Science and Religion are One, when their purposes are One

"Do not doubt the abilities of those influences in the spiritual life to meet the needs of the body physically, mentally, spiritually. Man's development, is of man's understanding and applying the laws of the Universe, and as man applies those, man develops, man brings up the whole generation of man. Individuals carry out certain elements and laws, and gradually man becomes capable of applying and using those in the everyday life of man. This, whether applied in medical science, anatomical science, mechanical science, or any science, is merely the development, or the application as man applies to Universal laws as are ever, and have ever been, existent in the Universe. As is in this: that producing electrical units of force, is just as applicable to the Universal forces in the days of Adam as in the days of the Master, or as in the days of today. Those laws applying to aerial of transmission just as applicable in one as in other. Man not understanding those. Many times has the evolution of the earth reached the stage of development as it has today and then sank again, to rise again in the next development. Some along one line, some along others, for often we find the higher branches of so-called learning destroys itself in the seed it produces in man's development, as we have in medical forces, as we have astrological forces, as we have in some forms of spiritual forces, as we have in forms of destructive forces of the various natures."

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence". - Nikola Tesla

As to occult or psychic science, as called, then - it is, as we have found through some manifestations, that these forces are first recognized in or by the individual. Hence, as has been seen, in the beginning these were the natural expressions of an entity. As there developed more of the individual association with material conditions, and they partook of same in such a manner as to become wholly or in part a portion Of same, farther - or more hidden, more unseen - has become occult or psychic manifestations.
First there were the occasional harking back. Later by dream.
Again we find individuals raised in certain sections for specific purposes. As the cycle has gone about, time and again has there arisen in the earth those that Manifested these forces in a more magnificent, more beneficent, way and manner. And, as has been given, again the time draws near when there shall be seen and known among men, in many places, the manifestations of such forces in the material world; for “As ye have seen him go, so will He return again.”
Be thou faithful unto those words He has given while yet with you.
Hence it behoves every individual to take cognizance of that force that may manifest in their material lives, even in this material age; for those that become ashamed for His sake - for That sake - of that that may manifest (which is as the Spirit's manner of activity) through those many channels that are open to those who will look up, lift up - and these, we find, are often in the lowliest of places and circumstances.
Even as in those first experiences with the use of those powers that are so tabu by the worldly-wise, that are looked upon as old men's tales and women's fables; yet in the strength of such forces do Worlds come into being!
This is what psychic force, and so called occult science, Did mean, Has meant, Does mean in the world today.
There were those individuals that attempted to bring again to the mind of man more of those forces that are manifest by the closer association of the mental and spiritual, or the soul forces that were more and more as individual and personal forms in the world, the use of the these elements - as for the building up, or the passage of individuals through space - brought the uses of the gases then (in the existent forces), and the individuals being able to become the elements, and elementals themselves, added to that used in the form of what is at present known as the raising of the powers from the sun itself, to the ray that makes for disintegration of the atom, in the gaseous forces formed.

“The whole Evolutionary process, both Cosmic and Organic, Is One, and the biologist may now rightly regard the Universe in its very essence as biocentric.” - Professor Lawrence Joseph Henderson, Harvard University.

“We cannot be suppressing one part of the science because it does not agree the dogmas” - Dr Luc Montagnier, MD, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008, in “El Diario Vasco”, 10 May 2016.


"It will be in the hour 12!
The science before its incapacity, before the mystery that it has and it does not see, does not reflect that if nothing sees, it must not deny as it does, everything inexplicable, the illogical, which according to her cannot be, because she has in her Hands the Truth. The Petulant science says: "This is" or "this is not", she is unappealable, and to every question mark she smiles in mischief, becoming a permanent inquisitor, while the world advances in events that she calls them unusual insanity proper of ignorants or alcoholised. Science will know one day, that everything is natural and is true in the way of reality and unreality, tangible to many who know that we are all part of something that although it is not felt, exists. Science will know one day. And it will be in the 12 hour." - Benjamín Solari Parravicini

The Gospel, The Good News


"I come to the man deceived by the petulant who cast God. I come because I bring Jesus! ” - David, Prince of the Good News



"The Bible And Modern Science", L. Merson Davies, 1930 (PDF)

"Science and faith", Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton (PDF)

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