self, individuals or circumstances as may arise in thine own experience; for with those things that arise. He gave: "As ye overcome the little things are there given the greater tasks to be done." Be kind, gentle, affectionate, one toward another, in love preferring one another, as He gave, and that peace that comes even from His own hand will be thine own lot. In service for others His strength may flow through thine own body, for others; for, as He gave thee power unto others, so was it given unto thee that those whom thou asketh, seeketh, aideth, may know that the Redeemer liveth, and His power is manifest in thine own actions. Do those conditions, even as of old, when being railed upon or spoken about, make for those things that hurt or hinder, in Him these may be cast aside, Not of self! Remembering there are many conditions to be met. Keeping, then, in the light, is that way, that manner, that greater spiritual, greater insight, greater knowledge, greater patience, greater love, may be shown day by day. A life is not builded in a moment. Neither is one act, one deed, the result of a Moment's experience; rather the growth, as has been given, is in that of a life spent in service one for another. Make thine self Glad in Him, and that joy as comes from others: "Lord, Others, May I lose myself in service for others. Even as Thou did give thine own heart's blood that Others might know the Father's face, so may I give mine own body, mine heart, that Others may know Thee!" For God has not purposed or willed that any soul should perish, but purgeth everyone by illness, by prosperity, by hardships, by those things needed, in order to meet self.

Humble -
Seek not then for glory of self. Remain humble. Do the biddings for an ideal, if ye would gain and have peace and harmony in thy experience.


I Am - Know first and foremost, as has been given, that the Lord thy God is One! Then know, too, that thyself is one, thy ego, thy I Am. Thy purposes, then; thy heart and thy life must be a Consistent thing! For if thine eye be single (the I Am; that is, the purposes, the desires, and ye work At It!), then thy Whole Body is full of light. But if ye are attempting to have thy physical body doing just as it pleases, thy mental body controlled by "What will other people say?" and thy spiritual body and mind shelved only for good occasions and for the good impressions that you may make occasionally, there Cannot be other than confusion! These as given are not merely sayings; they answer to that which has been and is thy turmoil in the present. Look Within! For if there is trouble in thy mind, in thy body, in thy spirit, or purpose, or mind; sin lieth at that door.

I Am Presence: The I Am Presence, or the God-Presence within, that is all-knowing within self, is as set forth by Him, in the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of John; that it, the I Am, must be motivated BY the Father, God. Even as He gave, "I in thee, I in the Father, that ye may be glorified, that ye may Know All that has been, for ye were with me, From The Beginning." Hold to that which the God-within directs, that is a manifestation even as the water activity, it answers to that within that keeps, creates that balance; that answers to the manifestations of that His experience in the earth means to the whole of they that take hold upon God to Do His will in the earth!

Ideal - What, then, is this as an ideal?: Ought these things so to be, according to thy ideal. Then, the more important, the most important experience of any individual entity is to first know what Is the ideal, spiritually. As concerning thy fellow man, He gave: "As ye would that others do to you, do ye even so to them", take no thought, worry not, be not overanxious about the body. For He knoweth what ye have need of. In the place thou art, in the consciousness in which ye find yourself, is that which is Today, Now, needed for thy greater, thy better, thy more wonderful unfoldment. But today Heat His voice: "Come unto me, all that are weak or that are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest from those worries, peace from those anxieties." For the Lord loveth those who put their trust Wholly in Him. This, then, is that attitude of mind that puts away hates, malice, anxiety, jealousy. And it creates in their stead, in that Mind is the Builder, the fruits of the spirit, love, patience, mercy, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness. And these, against such there is no law. They break down barriers, they bring peace and harmony, they bring the outlook upon life of not finding fault because someone "forgot," someone's judgment was bad, someone was selfish today. These ye can overlook, for so did He. In His own experience with those that He had chosen out of the world, if He had held disappointment in their leaving Him to the mercies of an indignant high priest, a determined lawyer and an unjust steward, what would have been Thy hope, thy promise today? For He, though with the ability to destroy, thought not of such but rather gave Himself; that the Creative Forces, God, might be reconciled to that pronouncement, that judgment. And thus mercy, through the shedding of blood, came into man's experience.

Then, wherein does the mind function?: To use that thou hast in hand! What need is there for a better body, save to serve thy fellow man the better? For he that is the greatest among you is the servant of all. This is not only referring to those who teach, to those who minister, to those who wait on this, that or the other influence, but to each and every soul, and to every phase of the soul's activity in a material world! Then, as to body and to mind both, purify same, cleanse same in the light of those things that He has given. for He is the way, He is the light. Practice then in thy daily experience, and thy associations with thy fellow man, charity to all, love to all; finding fault with none; being patient with all, showing brotherly love and brotherly kindness. Against these there Is no law! And ye who have put on and as ye put on these, by the application of them in thy dealings with thy fellow man, ye become free of the laws that are of body or of mind; for ye are then conscious of being one With the Creative Forces that bring into the experience and consciousness of all the love of the Father for the children of men. And it is only as ye deal with thy fellowman that ye show forth His love. For as ye do it unto the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker.

Analyse self: Thus the injunction to analyse self, to set down the ideals and ideas, to know what you believe and who is the author. Hence the injunction to be mindful of judgments and to be just as patient with others as you want others to be with you. Be as forgiving to others as you want others to Be forgiving to you. For unless you would forgive thy brother, that you see and know in the flesh, how may ye expect thy heavenly Father to forgive, whom you have never seen, or may ever see, unless ye prepare the way here and now. Then, do things not to be seen of men but to be seen and judged of God. For His judgment and His justice is right. First, analyze self in the light of those experiences thou hast had, that thou dost have almost from day to day. In the light of that thou settest as thine standard, as thine ideal, as thine measuring stick in the spiritual things. For the spiritual life is the motivative force in the experience of an entity, a soul, in its sojourn through a given experience; and the same throughout whatever sphere of activity in which the entity or soul may find its conscious movement or activative force. It is what one does about what it knows, not how Much it knows, but how well it applies that it does know, in relation to its fellow man, that makes for the bringing of peace and harmony and understanding within the experience of self. For as ye mete to others, so must it be meted to thee. For each soul must See its own self in that it does to and for its fellow man. So if it sows those things that make for the seed of righteousness, then development and harmony and joy are the result, or the flower and the seed thereof. If activities are sown that make for envy and strife, these bring disappointments, hardships, misunderstandings in the experience. For as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Study, then, to show thyself approved unto that thou hast set, that thou dost set, as thine ideal. Keep the self, in body, in mind, in intent, in purpose, in accord with that thou would have others do to thee; and do ye then so to them.

Analysing self mentally and spiritually: First you should study well the ideals and purposes of self as related to self as a whole; that is, analysing each period of the entity's manifestation in the earth and what the entity did as respecting the ideals which were and are a part of the entity's activities in that period and in the present. For, mental and spiritual guidance should be related to what an individual entity chooses as its ideal, and what it will or should do about that ideal, not ideas but ideals. In choosing and in analysing self and the ideal, do not merely carry these in mind but put them, as it were, upon the paper in a manifested form. Write Physical. Draw a line, write Mental. Draw a line, write Spiritual. Put under each, beginning with the spiritual, (for all that is in mind must first come from a spiritual concept) what is thy spiritual concept of the ideal, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, mind, material, God or whatever is the word which indicates to self the ideals spiritual. Then under the Mental heading write the ideal mental attitude, as may arise from concepts of the spiritual, in relationship to self, to home, to friends, to neighbours, to thy enemies, to things, to conditions. Then write what is thy ideal spiritual, mental, material. What is the ideal material, then? Not of conditions but what has brought, what does bring into manifestation the spiritual and mental ideals. What relationships does such bring to things, to individual, to situations? Thus an individual entity analyses itself. Then set about to apply the knowledge ye have attained, for ye will get ideas and that ideal. Ye may change them from period to period, as ye study them over. For as ye apply them they become thy ideals. To be just as theories they do not belong to thee, they are still theories so far as thy personal being is concerned. It's the application of same that counts. What do they bring into thine experience? These are well if ye will apply them.

If you study it: Hence the great injunction to find in self first the ideals, spiritual, mental, material; and not just hearsay. Put them down in black and white. Put them down in the three columns, and you'll rub them out daily, if you study it, and replace them; and then find that they all will be in one column. For the Lord, thy God is one. But put them down. Put names to them. For in names we give limitations, to set metes and bounds. And as ye grow, these limitations must be expanded.

Know first that there must be that chosen Ideal: As in the mental there are the ideal activities of the mental body, as is demonstrated in the daily experience of the entity in watching and in seeing the minds of individuals open to that which is an ideal manner of expression. So in the physical-mental self as there are ideals so there must be in the mental and spiritual self ideals. For know first, the image must be in the spiritual ideal before it may become a factor in the mental self for material expression. Hence the purposes for which the entity enters this present experience in the earth, that it may show forth in its dealings with its fellow man the Ideal manner of meeting not only the material things that have to do with the body-associations but also with the mental and the spiritual. And as has been indicated, and as is known by the body in its experience, it is not what one knows in an abstract manner but what one does about its knowledge, its understanding, in a mental, in a spiritual way and manner, that is to become a portion of the entity's activity, is that which makes for the constructive forces in the experience of this entity, in the experience of every soul. For a pattern has been given, as the pattern of the Holy One, as the pattern in a more abstract yet material manifestations of same in the wilderness. That the body, self, is then indeed the temple of the living God, that is ideal. For He, the Maker, the Creator, came into a body, flesh and blood, that it might be shown man, yea, might be shown the entity, as to what is the ideal manner to meet every experience. For as has been given, He was tempted in all points like as we are, yet without error. Yet He bore in the body the sufferings of the body; want, loneliness, forsaken; and all that play upon the emotions of the bodily functions; knowing within self the abilities of self to by the mere word, by the speaking to the influences, eradicate these entirely. For it is only meeting self. To apply self to overcome same, set thine standard. The choice may be in Him, who has offered, who has given a way for all; that in Him ye may Know life, may Have life, may have life more abundantly; more joy, more harmony, more peace.

Is that thy ideal?: If not, why not? First, know thy ideals: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. And know the physical result is first conceived in spirit, acted upon by mind, and then manifested in the material, with what spirit ye entertain. Study to show thyself approved unto that ideal, condemning none, not even self; but keeping self unspotted from the condemnation of others. Do not that in secret that would be questioned in the open. Then the ideal or the purpose must to the entity become the law. Remember, law is love, love is law, love is God, love is manifested in material things, in personal things, in individual things. These must be accomplished in self; by rule, yes, but know that mercy and truth and justice and love are the gift of the divine. And you may only attain the knowledge of such by Being such, manifesting such, in thy daily walks of life, in thy associations one with another. Choosing ideal, yes, spiritually, mentally, materially it must be founded in spirit, to have in same the ability to be creative or a growing, living thing in thy experience. Remember ever as the basis of that which thou may choose as thine ideal, it must be of a spiritual import. For unless those activities that find themselves manifested in materiality, or even matter, are of a spiritual import that is constructive in its essence, the End is confusion. For the mind of a body is both material and spiritual, and it Is the builder. If the patterns or outlines are founded in truth and spirituality, the hardships, fears, doubts and confusions will be taken away, even as the mist before the noonday sun. Each soul must find its Own impulse, its Own ideal. As thou hast seen, as thou may apply in this present experience, when that ideal is set in Him one may experience that as He gave: "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, and All These Things shall be added unto thee". Then, specifically, make in his material realms those insurances for the opportunities that the mental life may be strengthened and broadened by its contacts with the material things that make a necessity for the preparations of activities in a material world, but know that all of these must be founded upon the spiritual side that the life, the experience of thy son, of any individual, may not weigh heavy upon the body, the mind, the whole purpose of experience. In the material, then, make for those assurities, and in the mental and spiritual that the surroundings in this preparation are founded in truth and in light.

In the spiritual pattern then for self, as for all, what would Jesus do?: Under every environ, under every circumstance, what has been His message to thee?These ye have held fast to, but ye have stood in much the same position as the young ruler that asked: "Master, what good thing, what Good thing can I do that I may inherit eternal life?" "Thou knowest the law." "These have I kept from my youth." "One thing thou lackest yet, sell all thou hast, give to the poor, and follow me." Then in thine own self there are the needs to humble thyself before thy fellow man; not as one ashamed. Because the Master was humble before the throng, the mockery, the rulers, the riffraff, and wore the purple robe and the crown of thorns, was He ashamed of His position? Then humbleness is not being ashamed but rather as He, Knowing in self that it is that necessary for God's will to be the better, the more perfectly, the more truly manifested in thine own experience! For He hath not willed that any soul should perish, but hath given even His son as the Pattern, yea, thy brother, Jesus, the Christ, that ye may know what is the way, what is the manner. For He is the way, He is the vine, and He abideth in the Father and ye as the branches abide in Him, as ye Do His biddings. If thy friend or thy foe smites thee on the one cheek, do ye revile him because his power and his might is greater than thine? because through the experiences of life the positions are such that he is in the more favorable for some material success? Do ye say, "Lord, Thy Will be done In me, Through me, that I may be the better channel for the expression of Thy Love in the earth, And as I forgive them, Father, that would do me harm, that would humble me, that would make for the experiences to belittle me, as I forgive them, forgive Thou me of my shortcomings"? Know that even as the Christ, even as the Jesus, had He withered the hands of those that smote Him because it was in His power, He could Not be, He would Not be, thy Christ, thy Saviour, thy Lord! Then as He gave, "Do thou likewise." These are not in thy experience fables or just trite sayings. That ye sow, that must ye also reap. Because ye have sown good deeds and still find that those who would do thee harm apparently succeed, do ye falter? Yea, how was His experience when the ten stood afar and cried, "Lord have mercy upon us, for we are unclean" and He cried, "Go, show thyself to the priest and ye shall be clean," and in the going they became clean; yet only 1 of the 10 returned to say "Thank you, Lord"? Did He bring the leprosy again upon those for their activity, or for their forgetfulness? No; rather did He give, "Love those that despitefully use thee", if ye would know the Lord and His ways with the children of men. That thy Lord through thy expression of thy faith in the Divine has made thee an instrument of teaching and ministering to others in their search for the way of living, in their search for the manner of expressions in the material world in a seeking of knowledge and understanding, then temper that ye give with the love of the Father in the ways that the Master gave as to why this or that is done in the relationships with thy fellow man. And then ye will find not only does the way of life become rather as He gave, "Take my yoke upon thee and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light," but if ye by the power of thy own might and in thy own knowledge and in thy own wisdom force upon those of thy associations this or that activity, ye have left the power of God out of thyself and thy purposes become as naught! For might and power are of the Lord. For no man, no entity, no purpose in the experience of any soul is existent save by the grace of God that the earth might become His footstool, and the dwelling place of Who? Those that are righteous within their own selves? No; they that have humbled themselves and are faithful to the trust and purposes that have been put into their ways, into their opportunities for being that channel of blessings to someone day by day. These shall indeed inherit the earth. For they that love the Lord shall inherit the earth. That ye love, that ye bow to. For where the treasure is, there the purpose and desires of the heart are also. Through thine undertakings, through thine experiences ye have been and are endowed with an intuition that becomes what ye term psychic force in thy abilities, in thy powers. If thy soul's abilities are being expended for the gratifying of a material desire, they come to naught. If they are expressed and manifested in such ways and manners as to be to the glory of the Father, to the understanding of thy brethren that they may know the love the Father beareth the children of men, then indeed shall they grow and bring forth sixty, yea an hundred fold, in what? "My peace I leave with you - not as the world giveth peace, but my peace I give unto you", you that Use, you that Apply that power of God in thyself through thy intuition, yea through thy soul force, that thy visions, thy dreams, yea thy powers make thee walk with God! Yet if ye do these for that of lauding or lording thy knowledge, thy abilities over the humblest, yea the greatest, yea the vilest of thy acquaintances, ye do so to thine own confusion, thine own undoing. "When ye call on the Lord He will answer thee right quickly." Hast thou purged thyself; thy purposes; thy desires? Are they one with the Lord?

Consider First the Ideal: consider that first which is the ideal, upon which every soul should rely for the strength, for the understanding as to what associations, problems, disturbing forces have meant and must mean - even in one's Own experiences. Consider the experience of He that in the flesh came as an exemplification of man's relationship to the Creative Forces, or God, and those disappointments, those activities that were about that entity, that soul! how even He was forsaken by those that were so oft in His presence, that were in the presence of that influence which shone into the lives, into the hearts and the minds of those who were aided, who were materially and mentally benefited. But in all of those confusions, all of those disappointments that came by the very attempts to fulfil His purpose, He never faltered. And then we see in the last moments there came into His own experience that great trial, and He said, "Can ye not watch one hour? But sleep on, take thy rest, for the day dawns, and the Son of man must go forth to meet All that Is disappointment in the hearts of not an individual alone but each and every soul!" Thus we begin to see what purpose, desire, Has meant, Must mean, in the hearts of those that have determined within themselves that, "Others may do as they may, but for me and my house, we will serve a living God!" Then the self should take all of these into consideration. Not that there is not to be considered also that failures have jeopardized the abilities of self or associates to meet the immediate needs of the material man, have jeopardized much that appeared to be those channels through which help might be expected, and the Rights within self even come to naught. But did He fail thee in that hour in the garden? Did He fail in that hour of trial? Will ye fail those boys, yea those souls, thy brethren, now? For as He hath given, and as ye may experience, "As ye do it to the least of thy brethren, ye do it to thy Maker," who hath given thee abilities in opportunities. And because of discouragements and because of failures, and because of heartaches, and because of those things that make men afraid, will ye turn thy back upon the opportunity before thee, now?

Then what is the real problem?

Hold fast to that as ye purpose in thy heart, that there Will be the opportunity for those that are through their own shortcomings losing, or have lost, sight of their relationships. Then put on rather the whole armor. Look within self, first. Clear that doubt of thy association, thy connection with that divine source, that With which ye may conquer All; and Without which even all the fame, all the fortune of the age would not bring that ye have purposed to do into the experience of even One soul, the relationship of the soul to its Maker and the Maker's relationship to that created! Hence the necessity for each entity choosing, or analysing self in such a way and manner as to know what is the ideal relationship of a soul-entity to the Creative Forces we call God, as well as an ideal attitude and activity of a mental being that would serve or fulfil that purpose; and, lastly, there should be the ideal manner of expression of those phases of the ideals in relationships with the fellow man. Thus, as we find the application of self, first, study to know what is the ideal, not as to what others would be to you, but what ye would also be to them. What is the ideal relationship of the Maker to the creature? Is it not expressed in the Son? What is the ideal relationships of a ruler to his people? whether he be king or president? There Is evidently an ideal, and it is not founded other than in the spiritual approach. For that alone that is ideal is enduring, and only good, as God is enduring. In that influence, then, may the ideal and truth be set. Hold fast to that!

Ideal in Human Relationships: For there is only the one ideal in Human relationships, and that is as that given by Him who Is the Way, the Truth, the Light: "Love thy neighbour as thyself." The relationships to the Creative Forces are as the first portion: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbour as thyself." This is in keeping with that which was the last commendation to those who were to be as ministers and emissaries, for those purposes for which each and every soul was called into material activity, and that search for which it seeks expression in its inner self: "A new commandment give I unto you," saith He, "that ye love one another, even as I have loved you." So long as these are the ideals, so long as these are the purposes, so long as these are the desires, to give this understanding, so long will there be growth in soul development. For we grow in grace by applying grace and mercy, and in understanding as we try to understand. For it is the try, the attempt, that is the righteousness of man. Not by any deed or act, but "by the fruits ye shall know them."

Illness - For there is the law of the material, there is the law of the mental, there is the law of the spiritual. That brought into materiality is first conceived in spirit. Hence all illness is sin; not necessarily of the moment, as man counts time, but as a part of the whole experience. For God has not purposed or willed that any soul should perish, but purgeth everyone by illness, by prosperity, by hardships, by those things needed, in order to meet self, but in Him, by faith and works, are ye made every whit whole.

Increase - Use that thou hast in hand, knowing that the Increase, whether of mental, whether of material, is in the hands of the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, and is not of thine own self; for God gives the increase; for that law of compensation is but another expression of that same force: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"; knowing that the seed as is sown is as but the activities of the life itself, and the Results, when they have conceived and brought into being that which must propagate, as the forces in nature, or in spirit, or in mind, are those of the Spirit of the Life itself. Hit, struggle, aim, not against that that would crush or bind thee; rather accepting same as a Necessary understanding to come Within thine own experience, that thou mayest Know the face of the Redeemer better. Hate not thine self for passing under the rod. Knowest not thou hast merited that that is builded within thine experience, else thou wouldst Not be within that confine? for it is Not the will that Any should suffer, but that all may know the glory Of the Father, even as all souls had in their beginning. Take, then, that thou hast in hand. Use that, leaving the Increase in His hands. Then do with thy might what thy hands find to do, leaving the results and the increase in the hands of Him who Must give the increase. What may self do, lest thou be in accord with Him? for as given, if ye be With God and His righteousness, Who can be against thee? But if ye go about to present thine own self, how can God be with thee? Love righteousness, eschew evil. Look upon every experience as a necessary element in thine Own development, knowing He will guide thee; for He clotheth the fowls of the air, the lilies of the field; He is mindful Especially of those that love His ways. Study, then, to show thyself approved, Each Day! Do What thou Knowest to do, to be aright! Then Leave It Alone! God giveth the increase! Thy worry, thy anxiety, only will produce disorder in thine Own mind! For the application in self, the Try, the effort, the energy expended in the proper direction, is all that is required of Thee. God giveth the increase. Man should learn it is God that giveth the increase. Man as he labours, as has been given of old, is worthy of his hire. To take advantage, then, of an employee because of circumstance, because of surroundings, or for the employee to take advantage of the employer because of any condition that arises, must be met in the experience of them all. For it is the law; and the law shall not pass away until it is fulfilled to every whit and every tittle in the experiences of each individual! Hence the warnings given, that there be the building within self of that as would be not merely an axiom but as a living experience. For the Lord thy God is a living God. Man's soul, man's activity, is a living experience. Begin to build constructively in the beginning, if you would have the success in all phases of the endeavour.

Individual - The interest in morality, religion, good living, personality. These should all be approached, to be sure, from individuality; and the basis of the individuality of an entity must come from its ideal spiritually. For all is born first in spirit, then in mind, then it may become manifested in the material plane. For God moved and the heavens and the earth came into being. God is spirit. Man with his soul, that may be a companion to the Creative Forces, is of that same source. Thus to grow in grace and knowledge, one applies, one has, one uses one's spiritual self. And with what spirit we apply, we grow also in mind and in body.

Individuality - For as is the hope, the expectancy of an entity, it will be a conscious entity through eternity. Then it has been a conscious entity from the beginning, but not aware of those experiences save as the entity may attune its spiritual abilities and spiritual activities to the infinite. For an entity finds itself a body, a mind and a soul, or a body-mind adapted to the environs of a physical experience in the material earth with urges latent and manifested, and these urges magnified or minimized according to the activities of the entity in relationships to such urges. But there is no urge from an experience in the earth, or factors or activities in this material experience, surpassing the will of an entity. For that will is the birthright of an entity, making of that entity an individual or its expressed individuality. The individuality is the sum total of what the entity has done about those things that are creative or ideal in its varied experiences in the earth. Just as what an entity may do with its abilities in the present experience will depend upon what an entity does about that which it chooses as its ideal in this present experience, and what it does about such an ideal in dealing with the problems that concern things, conditions, and individuals. For each phase of the entity, as the physical body, has attributes. The mind has physical and spiritual attributes that may be as one. For the mind is as the Way, the way in which one uses, the way in which one approaches affinity or purely materiality according to that the entity does about or uses as its pattern for its ideal. The entity has its ideals physically, it has its ideals mentally, it has its ideals spiritually. Are those ideals creative? Are they of the divine? These may be best answered within the entity itself. For what it does about those ideals, and how sincere it is in such activity, governs what the future will be.

Influence - If you are in that position of being an influence:  Then know the source of thy power, thy might. And let the guiding influence in spirit, in truth, be in the individual activities that may bring those powers that are as manifestations in Him who is the way, the truth, the light. Then, let that as may be indicated here as to the abilities be ever tempered with the spirit of Christian love, Christian fortitude, Christian faith. Know in whom ye believe, and the source of the might, the power as may control or direct those influences. And when the storms of life come, when doubts and fears and disappointments arise, know to Whom ye may turn, in Whom thou hast put thy faith, thy understanding. And know that He is able to keep that which has been committed unto Him. While ye may not walk alone, He will walk with thee. Then with those abilities, those influences, let thy thought and thy purpose ever be as unto the glorifying of that love he, thy Master, manifested in the earth. Do thou likewise. For as He gave: "they that give a kind word, that may become as a cup of water to a thirsty soul, shall in no wise lose their reward". Gentleness, kindness, patience: as ye have had to learn, are not hard in Him, only when ye lose thy hold on His promises! For, as has so oft been indicated through the promises, the proclamations, the pronouncements of the saints of old, it has ever been given that God hath not willed that any soul should perish, but hath with every temptation prepared a way, a manner of escape. In the applying of self day by day in every way, that thou Knowest, that makes a personal application of that thou knowest to do, without questioning of the morrow; for the Morrow has Its evils and its goods, sufficient unto self. Today is! Use that thou hast in hand. So does the awakening come. Even as called by God to lead a peoples, as was Moses, a shepherd and the flocks in Moab. Use that thou hast in hand, for the Ground whereon thou standest is holy! Aid those who may seek to know how God in his mercies makes known to the seekers of His grace. Do good to those that even persecute you, that even would laugh thee to scorn. Give Them at least the opportunity to reject. For, so did they to His prophets, to His angels, everywhere. Study first to present self holy and acceptable unto Him. Then may thy good be not evil-spoken of. Make known thine Own relations with Him through such understandings as Thou hast received. As thou seekest, as thou asketh, as thou in earnest desire to make known thy cause unto those forces, those influences that may be thine, First convince self; then pass to others that which has been helpful to thee.

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Joyous - All! For, All have fallen short of the grace of God. And all need to learn: "As ye do it today to the least of thy brethren, ye are doing to thy Maker." For in what manner ye measure, it must be measured to thee again. For ye are His, bought with the price. But as He, ye must pay every whit, every farthing! For as He has given, ye must give account for every Idle word. Not that ye are not to be joyous. For if ye lose that ability to laugh, ye lose that ability to be joyous. And the religion, the principle of the Christ-life is joyous! For, remember, He laughed even on the way to Calvary; not as pictured so oft, but laughed even at those that tormented Him. This is what angered them the most. Let thy heart be glad and Joyous that thou art counted Worthy to be a bearer of truth and life to thy fellow man. For as ye seek to make manifest that thou hast gained in thine search, Strength and Understanding goes with thee. Bear ye one Another's burdens. Make thy life an Open light to those that would seek to know the truth. For the truth will indeed make thee free, if ye will follow in the way the Lord hath opened. For a light must shine Out to the seeking world, and Thou may light the way.

Judaism and Christianity - Hast thou not tried both? Hast thou not found that the Essence, the truth, the Real truth is One? Mercy and justice; peace and harmony. For without Moses and his leader Joshua (that was bodily Jesus) there Is no Christ. Christ is not a man! Jesus was the man; Christ the messenger; Christ in all ages, Jesus in one, Joshua in another, Melchizedek in another; These be those that led Judaism! These be they that came as that child of promise, as to the children of promise; and the promise is in thee, that ye lead as He has given thee: "Feed my sheep."

The Leader Joshua: The patient Joshua, the one who followed closely in the way that would give to the individual (who would study) the life and interpretation of the Son of man. These in the earth activity were much alike (Joshua and Jesus) not as combative, as in the warrings, but in spirit and in purpose, in ideals, these were one. Thus may ye use the Son of man, Jesus, the Master, as the ideal in the present, and find a new meaning, if there is the studying and the paralleling of the life of Jesus and of Joshua. Then study to show thyself approved unto thy ideal, a workman not ashamed rightly dividing the words of truth, and keeping self from condemnation, of others or of self.

Judge - As to any individual, who is to judge his brother? As given of old: "Judge not lest ye be judged." Who are ye to judge what the other would do? Hast thou been in the same position, in the same place? Are thine own purposes and desires pure? Then, do not judge your brother!

Judgement: "Judge not if ye would be not judged; for with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again." So within thine own self judge ye not of others, lest ye be also judged likewise. Rather keep thine own skirts clean, knowing that in Him ye live and move and have thy being; as does each soul as it manifests in the earth. Who is to judge his brother? Keep thy humour. Keep the thinking well of self, but as well of thy neighbour. Study to show thyself approved unto thy ideal. Learn and know what is thy ideal, spiritually, mentally, materially. Know in Whom ye have believed, as well as in what ye believe. Know the author of thy tenets, of thy faiths, of thy hopes, yea, of thy fears; studying to show thyself approved unto same, condemning none. Who, then, is thy Lord? Know Him as thy Personal Saviour, if ye would find thyself. Judge not that ye be not judged, and remember the law that is so similar, "As ye sow ye reap", not only materially but mentally and spiritually. In judgment, as in mental self, it must be exacting, but no more exacting of others than of self, and no more exacting of self than of others. For, know, with what measure ye mete to others ye are measuring to thy Maker, God. Know that all the creative force ye may become aware of is within thine own self. For, as thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, there He has promised to meet thee.

Temper all of thy judgments with mercy: Judge only as ye would be judged. For, remember the prayer is ever; "Lord, forgive, even as I forgive others." For, without that tempering, there is little conviction as to the need of patience. For that which we hope for with patience we wait on the Lord. Be still, oft, if one would see His glory. Find thy self, and know thy ideal may be set in Him who has said that there is no death to those who believe in Him as the resurrection.

What is judgment?: With what judgment shall ye be judged? Law is love; Love is law. Judgment is weighing love, law, according to the intent, the purpose of the activity in its relationships to thyself and to the force that impelled same. A weighing of evidence in an activity; as Law is that through which, by which, in which all are judged.

For what was the judgement, what Is judgement, what will ever be the judgement?: They that deny that He hath come in the flesh are not worthy of acceptation. They that give thee that which is not helpful, hopeful, and patient and humble, and not condemning any, are not worthy! This is thy judgement.

Dogmatic law or judgement: Judge not that ye be not judged, and remember the law that is so similar: "As ye sow ye reap", not only materially but mentally and spiritually. For, as one does to others is the measure of greatness or goodness towards the Creative Forces. Remember, the judgments of man are ever very uncertain. The sureness in the judgments of the Father are in helpfulness to others, to self.

Judgements: But in the judgements keep those rather as to make for that which is from a purposefulness that is constructive in the experience of each soul. For remember, it should be not Thy judgements but the Lord's! For who hath made thee a judge? Yet thy experiences having made thee one, keep same in directing and in a helpful way and manner. "And He took a little child and sat it in the midst of them and said, 'Lest ye become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter in." He that the Lord hath blessed shall never lose his hold upon that strength that His might gives to those who seek to know His way! Bring ever in the experience of each soul, the awareness that He, thy Lord, is in His holy temple, and ye may meet Him there!


Karma - We must experience the same things we have done to other people. This which we call Karma, can happen either during the present life time, or during future incarnations. This law, this truth is applied to all.

Keeper - Keeper of His Own Vineyard: Each individual must be, and is, the keeper of his own vineyard. For there is, as from the beginning, in each entity that, of the Father, or the First Cause, that enables one to make manifest even in the material world through the attributes OF the First Cause, that makes for the manifestation OF that power, or force, in a material world. As to what one does With same is an action of the will that entity himself, or herself.

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Knowledge - It is not the knowledge, then, but what one does with one's abilities, one's opportunities in relationships to others, that makes for the development or retardment of that individual. For life in its manifestations through which the soul of an entity or body may manifest Is purposeful, and that the individual, the soul may find its way through the vicissitudes of experience in materiality, that it may know its God. For He manifested in flesh that the evil forces, as manifest in the relationships of individuals as one to another, may be eradicated from the experiences of man. For know, all that the entity may know of law, of God, of relationships, already exists in the consciousness for the entity to be made aware of same. Then, for this information to become knowledge or understanding there must be the application of self to those sources of material knowledge but with the faith and trust in universal knowledge. For as indicated by the lawgiver (Moses), think not who will descend from heaven that ye may hear or know; think not who will come from over the sea that a message may be brought; for lo, it is within thine own self. For the mind and soul is from the beginning. Thus there is to come within the entity's own consciousness the awareness of how the application is to be made. Knowledge is power if there is the wisdom to apply it in the direction that brings the fruit of the spirit or the seed thereof. For, what the individual sows, that must it also reap. Then, let that mind ever be in thee as ye have manifested oft in thy experiences in the earth. There will come the experiences to each (who seeks, in truth), during the study as in the preparation of the lesson, unusual experiences; to each according to your own attunement. To each has been given, ponder these well within thine own heart before giving expression even of same to others. Meet with thy Master as respecting same. He has promised to guide, to guard, to direct thee in thine uprisings, in thine downsittings. For to each many experiences will come. In the study of data as respecting Knowledge, this question in the present, presents a threefold manner: secular knowledge; worldly knowledge; individual application, the interpretation of self of the knowledge of the body, the knowledge of the mind, the knowledge of the spiritual forces. May to each it come, then, as was given by him who would reason, would help, would direct you through these experiences; not instead of thy Master, the Christ, but as the beloved of Him in the earth; that ye may be one in mind, in purpose, that the day of the Lord may draw nigh unto each, and that ye may have the greater love, the greater patience one with the other. For His mercy, His patience, endureth forever, and ye would be like Him if ye would know Him, if ye would be His. As I gave, then, that we have received, that we give, God is a God of Knowledge. For He judgeth man by his activities. He Is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. Dwell ye then in the light as ye study to show thyselves, each, approved unto God; a workman not ashamed of those things that bespeak thy sincerity, thy earnestness, in the study of the knowledge of thy God. Remembering this; The first Don't was: "Thou shalt not eat of the tree of the knowledge concerning good and evil, for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt Surely die." In this beginning, then, must we undertake to give that concept that man has so long, it seems, appeared to make become as ridiculous in the eyes of the Maker; flaunting his knowledge of things that be, that always have been. Yet man in his greed, in his own selfishness, has set himself so oft at naught by the very foolishness of his own wisdom. For the soul had understanding before he partook of the flesh in which the choice was to be made. (Genesis 11:4) The choice, or the road, or the path, once taken, then the end thereof was (and is) tribulation, toil, misunderstanding. And this expression came into such measures that there arose the periods when man came as One and said: "We will Build, we will go to now and make those conditions that will prevent any such confusion again among men." And then came the diversity of tongues and confusion arose. For the very selfishness of man had brought this confusion, this defiance to a God of love, of mercy, of patience, in such a measure that He gave that expression: "There is nothing beyond the scope of man's ability unless he misinterpret his brother's words." Then come ye now, beloved of Him, and know that, as before ye entered into materiality, ye were at-one with Him; but ye have made thy choice, ye Are aware of those experiences brought about in the confusions of thy dealings with thy fellow man. Know that true knowledge is God, and as ye judge thy fellow man, as ye judge thy brother, ye are Assuming the offices of the Lord Himself. Did thy Master (and mine) judge any man? Rather did He give: "Peace be with thee, peace I give unto thee." Even when His brethren sought that He might condemn the activities of those that gathered not with His group, what said He? As given by the prophets even of old: "Who hath taught the Lord judgment?" With whom did He counsel? Yea, as is written there, as I gave to you: "Without Him there was nothing made that was made. The Word Was Knowledge, and the Word was made flesh, and the Word dwelt among men" , that they, too, might know that in the Humbleness, in the Humbling, in the Subduing of self they (ye) might know their (thy) God. For God Is Knowledge, and as He gave: "Judge them not", for they that be for us are above those with their own Wordly wisdom. They Shall excel for the moment, but dost thou grudge their excellence even for naming the name? Dost thou make to thyself such a condemning that ye become rather worse than they? These, then, be the Spirit, be the manner, be the purposes within thy heart, thy mind, beloved. Empty thy minds, Empty thy hearts of all that thou hast held that is of a secular nature, if ye would know the True Knowledge of thy God. For as ye hold to those things, to those conditions, to those experiences, yea to those ideas that have formed concepts that ye should not do this, ye Should do that, ye should make this, ye should lend that, these are but barriers if ye would know the true knowledge of Why, of How thy Brother, thy Lord, thy Master, came into the earth; and what He would have thee do with that which may be poured out to thee in thy seeking. For as has been said of old, if the Lord be with One, He shall put ten Thousand to flight. What, then, will Ye do? Ye Are as lights unto many. What is Thy choice? The tree that is of knowledge is before thee. Thy choice in the heart of each is to be made. Remembering His mercy, remembering His prayer as He gave: "Yea, Father, that they may be one, even as I and Thou art one, that the world may know that Thou didst Send me." - John 17:21 Wilt thou choose then, wilt thou not come as He has chosen each of you, to be a light to those that sit in darkness? Thus He may through thy feeble efforts (as they appear to thee, though in the power of His might they may) move mountains of doubt and fear in the hearts of those that are crying, crying that they may know the Lord, that they may understand the knowledge of God. For the way is open, even to thee, my beloved. Faint not for doubts that arise. For He, thy Saviour, is thy strength, is thy power, yea Thy Knowledge, if ye will but Empty thyselves of those secular forces that have made and do make for differences between ye even in thine own meetings. Let the love that He has shown, that He would pour out to thee, be sufficient unto thee. Not in the trust of self, not in the awareness that thou art naked before thy God, but rather in the promises that He hath given: Love the Lord; Eschew evil; be kind to thy fellow man. Not some great deed! For art thou able to stand the disappointments even of thy secular life without doubting thy brother, thy loved one, thy neighbour? Let the strength of His might make thee strong in purpose, in desire; that the knowledge of the Father in the Christ, thy Brother, may be known to thee, to thy neighbour, to thy brethren Everywhere! Keep the faith that sustains thee in the love of God.

The Knowledge of the Father: Has the choice been made within self that ye have as an individual emptied self of those petty malices, those set ideas as to this or that, and are ready to open thy mind, thy heart, to the true Knowledge? For Knowledge is power; and all force, all power, emanates from the one source. Has thy mind been able, then, to be empty and ready for that which may be given each? Thus ye as individuals may be awakened to the influence of the love of the Master that Cleanses, that makes pure, that brings within thine own experience the Knowledge of the Father as thy God, thy stay, in whom ye may indeed trust. For His promises are sure, and the Knowledge of these promises being thine, not someone else's, may indeed be experienced. Not that thou art the judge of thy brother, of thy neighbour, of any purpose; but that ye as true sons and daughters of the Father are willing, are ready to receive Him as thy guide, thy understanding.

For thou art His:
Hath He not said: “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?” Doth He not give to those that ask? And yet ye in thine little understanding, in the weakness of thy Knowledge of man, of thy brother, of the worldly conditions about thee, trust rather in circumstance, in favours, in this or that in thine experience rather than in the Knowledge that: "I am Thine, and Thy Son's promise has been that, what I ask in His name, that will be done in my experience; that experience necessary that I be one with Him".

This then is True Knowledge:
Not that the understanding of what the world terms Knowledge is that cause and effect exist, that there is this or that law in effect, this or that experience that comes into the affairs of individuals that brings this or that effect into the experiences of others. Are not the interpretations of these laws in essence a comprehending of the true Knowledge of the Love the Father hath for His children? Those that accredit same to other forces, or of nature, or of this or that influence in the experiences of man and say that these are natural because they follow as the day follows the night, and that these have existed from time immemorial and consequently remain, are becoming much as he whom the Master gave as an example, that he was the simple one, the fool, for: "This night thy soul will be required of thee." What then cometh of thy barns, of thy store of riches, of thy power, of thy money, of thy position, of thy exalted place; yea, even of thy good name, lest it be that having been in the true Knowledge thou hast been indeed a channel that hath opened the eyes of those that had been dimmed by the vicissitudes of life that brought fear and distrust; lest thou hast brought to others a Knowledge, an understanding in thy daily life, in thy daily dealings with thy fellow man, that: "First seek the Lord while He may be found, and all these things will be added unto thee in their order, in Their place, in Their time." Because of the worldly knowledge, then, many have become faint, many have fallen away. What saith He to you who have emptied yourselves of traditions, who have emptied yourselves of malice, who have emptied yourselves of hate? Encourage those that are weak, strengthen the fainthearted; in These be the true knowledge; in these be the perfect understanding that His ways, thy God's ways are not past finding out, if ye will but seek him while He may be found. In the knowledge of the mental life, that this or that experience through thy association or activity has come to thee, does this bring thee peace, or confusion? Doth this bring harmony, or does it bring strife?

By its fruit ye shall know whether it be the true Knowledge of God or not:
For ye gather not figs from thistles; neither doth there spring living waters from those that are dried or dead within themselves to the true Knowledge of the living water. These be the influences that true Knowledge is that those correct interpretations of experiences, other than thine own, are what hath it wrought in the experience of those that apply same in their dealings with their fellow man day by day. Not whether it has brought riches or fame, or those things that are even well-spoken of by those of the world, but has it made in the experience of the individual a better neighbour, a kindlier friend, a more long suffering one with those that would hinder? Doth it bring patience? Doth it bring love in any manifested form? This shows as to whether the true Knowledge is manifested in the experience of any individual. So in applying this in self, if that ye have heard, that ye have seen, that ye have experienced, that ye have pondered in thine heart makes of thee a better father, a better mother, a better friend, a better neighbour, more gentle with those that are cross, more loving to those that are dishonest, more patient with those that storm here or there, then ye are experiencing the true Knowledge of the Father. If it has brought not this, if it brings not in thine own experience the fruits of the Spirit, then it is not of God; neither is it countenanced by thy Brother, thy Saviour, who prayed that He might, that ye might, that all men everywhere might be of the one mind In God! What was the confusion? That there was the misinterpreting, the selfish motive, the lack of understanding. These brought confusion, but the true Knowledge is: "not of myself but the Father that worketh in me and through me." It is the knowledge that maketh alive, that maketh not afraid, that meeteth each day with the love of the greater opportunities, that maketh for the meeting of each ache, each pain within thine own body with that fortitude that makes for the removal of same through the Knowledge that He is God of the weak, of the great, of the lowly, of those that are in power, of those that are oppressed. And He heareth the voice of those that cry unto Him. What art thou doing about removing the oppressions, about giving an understanding to those that are in power as to the source from whence they obtained same? and as to what is in store for those that forsake His ways day by day? This is Knowledge, that ye show Thyself approved unto that which is set in Him that hath shown thee the pattern, that hath made the way straight; that those who seek Him may not be confused therein, that they who love His coming will just act as those that are in close communion with Him from day to day.

Love one another:
This is Knowledge, that ye love one another, that ye show forth in thy dealings with thy fellow man day by day that thou carest, thou understandest, thou art willing to take a portion of the burden of those that are so heavily burdened with the cares of life, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches; that thou art willing to aid those in distress, thou art willing to feed those that are hungry, not just materially. For the world is crying for that Knowledge. It is opened to thee that have made the choice that ye will empty thyselves of those little differences that breed hate, contempt; and those things that Hurt and Hurt in thy dealings with thy fellow man. Forgive, if ye would be forgiven. That is Knowledge. Be friendly, if ye would have friends. That is Knowledge. Be lovely, if ye would have the love even of thy Father; for He is love. This indeed be Knowledge.

Known this:
"Though the body-desires may be many, and the impartial life is as that which must meet the needs of the material body, their Inception, my children, must be in the Spirit; else they turn to clay in thy hands."

What characteristics one needs to improve to help one live more fully each day?: The little niceties of self, as ye like to see in others. Practice all you preach. Never ask anyone to do that you don't do yourself. Do the things that bespeak of thy body, of thy mind, being a channel to the glory of God ever. Thinking of thy words, thinking of thy activities, thinking of thy thoughts about others as being messengers, as being channels, as being those things (which if crystallized into things) would be blessings to someone. 
Thus thy life will grow more beautiful; you will become more necessary. It is when one realizes one's need, and the need in others, that self is able, through the grace of God, to supply; through becoming the more humble and selfless. Thus may the light of the Christ-Consciousness shine through.  Then one becomes great indeed. For even as thou in the pattern before this mourned; while as a pattern, He mourned with those who wept and rejoiced with those who rejoiced. Do thou likewise, for His sake.

Know Thyself - That even as was given of Him, the teacher: Know Thyself and thy relationships to thy fellow man and thy Creative Forces that are within and without, as These may be applied in the relationships of individuals in Every walk of life day by day! For what preserves the equanimity of the earth today? The same as did in that illustration recorded in how Abram or Abraham pled for the cities; if there be found forty just men; lo, if there be found even thirty, or ten, those have held, these do hold, opportunities open for others. In the associations of individuals as may be combined for the carrying on of commerce, trade, a union of power, of capital for that to prepare and to make for the better conveniences for man's indwelling, take hold rather ever on those things that pertain not to self-indulgences or self-aggrandizements in such groups, but build in those activities with the associations of groups those things that preserve, that have indeed been pointed out to be the fruits of the Spirit; namely, peace, harmony, brotherly love, longsuffering, patience. These are those things that make for more and more of that which is indeed the whole law; to love God, eschew evil, and think of thy neighbour as thyself. And when these are kept in the experiences as the basic influences in the activities of any group or association, or state or any nation, God giveth the increase; God prospereth those that love His ways. For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, "the silver and the gold is mine, saith the Lord, and the cattle on a thousand hills." Yea, and if ye will but make thyself as a channel that in the experience of man maketh for the Knowledge that these are the basic influences, saith the Lord, "I will open even the windows of heaven to pour a blessing upon such." These be the promises, these be the experiences of those that so live, that so construct in the associations of others that each man, each group, each nation is considered as a part of the whole and has been and must be given the ability, the opportunity, to manifest his or its abilities, functions in same. For in the heart of man is written, by his application in the experiences with his fellow man, that which he hath done about the knowledge of the Lord. The Condemnation then comes within self. The Lord hath not willed that any soul should perish, that any should want, that any soul should worry.


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