The Book of
Emmanuel or God among men

The Teachings of Him who had walked in Galilee: He that is thy Lord!

From the records which are preserved and kept, in the Archives of the Order, of the true Faith, of the true God

The Lord, thy Christ, thy God.
Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One!

For He, as ye have been told, is not the God of the dead, not the God of those that have forsaken Him, but those that love His coming, that love His associations among men, the God of the Living, the God of Life! For, He Is Life! To be served with the purpose; that as may be given, as that Counsel, that Advice, as will enable the body in its present experience to meet all of those conditions. Know in whom you believe. Know in what you believe. Know the author of thy belief. How few stop to know that! We say we believe, but what? Who is the author of thy salvation? Who is the author of thy faith, of thy hope, of thy aspirations? Man? What man? Only He, who has made the test in giving himself in the service of his fellow man. Lord Lead Thou The Way. I Commit My Body, My Mind, To Be One With Thee, That We May Make Manifest the Love of God and Man. Only those who know God, or have sought Him, may interpret even His walks among men!

A - K


Abilities - As to the abilities in the present and that to which it may attain, and how: First know thyself and that which is the motivative force of thy mental and material activities with those about thee. Then turning within, through those influences of the Christ Consciousness, know that thou doest with thy might will have its blessings in those things that will come to bear upon thy life and those that ye serve. In the mental and the material things, so use thy abilities in the self-expression of that which has been innately and manifestedly built in thy experiences in the earth, as to cause the fruits of thy efforts and abilities to become the helpmeets, the helpfulnesses to, and the incentives and motives of others in Their activities in their relationships of life. This will bring harmonious experiences, this will bring those material necessities in the material world that to so many become a burden and a stumbling stone. Then, if there is first the analysing of self, and its purposes and its desires, what a beautiful, what a lovely life this experience may be! Choose thou! Let thy life then express, in its activities, that ye would have thy brother, thy friend think of Thy Lord, thy Master! And as in thine abilities, in thine Innate desire, None may be more beautiful in purpose, in the life, in the ability to Give to others joy, peace, contentment with all the attributes of the earthly things combined, passion, with all of its material loves, all of its material desires. These ye know well; but unless these be tempered with thine ideal, thy Will may lead thee in the paths that become troublesome, dark and disagreeable! Know, then, He, thy Lord, thy God, thy Christ, is in that position: "If ye will be my child, I will be thy God." Determine then Whom ye will serve. That of thine own self that may bring discouragements, despairs? Or Him who hath promised: “My peace I leave With you, my peace I give Unto you. My peace I give not as the world giveth peace, but that which is love, and hope, and kindness, and godliness. But as Him to whom I go, The Way ye know, the way ye may keep! and I go that ye may have an advocate With the Father. I in him, ye in me, may do, as I have Given you power, Through me, To be in me, I in thee.” The Abilities of individuals: Use then that thou hast in hand. Show thyself worthy of acceptation to Him who will guide thee in thy daily paths, in thy daily choice; as in teaching, as in ministering, as in giving those gentle and kindly words. Not some great deed, not some great mission; but the GREATEST of missions; just being kind! Speak gently. Smile often. Let the love of the Father through the blessings in Him shine in thy life day by day. Then the clouds of doubt will dissipate and the brightness of the Christ-Consciousness will give thee purposefulness in all thy dealings, and His blessings will be continually with thee.

Abundance -
Be Content with what thou hast, but never be Satisfied with what thou hast. Abundance is the lot of him who is in accord with those truths of the Creative Energy, just as the world, the hills, the cattle, the gold, is mine, sayeth the Lord. I will repay, sayeth the Lord. Put thine self in that attitude, that position, of reflecting that as is of the Creative Energy, and that necessary, and over an abundance will be in thine hand.

Act - "If thine child ask for bread would you give him stone?", If thine neighbour is hungry would you give him advice?" The little niceties of self, as ye like to see in others. Practice all you preach. Never ask anyone to do that you don't do yourself. Do the things that bespeak of thy body, of thy mind, being a channel to the glory of God ever. Thinking of thy words, thinking of thy activities, thinking of thy thoughts about others as being messengers, as being channels, as being those things (which if crystallized into things) would be blessings to someone. Thus thy life will grow more beautiful; you will become more necessary. It is when one realizes one's need, and the need in others, that self is able, through the grace of God, to supply; through becoming the more humble and selfless. Thus may the light of the Christ-Consciousness shine through. Then one becomes great indeed.

Adam - The most ideal (as would be called) was Adam, who was in that period when he (Adam) appeared as five in one.

Affirmation - Affirmation To Be Helpful: Lord here am I. Use thou me, in that way and manner, that I may be a better channel of service to Thee, and for bringing grace and mercy to those I meet day by day!

Affirmations - Affirmations as ye pray, in the morning, in the evening:

1. "Father, Fill My Life, My Heart, with The Light of The Love in The Christ! That May Cleanse Me from All Unrighteousness! May The Desire of Heart be Thy Desire, That There May Be Created In My Experience That Which Will Make Me More Aware of Christ Life In My Experience! Fill Thou, O Father, My Life With Peace, Harmony And Joy In The Christ Life, The Christ Consciousness, That It May Purge Me And Make My Life As Thou Would Have It Be! Create In Me A Pure Heart And Renew The Righteous Spirit Within Me, Cleansing My Life, My Heart, My Body, Through The Love In The Christ Life! Father, Thou Knowest The Needs of My Heart, My Body. Cleanse Thou Same As Thou Seest it Has Need of, for We Seek Through The Promises of the Christ In Our Lives! Let the Words of My Mouth, and the Meditation of My Heart Be In The Christ Consciousness, That Purgeth From All Unrighteousness And Maketh The Body Whole In His Service! Keep Thou, O Father, My Ways, Directing Me In The Christ Way, That His Promises May Be Fulfilled In My Life!"

2. “Here, Lord, Am I. Use Thou Me, This Day, This Evening, As Thou Seest I May Serve Others The Better; That I May So Live, O God, To The Glory of Thy Name, Thy Son Jesus The Christ, and To The Honour of Mine Own Self in Thy Name”.

Analyse Self -
Analyse self; begin at this: Know there is the physical body and its attributes, its hopes, its desires, physical just as that of animated matter, animated spirit. Then there is the mind, the physical mind and its associations; the spiritual mind and its hopes and desires. Then there is the soul body also. Thus as you find in self body, mind, soul, in its three-dimensional manner it is as the spiritual three-dimensional concept of the Godhead; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. These, then, in self are a shadow of the spirit of the Creative Force. Thus as the Father is as the body, the mind is as the Son, the Soul is as the Holy Spirit. For it is eternal. It has ever been and ever will be, and it is the soul made in the image of the Creator, not merely the physical or mental being but with the attributes. For, as is given in the beginning: God moved and said: "Let there be light", and there was light, not the light of the sun, but rather that of which, through which, in which every soul had, has, and ever has its being. For in truth ye live and love and have thy being in Him. These considerations, then, each in analysing of self, each has its part in thine own physical consciousness, yes. Take time to be holy, but take time to play also. Take time to rest, time to recuperate; for thy Master, even in the pattern in the earth, took time to rest, took time to be apart from others, took time to meditate and pray, took time to attend a wedding, to give time to attend a funeral; took time to attend those awakenings from death and took time to minister to all. So in learning thy experience in the earth, not as routine but at regular periods have thy rest, have thy labours, do feed the mind; do feed the soul just as it is necessary to feed the physical man and these will declare just as much dividend as does that necessity of feeding the body. Without that to be masticated, and without its mastication, it is indigestion and suffering. So with the food for the mind and the soul, it must be masticated and put to use, and these will bring much more harmonious experience. For ye need those companionships that are in accord with thine own ideas and ye will find them if ye seek. For as has been given: "Behold I stand at the door and knock, if ye will open I will enter." This is not merely a saying, for thy mind seeks a Saviour, but most of all companionship of the Master draws that which will bring succour and understanding, peace and harmony. For ye remember, as has been given: 'Do know that offences come, but woe unto him by whom they come. Ye believe an God, believe also in me. For I have overcome the world." And in Him may ye overcome the world.
For there the spirit may commune with the All and become more and more aware Of its oneness with the Creative Force or God. Then analyse self. What is thy desire, physically, mentally, spiritually? Then what is thy ideal as respecting same? Is it set in that which is to be the gratifying of self's purposes as to position, fame, fortune or what not? or is it set in that as ye know, as ye have experienced, that all of these unless directed and prompted by the Spirit of Truth can but come to naught! But if the ideal is prompted by Truth, no matter what may be the outward appearance, the assurance of filling and fulfilling the purpose for which the entity seeks expression in this experience in every Phase of its consciousness, it will bring contentment, peace, harmony and the like. And unless it does bring that, know that error lies at thy door. Just as considering those experiences in the present that would change the whole environs of the body, of the Mind, yea, change the whole purposes of the entity in the present. Yet these as material obligations, as material desires, are burdening the consciousness; not bringing satisfaction, not bringing contentment. For when contentment is apparent, then there will be that peace which comes with that as may be so well expressed and manifested in an individual entity; not only giving voice to same but living in the daily experience: "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in and through me." That as the criterion, that as the standard brings peace that passeth understanding. If thy choice then is that these changes are to be for the betterment, if the obligations are such that there is the consciousness that it must be consummated, must be fulfilled within thy experience, then to fail would be to belittle thine own self in thine own eyes and to become sorry, and to become self-condemning, and to become in the nature of one already condemned within thine own self. But as is ever true; today, now is set before thee good and evil, life and death, choose thou. That man has been endowed with free-will, free-choice, is his birthright. Do not cast it aside, nor sell it for the gratifying of any material thing in thy experience that is merely passing. For life is eternal, it is a growth, it is the consciousness of being at an atonement with Creative Forces. And unless the choice is creative, that is founded in Spirituality, the fruits of the Spirit, it must become as dross. But the Choice must be within thine Own self. The ways may be set before thee the Choices must be Taken of thine own consciousness. Being aware of what ye would that the Lord would do with thee, what Thou would do with the opportunities, the privileges He hath bestowed upon thee as one of His children. And know within self: as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, His children, ye do unto thy Maker. This applies in thy dealings, whether they be purely material, mental or spiritual. For they are one. Mind is the builder. And as it flows through the physical and the spiritual self, it takes hold upon that ye cultivate in thy experiences. For ye grow in grace and in knowledge, and in understanding, by cultivating in thy consciousness the awareness of whether it is thy own indulgences, thy own purposes ye are cultivating, or that purpose the Lord thy God hath for and with thee. The shortcomings, yea, and the virtues, have been pointed out to thee, in thy ways before the children of men in thy experiences through the earth; as to the influences by the astrological sojourns or Digesting of thy purposes in the interims between thy manifestations of same in the earth. And today, now, yea continuously, ye meet thyself. But He hath promised, He is sure, if and When ye Call: "I will Hear", saith the Lord, saith the Best, saith the God-consciousness within. Have ye called? or are ye content or satisfied to depend upon others to do thy thinking, others to pass thy judgements, others to direct? For He hath said: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Then, consecrate thyself. Put on the whole armour of the Lord. Stand before Him with that conviction, that sincerity of purpose: "Here Am I, Lord! Use Me! Send Me!"

First, Analyse Thyself: Know thyself, for he indeed that knows himself knows his God also. And be sure ye know what and Who is, and where is, thy God. These must be answered within self. For, as the tenets of old, all the principles of the divine that are manifested in the material man are found deep within self. And all that we may know of a universal consciousness is already within self. But know thy ideal, that has been, that may be manifested in the material plane, spiritually, mentally, materially; and, most of all, know the Author of such ideas and ideals. Then, study to show thyself approved unto that chosen ideal; condemning none, but living, manifesting that ye profess to believe.

- "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." - Psalm 91:11-12

The Hierarchy of Angels is in three groups: Angels as the Laws of the Universe

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones form part of the Higher Hierarchy: Seraphim are Angels of love, light and fire (purification). They surround the centre from which all life flows to consciousness and creation. They are the choirs of Angels called “the music of the spheres”. Cherubim bring intercession and cleansing to humanity, guard the celestial records of knowledge, and emanate Divine Wisdom. Thrones govern justice, are a source of karmic forces and create a powerful spiritual attraction which will bring all souls back to the Divine.

Dominions, Virtues, Powers form part of the Middle Hierarchy: Dominions, the forces of all nature: animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, and the originating force and ultimate perfection of creation (law of evolution). Virtues emanate grace, and forces which manifest miracles in spirit upon the earth. Powers are the warrior angels that protect us from demons, emanate creative power to souls, regulate punitive power, mercy, legislation, and sovereign power.

Principalities, Archangels, Angels: Principalities that emanate celestial intelligences to any form of power on the earth through Divine guidance and govern the spiritual awakening of the masses. Archangels who oversee the activities of nations. They inspire us through art, music, literature, religion and mysticism. These Archangels are able to command all of the Divine forces in carrying out their mission. They have chosen to assist souls on earth to reach their spiritual potential.

There are 7 leading Archangels: Archangel Michael is the leader of these and his responsibility is to bring all souls to the Christ Consciousness. Archangel Raphael is the source of all Healing and divinely inspires artists. Raguel is the taskmaster for the other Archangels and the lower Angelic realms and is the guardian of our chakras. Uriel transforms tribulation and misfortune into great advantages. Sarakiel has dominion over the souls who have transgressed and represents our conscience. Archangel Gabriel reveals God’s will and is the Archangel of resurrection. He is also called the “Angel of paradise”. Ramiel, the seventh leading Archangel presides over mystical vision and the coming of Judgment Day. He is part of the group that rules the Akashic records. Angels provide Divine interaction between this earth and the spiritual realm. They provide inspiration, revelation, guidance and protection. They are the messengers we see right after death who give us our “life review” and present our earthly experiences to the higher powers of grace and mercy.

Halaliel: Halaliel is one in, and with, whose courts Ariel fought when there was the rebellion in heaven. Now, where is heaven? Where is Ariel, and who was he? A companion of Lucifer or Satan, and one that made for the disputing of the influences in the experiences of Adam in the Garden.

Anger - He that does not control resentment, he that does not control anger, he that does not control that urge for the egotism in self, is indeed worse than he that has none; for such may make for stumblingblocks and experiences that bring distraughtness and disturbances, not only of self as to the Thoughts of self but to the fellow man. Unless the high ideal is set, or unless the ideal of self is set in the spiritual attributes that partake of the creative forces or energies that may manifest in or through men in their material activity, little of value or of worth may come, and less of growth of the soul for its return to its former state with and in the creative energies that may manifest in the spiritual, the mental or the material world. Unless the activities are founded in spirit of the Creative Forces, they must eventually come to naught. Set first, then, thine mind, thine body, thine inner self, in attune and in accord with the highest ideal that may be attained in thine meditative self. For God Is, and would have each soul to manifest in such a manner that the expressions of that soul in materiality may be a channel to show others the way to the indwelling with the eternal forces that are of the creative energies. Know, then, as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren ye do it unto Him. Keep That before thee, lest thou stumblest over thine own judgments.

Astrology - While the astrological aspects have an influence upon the experiences, these are not so strong an influence as the sojourns in the material experiences. Study also astrological subjects, not as termed by some, but rather in the light of that which may be gained through a study of His word. For, as it was given from the beginning, those planets, the stars, are given for signs, for seasons, for years, that man may indeed (in his contemplation of the universe) find his closer relationships. There are astrological aspects, to be sure, in the influence of each entity; which are influences not because the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, Planets or any phase of the zodiacal signs are in this or that position at the time of birth, rather the time of the birth is controlling, or did control the position of the Sun, Moon and Stars as relative to thy activities! For remember, all that Is is for the service to thee, if ye understand and comprehend thy relationship to same. And know that there is No influence, from any urge, greater than the Will within self, If the self first know self, knows the own inner purposes, knows the abilities, physically, mentally, spiritually. Then, let's analyse these, and find that by which ye must make manifest. Minimize those things that are hindrances or faults. Magnify those things and urges that are virtues, in thy choices, in thy daily life, in thy activities and associations. For as ye sow, so Shall ye reap. In all influences, as are seen, that are as standards or as signposts along life's way, these are Written, as it were, in the astrological influences that have influenced and do influence an individual through any given experience or time; yet, as has oft been given, there is no influence in the experience of an entity that does surpass the will, or the ability to act or react as is the gift of every individual that is a child of the Creative Forces, or God; for that is which makes an entity, a soul, Godlike the ability to choose or to Will that which its attributes or its mind or body may be used in this or that expression of the attributes of that it worships. Then if, or has the ideal of an entity been set in such a direction that those influences in the ideal are the guiding factors, rather than those of hindrances, or likes or dislikes that may have been builded in the material or physical attributes of the body, that make for those things that become easily besetting conditions in the experience, then does an entity find retardment in the development; but are, if, those experiences are used as the stepping-stones or signposts that are passed in the experience of a one experience, so does the consciousness Grow, and understanding comes, with knowledge that there Is the way open, that has been said: "The way ye know, and I go that ye may not be Left desolate, but I will come to you and guide you in all things whatsoever has been commanded you from that which has been set as one's ideal." So, in considering those conditions that are as influences, let self be endowed with that which is the heritage of every child of the King, and do not sell the birthright for the gratification of any Individual experience in the material affairs of any one given experience or existence.

Atlantis - The Atlanteans were those that had reached an advancement, had been entrusted with divine activities in the earth, and forgot from whom, in whom all live and have their being; thus brought about within themselves, that which destroyed the body, but not the soul. Thus there was prepared the way, even through Him who is now the life, the light, the immortality, the resurrection, the way through which peace and harmony, beauty and love, may be in the experience of each and every soul that seeks and acknowledges Him as thy Lord, as thy Saviour.

Attitude - The attitude of mind makes for that which gives the birth, or the rising up of peace, harmony, understanding, or it is as the children Of the mind, that which brings contending forces that may be warred against; for as All Must find: "When I would do right the spirit of unrest is ever present." As day by day this is put out of the mind, and more and more the mind of harmony, peace, understanding, not a latent kind, but an Active force, so does this become the manner in which self is giving expression of that being sought. "Let thy yeas be yea, and thy nays be nay, in the light, the love, of Him that said: "Thou hast chosen the better part." Let, then, all thine activities, in understanding that as may be accomplished by self, in the capacity of bringing those relationships and those understandings to those peoples as of old, be with patience and with persistence, and with that determination that: "Others may do as they may, but for me, I will serve With the living truth, the Living God". "I am determined to know nothing among men save Jesus and Him crucified, for these truths are one!"

Mental and Physical Attitude: To be sure, only self may be controlled. But if there are those relationships that are felt, are declared by the friend to be existent, if there is the care, physically and mentally, for the associations and activities, then the activities of self will be returned in the manner in which there is the meting out. If the feeling has grown cold, if the nature of the activities of the body has been of such import that it may be within the mind of self justified, not by hearsay, but, if ye would be forgiven, ye would forgive, build then upon that which is thy concept of the loving, forgiving Christ-Consciousness. Not that such relations or activities were by Him condoned, but rather was there the consideration of the desires of the body as well as the mental attitudes, circumstances and conditions. So with self. For the needs of that as may bring into the experience, in the present, build upon that in self that is the answer for the hope, the faith, the Experiences; that ye may know in the oneness of purpose, oneness of desire, to keep that which Is the whole import and purpose of thy material relationships in thy activities, in thy environs, in thy surroundings!

Do not condemn. Do not condone: But as ye would that would be done to thee, do ye even so to the other, which is in keeping with thy concept of thy Christian Faith, thy Christian Hope! Thus ye will find that such activities and attitudes will bring into thy experience the greater peace. Not by "Don't do this, Don't do that! I won't have this, I won't have that!" Rather in that same manner in which ye have held and do hold in thy own heart and mind the love not of self, not of desire as to satisfying of physical relationships or activities, but in the singleness of purpose that each day, each activity may be a manifestation of being a channel of blessing to someone day by day! Only in that attitude, in that purpose, may ye find within thine own heart and mind that which will bring peace and harmony Between thee, or will give to thee the all good conscience. Know that it is better to trust a heart or body, and that deceiving, than to doubt that body which If believing would Bless thy life with true understanding! Keep thy faith in Him, that All will be and is right! And make thy life, thy activities in accord with same!

The attitude towards others: As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them! Can there be any other, and be right in the sight of God?

What mental attitude should be assumed toward those who upset: Keep that as has been given, as respecting the attitude the entity should assume; knowing that the desires are of a threefold nature. Spiritual, physical, and material. Two are the gratifications of self. The other is the keeping of that divine force that is within. The mental is the builder, for thoughts are deeds, they may become crimes or they may become miracles, whether guided by the spirit of truth, or as to the gratification of self's own interests. In the same attitude as one would be dealt to, so keep that attitude, as to how one, whether an enemy, a friend, a foe, or what not: "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." So fulfill the law of love, that: "As a man soweth, so shall he reap." As an attitude is held towards another, that is gradually builded within self, and one may hold self aloof from another until there becomes such a barrier, even through those conditions of thought, as may Separate one from another, but it may be builded in love, builded in that of preferring one above another, preferring another before self. Mind not high things, but condescend to those of low estate, for even as He gave, so may We in the activities of our daily life, though we may be attuned to that position wherein art becomes a portion of self, and one becomes attuned to everything in nature; yet nature Is a manifestation of every form that we may see of the divine, making force manifest of the Creative Energy; for: "In Him we live and move and have our being", and to make, or to hold one thing above another is to be idol worshipers.

- The "Atonement of Christ" and the "At-onement with Christ" are in harmony: The atonement and at-onement is one in the faith that He, the Christ, presented to man that manner of life, that manner of activity in a material world that leaves easy the spiritual self in atonement for that which has been met in the experience of the entity, or self, and hence becomes the Oneness, Through atonement, With the Creative Forces, which is God! Hence the Oneness of Christ life, Christ manifestations in the material world, brings those that trust in Him, and act that way, to the consciousness of that at-onement in Him.

The harmony between the "Atonement of Christ" and Re-incarnation: That as is the experience must be met in the activity of that soul, that is an Individuality, that may be one With God yet Not God, yet one With Him in its individuality. Hence, as the Son of man, made in the flesh, in Adam brought sin, or separation from God, in the last Adam, the Christ, brought that At-Onement With God. So does this, then, make the at-onement with those that, as He, make themselves, through Him, in the same activity, the same at-onement, With Him.

Authority - For these Are trying times. And know that there is no one in authority that has not been raised to same by the grace of Creative Forces. Each then is being given (that is an authority) the opportunity for expressing those purposes in his relationships and dealings with the fellow man - for the very reason of his abilities as a leader.

Awareness - The relationship of the individual to that awareness of the universal consciousness which should be and is the promise of all who have wholly put on Him. For as He has given: "he that abideth wholly in me and I in him, to him will be made aware all things from the foundations of the world." This is All there, in His words, in His promises to man. Just as indicated in His exhortation upon the activities of John and as to what they meant in the affairs of man. That place, that awareness. And yet when individuals will, even as John, become aware of being within the presence of Life itself, God Himself made manifest, how few accepted it? Only such as had known Indeed the reviling of man! For as an individual entity or soul becomes aware of the full consciousness, of being aware of its relationship or its position, it Is part of the law itself, it Is the law of that relationship, by the full awareness of it, and not merely an outlet, not merely a channel through which an activity or awareness or consciousness may be made as a manner or way. The awarenesses come to the personality and individuality of an entity for the making of its choices in reality in relationships to others, so as these are but emblems, shadows, visions, we know these are the Manners through which, the places through which, the consciousness through which individuals approach that change. What did Golgotha indicate in the consciousness of mankind? Just that completion of what? The first announcement was that Emmanuel, God with man, would mean that in his material consciousness. As that was the announcement that it would come about, then Golgotha only represents that which is gradually changing in man's physiognomy, through the various applications of itself, whether to the material things or to spiritual things, as these in their search for materiality close the outlet or eye to the whole body through which the light entered as an awareness of this relationship or this at-onement or God within the individual, so does Golgotha show the completion which must be the channel through which these awarenesses come into the consciousness of individuals.


Believe - First, know in whom, in what thou hast believed. Set thine ideal. And ye may know the Lord Liveth in the hearts of those that name His name and not self! First, know thyself, and that ye seek, and why. Know in Whom ye believe, and the author of that ye do believe, and it is bounded only in Him. For: "They that gathered with us," as He gave, scattereth not abroad. Fear not. Only fear Fear. Love the Lord. Keep His ways. For He, as ye must always remember, hath blessed thee personally. And that means for keeps! Repeat three times every day, and then listen: "Lord What Would Thou Have Me Do Today?" Have this not as rote. Mean it! For as He has spoken, as He has promised: "If ye call I will hear, and answer speedily." He meant it! Believe it! Have you determined, and satisfied your mental and spiritual consciousness, as to Whom you believes? For as has been attested and demonstrated as of old, not every spirit, not every entity seeks to serve irrespective of self. Neither do all that may manifest seek to express or manifest other than that which has been the conscious, superconscious or subconscious desire of the ego. Then, know in whom ye believe as well as in what ye believe; trusting in the divine that manifests itself in thy own inner self, in thy very life itself, that ye may build that which will bring harmony, peace, contentment, thus making the world, yes, thy environ, yes, thy associates day by day, Better for thy having passed that way! Not that ye are to become long-faced nor saintly in a manner that is not in keeping with the way ye think and act and treat thy fellow man, but they are one! And it is only the things of the spirit that are eternal, or that can bring that harmony which is so necessary in the experience of each soul as it journeys through the veil of the earth or dwells in the shadows of sorrow, or finds in the bright lights of the promises of tomorrow the glories that may come Only from just being kind, just doing Every day, in Every way, just that to others ye would have others do to you. Know in Whom ye believe and in what ye believe. For the power of God is Right, and is able to keep those who use their purpose in life to the glory of God. And ye know in whom ye have put thy trust; ye should know, ye do know. Ye have only lost thy hold, thy grip, by the things and for the things that are of the moment. For the earth is the Lord's. Trust rather in Him. And as ye do to others may it be done to thee. For ye know in Whom and in what ye have believed. Ye know thy health, thy well-being, yea thy life, is in Him; that He is able to keep that ye commit unto Him against any experience. It is in Him that ye live and move and have thy being. Ye Are the child of the living God. Act like that! Then apply in thy experience, in thy relationships, in thy associations one with another, knowing, as He has given, "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these my children, ye do it unto me." Today, as ye will hear His voice, then turn, know in whom ye believe; knowing that He is able to forgive sin in the earth, in the mental, yea in the hereafter. For, even to that one on the Cross He gave, "Today thou shalt be with Me in paradise." So with thee in thy seeking, in thy own stumbling manner listen to that voice within. For if ye know in Whom and in what ye believe, then ye may give, in thy manifested activity, a constructive influence ever.

Beauty - For all the beauty is of God, all the love is of God. All of those that abide in same, then, are manifestations of His love. These nourish, these cherish in all of thy dealings with thy fellow men.

Bitterness - How can I obtain relief from resentment and bitterness?: As ye forgive, ye are forgiven. As ye love, so are ye loved. As ye resent, so are ye resented. This is Law, physical, mental and Spiritual! Then, chuck it out of thy life. Let the love of God so fill thy mind, thy body, that there is No resentment. As to how, though ye may not of thyself, put the burden on Him and it becomes light. But Act in the manner as He did, not resenting any. For remember, as He said to that one who had promised that though all might forsake Him, he never would, yet in the same hour denied that he ever knew Him, "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." Thus may it be given to thee, if ye put that resentment away, if ye put that doubt and that fear upon Him, He will cast it out; but thee, strengthen thy brethren. Teach, preach, talk to others, as to how they should leave such at the Cross and Only magnify, manifest, Know that they need not attempt to justify themselves. For, All the justification is in Him. We need then only to Glorify that love, that hope, that understanding which He brings to each soul that seeks His face. And He will answer. Fear not when He declares: "Be not afraid, it is I." Know that He is able, He is willing. Trust wholly in Him.

Blame - Who is blameless?: Only those that blame no one for aught that is, has been or may be. Only in creating hope, life, understanding, harmony, does one become blameless. For, as ye understand, they that would be loved must show themselves lovely; they that would have friends must Be a friend to others. For in the manner ye treat others, ye treat thy Lord. Let that light which has aroused thee be Alive, Awakened. Condemn no one. And as ye come seeking, know, understand, as ye create same in the lives of others so is it reflected in thine own.

Blaming - First, there must be in the spiritual and mental self, the renouncing of any condemnation of others. Never an attitude of blaming others, but knowing within self that the state in which you find yourself is where the Lord would have you work in His vineyard. The very fact that you have life itself, even, is the opportunity for being a witness-bearing child to the King of kings. Speak kindly, speak gently. Be patient. Be not faultfinding, be not condemning of others, nor of anything that may have come to be your lot. Be not a gossiper of activities that would bring any condemnation on others.

Body - For as thy body is the temple of the living God, the more oft ye become active in letting those promises be manifested that are given to each soul: "If ye will be my son, I will be thy God," thus thy greatest strength may come in and through Him, as it may be manifested through thy relationships to thy fellow man day by day. As to choices of how these will be made manifest, they, the choices, must Ever be thine answer to that conviction which lies within, through the knowledge of Him, thy Lord, thy God, day by day. Of thyself alone little may be accomplished that is of lasting worth, yet much may be done in a material way to give or bring satisfaction, or gratification, to thy material desires. But these are of the earth-earthy. Then, let thy life be so lived that the Material successes come as a result of a clean, conscientious, consistent abiding in the faith, the promise from Him that ye are His son. For the earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof. The silver, the gold is his; and the cattle, the grain upon a thousand hills are but as the workmanship of His hand. And He withholds no good things from those who abide wholly within Him and His promises.

Body, Mind and Soul: One finds the body, the mind, the soul of self as a counterpart of that an entity worships in the Godhead as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So the body, mind and soul answer to that which is the source of health, of mind, of matter, in the experience of each entity. To this entity these in the Godhead are one. So in the body they are one; body, mind, soul. Body is temporal, mind is partially temporal and partially holy; the soul is eternal. Just as the body then is the manifestation of the individual entity, the mind is the manifestation of the Son, both as an earthly experience and as an at-onement with the Father, the whole. So the soul is that which is eternal. Thus does there come in the experience of each soul those problems in a material world of the constant warring of material or changing things, or earthly experience, with mental and spiritual or soul forces. The Way, then, is that manifested in the Creative Force through Jesus, the Christ, the Son; for He is the way, the truth, the light in which the body, the mind, the soul may find that security, that understanding, that comprehending of the oneness OF the spiritual with the material that is manifested in an individual entity.

The Body is the Temple of the Living Soul: And there should be made and kept that whereunto it may become the more beautiful place for the worshipfulness in its every function, in its every organ, to glorify those purposes whereunto each organ, each functioning, has been set for the glorifying of the spirit of creative forces in a material world. But know that thy body is indeed the Temple of the Living God. And He has promised to meet thee. Keep that body as the Temple of God. Supply it with all the beauties as ye would a physical service to Him that ye would honour most, in thy heart, in thy body, in thy mind, in thy purpose. And let it ever be with that spirit of truth as manifested in Him: "I go unto the Father, that where I am ye may be also." Then know in what you believe, but know Who is the author of same; not as hearsay but as an experience in self. For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and a beautiful temple! Keep it such. There He has promised to meet thee. There He may commune with thee. Use periods of meditation, periods of prayer.

Brother - Who is thy brother? Who is thy sister? Who is thy mother? He that doeth the will of the Father, the same is thy mother, thy brother, thy sister. He that would not forsake all to join hands with those who have attempted to do such, or who have same as their purpose and desire, is not worthy of His house.

Brother's keeper: Let thy watchword be: "I am my brother's keeper." Who is thy brother? Whoever, wherever he is, that bears the imprint of the Maker in the earth, be he black, white, grey or grizzled, be he young, be he Hottentot, or on the throne or in the president's chair. All that are in the earth today are thy brothers. Those that have gradually forgotten God entirely have been eliminated, and there has come, now, and will come the period when there will be no part of the globe where man has not had the opportunity to hear: "The Lord He is God." And, as has been indicated, when this period has been accomplished, then the new era, the new age, is to begin. Will ye have a part of it, or will ye let it pass by and be merely a hanger-on, or one upon whom your brother, the Lord, thy Christ, may depend? Remember, He has given thee father, mother, home, opportunity, possibilities that are within thine own grasp now. And the meanest, the littlest man in the world is one who is unappreciative of what has been done, what is being done. That is why man, when he forsakes God feels so low, becomes so little in his own sight. So think on these things, and begin where the light begins, and that is within thine own heart and mind, as ye read, as ye study, as ye talk with the Lord of thy heart. Who is thy Lord? He that made heaven and earth, He that walked among men, He that said: "Come to me", He that gave: "If ye open your heart, your mind, I will walk and talk with thee." Or is it self, that ye may be a little bit better, a little bit bigger, a little bit saucier, yes, a little bit better to cuss this or that? No! He that is the Maker, the Creator, to whom the whole world has been given! He asks and entrusts to thee thy place to be fulfilled by thee to His glory, His honour, and then will there be peace, harmony, happiness in thy life experience throughout. Does mankind consider he is indeed his brother's keeper? And this is the manner in which man may answer the question. There will be no want in bread for mankind when mankind eventually realizes he is indeed his brother's keeper. For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and the bounty in one land is lent to man to give his brother. Who is his brother? Our Father, then each of every land, of every colour, of every creed is brother of those who seek the Father, God. This instill as ye interpret. Be faithful to the trust given thee. All must come to the knowledge that: "I Am my brother's keeper." And until the world, or those in authority, those in power from the angle or standpoint of that which is the exchange medium between individual groups in their affairs, socially, commercially and spiritually, recognize that this is true, and that each group is dependent one upon another, little progress of a lasting nature be made. For, we are indeed our brother's keeper; self is indeed thy brother's keeper, but not keeping him under your own thumb. And as there is more and more thought and purpose given in that direction, greater will be the mental satisfaction, the material blessings, and the spiritual understanding in this material world.

Does mankind consider he is indeed his brother's keeper?: And this is the manner in which man may answer the question. There will be no want in bread for mankind when mankind eventually realizes he is indeed his brother's keeper. For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and the bounty in one land is lent to man to give his brother. Who is his brother? Our Father, then each of every land, of every colour, of every creed is brother of those who seek the Father, God. This instill as ye interpret. Be faithful to the trust given thee.

Brethren: For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and they that hoard same, whether it be bread, wood, gold or what, are only cheating themselves in cheating the Lord. For thy brethren are thy obligation. For thou art thy brother's keeper.

Brotherhood of man: The brotherhood of man, preach it ever! O, that man would gain the understanding in his heart of this universality of the truth, that man Is his brother's keeper! Then may there be the awakening within each soul of the necessity of its giving expression to those in every walk of life.

Buddha - And as same is expressed, or manifested in other words, even though the teachings may have come from Siam (Indo-China), Saneid (Southern India), or Brahma, or Buddha, they are One; so long as they are for Him and not for self. For, to begin: For, were one to take any form of phenomena that may present itself, this would be Only the concept of an individual influence; unless there was then the reaching into the realms of the unknown (from the finite mind) and correlate that which has been presented in that taken as Scripture, whether from the Christian viewpoint, the Jew, the Parthian, or the various isms or schisms that have been presented through the ages. For, the philosophy presented by Confucius, Tao, Buddha, Brahma, the concept reached by any of these, is necessary for the finite mind to gain the proper concept of how same has influenced, does and will influence, the mind of man as it has delved and does delve into the regions of the mind. "Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One!" these are as teachers or representatives, or to make more of the distinct change, as was in that as given by the apostle to the gentiles: "I hear there are divisions among you. Some say I am Paul, another I am Apollos, another I am of Caiaphas. Paul may minister, Apollos may have watered, but it's God that gives the increase!" The Spirit of the Creative Force, and as such the Son represented in the spirit in that as was made manifest in the earth. Not as Only One, but The only One; for, as He gave: "He that climbs up any other way is a thief and a robber." As the Spirit of the Master, the Spirit of the Son, was manifest, as was given, to each in their respective sphere. As it is today. As it was of yore. God calls on man everywhere to seek His face, through that channel that may be blessed by the Spirit of the Son, in whatever sphere this may take its form. Because there are contentions, because there is the lack of the giving and taking as to others' thought, does not change God's attitude one whit; neither does it make one above another; for, as has been given, there Is Only One, the others are as those acting in the capacity of the thought that was given to them through that same power, that: "In the last days has He spoken unto us through the Son, as one born out of due season." We find the same contentions arising in that called in the present denominationalism, and each one crying: "Lo, here is Christ, Lo, this is the manner of approach, Lo, unless ye do this or that ye have no part in Him." "He that loves me will keep my commandments." What are the commandments? "Thou shalt have no other GOD before me", and "Love thy neighbour as thyself." In this is builded the whole Law and gospel of every age that has said: "There is One God!"

Business - Too oft does religion interfere with good business. These should be one, not separate. For the Lord, thy God is one. For, as has been given, to gain the whole world and lose the own spiritual self or soul is naught. Then, the policies, the activities, in every way and manner, must be in keeping with that which is constructive, that which is activative in that way and manner, if there would be a mental, a spiritual, a material success. To be sure, there may be material successes in sharp practices; there may be material successes in taking advantage of one another in varied activities; but, the Lord thy God is One! and this applies in business, in mental, in the spiritual life, and should be construed so, and they that attempt to make them separate do so to their own mental and spiritual undoing, and sooner or later a material and mental failure. In the experiences of those in a material world where financial gain is had, where fame to an extent is given to individuals, it is oft seen that they are not at peace with themselves, with their fellows or with their God. There may not be outwardly in the individual experience failures financially, or other than a whitewashing of the mental individual activity, yet there is oft seen in such households that which has been expressed in this manner: "Yes, their money is needed to care for that afflicted one, that disconcerted one in their midst." God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Thus the desire to be spoiled by the desire of material gain or fame. Hence the warnings: Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One! If each soul would understand what that means, he may pattern his life, his associations, his dealings with his fellow man, in such a way and manner as to make not only harmony and peace within his own home, his own mind, but all who contact the body-entity will know same for the beauty of his dealings with his fellow man in every way and manner. Man should learn: It is God that giveth the increase. Man as he labours, as has been given of old, is worthy of his hire. To take advantage, then, of an employee because of circumstance, because of surroundings, or for the employee to take advantage of the employer because of any condition that arises, must be met in the experience of them all. For it is the law; and the law shall not pass away until it is fulfilled to every whit and every tittle in the experiences of each individual! Hence the warnings given, that there be the building within self of that as would be not merely an axiom but as a living experience. For the Lord thy God is a living God. Man's soul, man's activity, is a living experience. Begin to build constructively in the beginning, if you would have the success in all phases of the endeavour. To do wrong never will make good come of it, though it may make money and means and false promises may induce; but the end thereof is Death! Death not only to a successful business, death to the better self, death to all the influences and forces. For how has it been reckoned? Good is like a leaven that eventually leaveneth the whole lump. How is evil? Usually smeared on as some kinds of paints that cover and yet, How did He put it?, are as a whitened sepulchre, beautiful to look at but inwardly full of dead men's bones! So are the relationships with individuals. You cannot whitewash that which is in import and intent evil and have good come from same.


Cause - For even as He taught, he that is willing to lay down his life for a cause Gains the cause! Then as He gave Himself as a ransom for many, so may those who have embraced Him gain a concept of that for which He stands, and become active in that direction. Not for fame, not for fortune, not even for what may be termed a patriotic spirit, for or because of a wrong concept, but for those activities that are to bring the fruits of the Spirit; as hope, faith, love, long-suffering, brotherly kindness, gentleness, and most of all Patience. For in Patience we become aware of that relationship with the Creative Forces, that may only be expressed in materiality in what we do to our fellow man. For: "As ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto me", saith He that Is the Way, the Truth, the Light!

Catch - Forget not, in thine own vocabulary as it might be called, you will catch many more flies with sugar than with vinegar!

Charity - How much should she give of her earning capacity to charity? Tithing: Ten percent, as all should. “To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace.” - Hebrews 7:2

Children - How can one aid the children? By being patient, being gentle. Thus, Not loving indifference, but rather as the appreciations of the opportunities that are given thee in having such a child, and in the glory to the Father for the gift of such an association. These create. For: "In blessing I will bless thee, saith the Lord." Then, as ye bless those in word, in deed, that thou hast found, that thou hast met, so does it increase about them those associations of the Creative Forces and influences of the Great God, Love!

Teaching to the children: With the application of those tenets, those truths day by day ye may bring same within their experiences. It is not longfacedness, it is not "Don't do this", or "Don't do that", but Living day by day, what? Patience, brotherly love, longsuffering! Be ye rather Joyous in thy problems, Knowing that He walks and He talks with you when ye open your heart and mind to His presence.

Choice - As to what the soul, the entity, does with its virtues depends upon its own choice; for, as has been given of old: "There is today set before thee day and night, life and death, good and evil. Choose thou." Not unto self-exaltation nor self's glorification, but that in Him ye may be one With Him and known as one among those that love their fellow man. "Think not who will ascend into heaven to bring Him down that we may know, or who shall go over the seas that may bring a message that we may hear; but lo, He is in thine own heart; He Is the nearest to thine own soul!" For "Today there is set before you good and evil, life and death. Choose thou!" Or again as the admonition of the Son of man, as He walked with that leader among men, as He gave to the brethren: "Let others do as they may, but for me and myself, me and my house, we will serve a Living God." Let these be as thy statutes, as thy ruling influence. And know, as He has given: "If ye will be my people, I will be thy God." And "Though ye be far away, though ye be in distant lands, when ye call I, thy Lord, will hear, and will answer speedily."

Choices: In its soul development, if there are the choices made by the individuals of ideals that are first of a spiritual import, and then of a mental application. Be mindful that the ideals are formed and that ye live to them. This is a holy thing, but is, as the seeking of heaven and of the knowledge of God Himself, a Free-Will choice to be made, and not a command!

Choose: Whether such is to be chosen or not, each one Must decide. How has it always been set? "There is set before thee life and death, good and evil. Choose Thou!" These should be the answers ever. That choices are made by counsel here or counsel there only makes for confusion within self, oft. Rather meet within thine own self thy Maker, and let the guide come There as to what ye shall do. Thou hast seen thou hast heard, thou hast known much as concerning how ye may be led. Join not with unbelievers, yet let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay. Be not unequally yoked together with those that make for stumbling in any direction.

Chosen well: Remember that as was given to those who brought their all, and those who attempted to hold back, and as was given then, it was not asked of thee, it must be of thine own choice. But if thou hast chosen, how hath it been given? Fulfil that, ever, ye have promised thy God within, if ye would be true to self. Remember, others may and can think as well as thou, and Their opinions to them are as necessary as thine own. Find not fault, then, with others. Rather So Live thine own life in such a simple, sincere manner, as to constrain others to know by thy deeds, not by thy words, that thou hast chosen well.


See Page on Christ

Christ-Consciousness - The Christ-Consciousness is the awareness within each soul, imprinted in pattern on the mind and waiting to be awakened by the will, of the soul's oneness with God.

Christmas - The Season that to every student of Christian thought means so much, know that the birth of the Christ-Child in Jesus has meant, and does mean, more and more in the thought, and the activity of the world as a whole. And each may judge within yourselves, as to whether the world is growing better or not according to that conviction, that feeling within thine own self that what the Christ-mass or Christmas spirit means is being manifested in thy daily life, and thy associations with thy fellow men. For unless this fact is a personal experience, then to you, as an individual, it is not being accomplished. But each, with only few exceptions (and these ye know within thine own hearts), feel that the peace within, as comes from the meditating upon the desire to be what the Father-God would have thee be through the promises in the Christ-Jesus, Is making thy life, thy associations with thy fellow man, more and more in keeping with the Christmas spirit; that commandment as He gave: "A new commandment give I unto you, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you." And as we keep His ways we come to know How that out of sorrow cometh Joy, if the peace of the Lord is In same. But if there is kept a hate, a grudge, it bringeth rust and corruption. Let the Lord's ways be thy ways, and the Christmas joy fill thy heart. As ye are trusted among thy fellow man, so hath the Lord put thee in the way to do good; even to those that may at times despitefully use thee. Then, let the love of the Father, as was manifested in Jesus the Christ, so rule thy life that love, mercy and peace replaces questionings and hate and grudges in thine own life. See not the mote in the lives of others, rather magnify the grace and good that is in Each life, and speak evil of No man! Let patience, love and mercy be thy watchwords. Practice them in thy daily life. For in so doing ye bring into thy experience all the joy, all the expectancy, all the anticipation of a closer walk with Him, which is indeed the Christ-mass spirit. Keep the faith thou hast set, for His love, His mercy, is able to sustain thee ever, and His grace, yea, His patience, endureth forever. Then be thou a little more patient, a little more gracious, and ye will find the love unchangeable, and His presence abiding closer. In the desire of the heart is there the activity of the mental self. Keep thy mind, then, attuned to: "Not my will, O God, but Thine be done in and through me." And as ye hear the still small voice within, Answer: "Here am I, O Lord, Use Me, Send Me!" Love and mercy and grace casteth out fear. Then, as ye magnify these in thy daily associations, yea, thy daily conversation, ye will find grace and mercy shown thee; and His presence, yea, His voice coming close, closer, yet still, to thee. "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you" saith He that Is the Lord, the Master, the keeper of those that would know Him. Then let His laws, His precepts, be thine. Love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; and thy neighbour as thyself. For this is the whole law, and in it ye will find strength and grace and mercy sufficient to Keep thee at all times. In the way of truth, in the way of light, is security and strength. And as ye walk therein, ye will find His hand guiding thee, if ye do so for the very love of Him that gave: "Come, learn of me, for my yoke is easy, my burden is light," to Those that love the Lord! Let thy light so shine that others taking note may take heart also. For the Lord loveth thee and keepeth thee in the shadow of His wing. Then let mercy and grace and peace abide with thee. Be not faultfinding ever, for when ye find fault, ye may be sure others find fault with thee. Let peace, then, and mercy, guide thy Words, and thy activities, day by day. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman Not ashamed but rightly dividing the words of truth, and keeping Self unspotted from that ye question in thy neighbour. The Lord keep thee, the Lord bless thee, if ye will walk in the way that ye know!  Let thy light so shine that it will lighten the way for those that are stumbling here and there about thee. For as ye hold His hand, that Is the light, as He Was lifted up, so will ye, with Him, draw many to the way of truth and light; and thus indeed do ye show the spirit of the Christ in thy life. Let thy heart be glad in the service of thy Father, thy Brother, in the light of Jesus way. For He walks with thee and talks with thee when ye open thy mind, thy heart, in a service for thy fellow man. Then even as He, Lose self in service. For: "He that would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all." In trials, tribulations, temptations even, there may be seen the hand of the Lord, if ye do not blame others for same. Then let that thou knowest in the heart of God, mercy, justice, peace and love, be thine in thy Every walk; yea, in thy every activity. For the Lord hath called thee to service, and will direct thee, if ye will keep His ways. For the Christ Consciousness awakens, arouses thy consciousness to a greater and greater service to others. The strength of the Lord preserve thee, the blessings of His countenance shine upon thee! For though the days at times grow hard, and the way seems to be out of the direction sought, yet know He is mindful of thee, and will not allow thee to be tempted nor persecuted, nor disappointed, beyond thy capacity to serve. Then, let that love as is manifested at this Season in the Christ-mass spirit be the light to thy feet and the guiding way to thy desires, in the Lord. In love and mercy and justice ye see and know the love of the Father hath shown upon the children of men, yet the children of men wander so far afield! Yet into thy hands and to thy brethren's hands is given the ways, the means, the manners of making known this love unto others. For as ye live it, day by day, ye constrain others to seek to know His ways. The Lord bless thee, the Lord preserve thee, the Lord make thee glad in thy heart! For His ways are thy ways. Keep that faith! Let light and mercy keep thee. Let the spirit of love abide, as was shown by Him, who would have thee know the world is the Lord's and the ways are not past finding out if ye will seek to know them. For they alone bring joy, peace and love. In keeping the lights of love ye walk in the paths that thy Saviour, that Jesus, trod; to do good even when lightly and slightly spoken of; to show mercy and judgment even when considered to be a little "off"; to be kind and patient. This is keeping the Lord's ways, and though they may bring at times discouragement and wonderment, know He Is mindful and will protect thee. For His promises are sure, and what ye ask in His name believing ye will have in thy experience. His ways ye know. Then let the love of the Father direct thee in thy dealings with thy fellow man. And as the Christ-mass spirit brings the desire to forgive, the desire to make the paths bright, the desire to make for joy in the life, in the heart of someone, let that spirit keep thee day by day. For His ways are the Only ways of eternal life! In the love of the Father is all desire, all hope. And if ye will make His ways thy ways, then thy life, thy hopes, thy desires grow! For in giving happiness to others it grows in the giving. In finding peace within self ye are able to bring peace into the lives and the experiences of others. For God is not mocked, and as ye sow, so must ye reap. The Lord love thee, the Lord keep thee, in His ways! Let that love, that beauty as was the message to the shepherds, be thine today: "Unto Thee is born," yea unto thee, each one, is given a knowledge, an understanding of the Life of the Christ that will Renew thy life, thy purposes, if ye will but Sing that new song: "Love one another."

Church - The Church: The Truth, as in Him, is the way! The church is in thyself. For, thy body is the temple of the living God. There he hath promised to meet thee. Hence not in an organization, not in a name, not in a title; for there is only one Name given under heaven whereby men may be saved, and He hath promised: "If ye love me and keep my commandments, I will come and abide with thee." Make that not merely a saying, that may be passed by, but, as ye are practical, Live it! As ye are loving, do it! As ye are kind, live it in Every way.  That is the Christ way; and bespeaks unity of purpose with all that would do good. The church is within yourself and not in any pope nor preacher, nor in any building but in self! For the body of each individual is indeed the temple of the living God, and the Christ becomes a personal companion in mind and in body; dependent upon the personality and individuality of each soul as it makes practical application of the tenets and truths that are expressed. Comprehend and Know, and Never forget, that life and its experiences are only what one puts into same! Let that mind be within thee as was in the Christ, that gave Himself that others might know God. Do thou likewise. Let grace keep thee. Let mercy and justice direct thee, that the peace which passeth all understanding may be thine in the consciousness of the Christ-Presence. Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil. Cleave to that which is good. Try ye the purposes in each, but know that the Lord liveth and seeks the love, the help of others. Keep thy heart singing. Be not disturbed, nor let fear come in. For perfect love casteth out fear. Keep thy faith in thy Lord, thy Master. Come! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, Who is thy salvation. Come! Keep thy promises as ye hope that He will keep His promises to thee. Let not doubt nor fear enter, but trust in the Lord. Of him that hath much, much is required. Be not overzealous nor yet overanxious. For the Lord is in His Holy Temple. Prepare that Temple in thine own body, mind and heart, that He may dwell there, ever. Keep the way of the Christ ever before thee in thy uprisings, in thy down settings. For the Lord hath need of thee today in the hearts of many who look to thee for direction. Let thy life, thy conversations, ever point the way to Christ. Grace and love are virtues in thee. Keep them in such ways and manners that thy life may direct others, though ye speak never a word. For what the body-mind is speaks louder than what people say. Keep the faith. Keep in that thought, in that purpose, in that way of aiding where and when the opportunity presents itself, by the kindnesses, by the encouraging and, as has ever been the principle, find the good and not the evil in the life of every individual.

What is the Holy Church?: That which makes for the awareness in the heart of the individual. It is as He that was set as the head of the Church is the church. The Church is never a body, never an assembly. An Individual soul becomes aware that it has taken that Head, that Son, that Man even, to be the intermediator. That is the Church; that is what is spoken of as the Holy Church. What readest thou? "Upon this I will build my church." What church? The Holy Church? Who is the head? That One upon whom the conditions had been set by that question asked. For here ye may find the answer again to many of those questions sought concerning the Spirit, the Church, the Holy Force that manifests by the attuning of the individual; though it may be for a moment. He asked: "Whom say men that I am?" Then Peter answered: "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God!" Then: "Upon this I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." He said to Peter: "Flesh and blood, Flesh and blood, hath not revealed this unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven." Heaven? Where? Within the hearts, the minds; the place where Truth is made manifest! Wherever Truth is made manifest it gives place to that which is heaven For Those That Seek and love truth! but a mighty hell for those that seek gratification of their own selves! And these are those things which become stumbling blocks to many an individual that becomes more and more material-minded. For there must be seen; yet they heed not what Has been seen and heard and given of old. Who communicated, ye want to know, to Peter when he gave this confession? Whom did He say is thy father, thy mother, thy sister, thy brother? He that doeth the will of the Father in heaven, the same is thy Earthly father, thy Earthly mother, thy earthly brother and thy sister. They that love Truth rather than the satisfying, the gratifying of Fleshy desires. This does not indicate that no beauty, no joy, no happiness is to be in the experience of those who claim to seek to be the channel of blessings, or the source of inspiration to others! Who is the father of Joy? Who is the father of Happiness? Who is the father of Peace? The same that thou would serve in showing forth the Lord's death till He come again. For he that is long-faced, he that is sorry for the world is sorry most for himself; and of such has He said: "Though in my name ye cast out demons, though ye heal the sick, I will say Depart from me, I never knew you." Why? For ye have your own glory when such is done that it may be seen and known and heard among men alone. But love thy neighbour. Love thine enemy. Love those that despitefully use you. For what profit hath thou if ye love only those that love you?

Is the Roman Catholic Church the true Church founded by Jesus Christ through the Apostles: This would depend upon who was asking for such. As we would give here, the Church as founded by Jesus Christ was, is, the Catholic Church; but Not the Roman Catholic Church! This has rather been added, as have most of those, in their activities, that call or classify themselves as churches. For, the true church is within you, as the Master, as the Christ gave himself: "I to You am the bridegroom, I to You am the church. The kingdom is within You!" Hence that which has been coordinated into the bodies in any activity is a representation OF that which has gathered together for coordinating activity in whatever field; but are most man made.

Circumstances - The will of a soul attuned to God may change the circumstance or the environment, in fact, all the forces even in nature itself.

Clean - Keep the faith. Keep the body clean. Look up, Lift up thine eyes unto the hills from whence the help comes; for God is in His holy temple. Keep, then, thy body Clean, thine temple of thine body in such a state, Mentally, Spiritually, that He may come and lodge with thee, that He may oft speak with thee as Father to Son. As thine Elder Brother may He walk with thee in thy going in, thine coming out among men.

Commandment - "A new commandment give I unto you, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you."

Condemn - Have ye analysed the difference between ideas and ideals? Ideals are set from spiritual purposes, spiritual aspirations, spiritual desires and there is a pattern in Him who is the way, the truth and the light, and when that pattern is set according to such judgments, we would find there is never condemning of another. Because others do not agree with thee, condemn them not. For with what judgment ye mete, it is measured to thee again. These ye find as thy greater problems in the present in relationships with others. Then analyze first thyself and thy ideals. Not merely as to: "Yes, I believe this," or "Yes, I believe that", but write it down: What is thy spiritual ideal? Who is the author of same? Do ye apply same mentally? Is that what ye think of people? Ye are inclined to say harsh things at times, or not harsh but slighting things, and these grow and multiply by being told or by just being exposed to gossip; and it brings difference, it brings confusion, and these are reflected in thine own experience. As a teacher, as an instructor thy body may do well, provided the activities which are indicated are kept in accord with an ideal which is worthy of acceptation for such. The love of the home is innate and yet because of confusions these at times have become, do become strained points. But if the entity will take self in hand and just don't say, don't do anything about or to another that you would not like to have others do about you, you will find there will be a change in the outlook, there will come to thee opportunities, possibilities that have been denied. And ye find differences and disagreements in the present. These ye may correct by just keeping quiet; not letting it just be something that smoulders, "I'll forgive you but I won't forget it", attitude but rather as if it did not exist, and you will find quite a variation. For the law of the Lord is perfect and it converts the soul. And when the soul is converted the mind and body changes and leads in the straight and narrow way.

Conduct in Life - So, in conducting thine own life, make the physical corrections necessary, yes, but make also thy mind and thine body, thine going in and thine coming out, thine activities day by day, consistent With, and the reward will be, an exemplary life, a Goodly body, an Open mind, a Loving spirit! And in the study, think twice before you speak once, for there's only One tongue but two eyes.

Confusion - For unless the experience or the expression is harmonious in all its attributes, confusion must come in the end. Thus find and know thy ideal; and know that the ideal cannot be of man made things or man made experiences, but must have its root, its import, in the spiritual attributes of the Creative Forces that find expressions in man's activity.

Consciousness - Know that if there is any hope for a future consciousness, there Has been a consciousness before this present awareness. For, all that is has been, and all that is to be has been already; and God requires the best of every individual soul.

Contradictory - A contradictory individual. For that oft it would do, it does not, or that it preaches, it does not practice too well in its own experience. That it would require of others, is it not guilty of the same in its own self, else how would it know to find the fault in the other fellow? The faults ye find in the other fellow are as in the looking-glass of that concept of thy Maker, and ye know ye are already in error when ye find. These are the contradictory influences that arise in the experience of the individual, in body and in mind. Thus the individual finds itself unstable as to what is to the individual truth indeed. Truth is the unalterable, unchangeable law, ever.

Cooperation - In cooperation Is the offering of self to be a channel of activity, of thought; for as line upon line, precept upon precept, comes, so does it come through the giving of self; for he that would have life must Give life, they that would have love must show themselves lovely, they that would have friends must be friendly, they that would have cooperation Must cooperate by the Giving of self To that as is to be accomplished, whether in the bringing of light to others, bringing of strength, health, understanding, these are one In Him. Beautiful is the cooperation of the group in purpose; needs be put in action! Each should learn the lesson of cooperation, from preparing self for an individual activity. Unless there is the cooperation in intent and purpose in each, as they may be gathered together for some definite action that is to be taken to aid, for remember, as has been said: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Then, in preparing self as a portion of a group, not independent, but not dependent upon any member of the group. Be Dependent upon God! In the dependence as is put in individuals, falls short. As may be gained for self through that cooperation that is known as a movement on the part of individuals in a cooperative manner to create by those of the higher forces as may manifest Through each, so is the power given, the Understanding given, the Knowledge given. As was said of old: "In all thine getting, get understanding." Give of thy best to Him. All cooperating as one with another, they each in their own sphere filling, fulfilling that purpose whereunto the whole association or organization was brought into being. Is it brought into being to undersell or to equal or to be a little better than another product, at a little better figure? But if it is to be done by imposition upon any portion of the service, then it cannot succeed. But all in one, as God is One. It is not idealistic, it is what and is as the world is (gradually, to be true) coming to know must be, if the life, the purpose of each and every soul is to make a mental and material and spiritual success, cooperation, coordination of all factors in a purpose for service, and the increase and the surplus is the gift of appreciation as is the law. Principles must carry through to the labouring man, whether it is the one that is selling the log, or the man that is the rough finisher, or he that sweeps up the floor! Don't think that the man at the top can take it off of or out of the lives of the labourers and get away with it! He can't! Conditions are such that when honesty is carried through, it is in the position to coordinate and cooperate all the way through. That is the Cry of the country. It is the need of All business!

Common Good: So long as the activities are for the common good of all, the individual gains. When these are turned into channels where self is to be lauded and others exploited that self might have material gain, the individual losses. For, there must be held that ideal that all must, or should, labour together for good, that all might be aided or helped in their indwelling as well as their application for a purpose or for an ideal; and that with the advancing of not only the state but the conditions surrounding the lives and the living activities of others that brought about such expansions, they should be in keeping with that purpose they fulfilled in their activity.

Counsel - Then, seek more often that counsel as may be received through Him that would give all unto those who serve. First find patience in self and with others. Then cultivate that ability for counsel to those that seek from loneliness, from fear, from the turmoils of their experiences with others, those that feel slighted, those that are disappointed in the experiences of material affairs. Turn their minds rather, through thine own feelings for same, to those things that endure forever. For only the spiritual forces for thine soul endure forever. And those lessons that each individual learns by its disappointments, fears, sorrows, are not as tiers that make for a weakening but rather as tiers that may be builded up to climb to greater heights, and greater understandings, if they will but be put or brought into those forces where, in the temple of self, where the own God may give the individual peace. Not as the world giveth peace but as only the knowledge that thy soul, thy inner self is in accord and at-oneness with Him.

Counselling: In counselling with an individual entity there are many conditions that are to be taken into consideration. While the desire of the parents to aid is natural, is right, there must be the realization that the individual has his own life to live, and that even the great desire to aid may at times become a stumbling-block to another individual. Then the greater aid is to counsel as respecting his purpose, his ideal. For each soul enters the material plane for the manifesting of its individual application of an ideal in respect to the Creative Forces or Energies. Each soul is then endowed by its Maker with that of choice, with that birthright. And to live another's life, and to direct or counsel even, other than that which is in accord with that of choice, is to become rather a hindrance than an aid. Hence the prayers of self, the counsel of self as respecting those things that are ideal in relationships to Creative Forces. For there are no shortcuts to knowledge, to wisdom, to understanding, these must be lived, must be experienced by each and every soul. In counsel then, let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay. Let that counsel be as given, in purpose, in sincerity. Insist that this be held as the ideal: Sincerity in every activity, in every relationship. And whatever may be undertaken, do with all thy might, with an eye single to service to a Living God that may Not in Any manner be set aside. For it is in Him that each soul lives, moves and has its being. And while a man may defy the laws of nature, defy even the laws of his Creator, he must pay and Pay and Pay! For His purposes will not be defeated among His children. And each soul must give an Account of the deeds, of the purposes done in the body! Hence in being sincere, in being in a purposefulness, in an unselfishness for both the parent, the child, shall be the attitude, the directing force. For these are well-pleasing in those influences that make for constructiveness in the experience of one soul with another. And though our physical relationships may oft have the experiences or appearances of the desires for a Material advantage, for a material success, unless the soul and the real desire is founded in patience, long-suffering, gentleness, kindness, and most of all Sincerity, we become stumbling-blocks to others.

How can the Parents be of the greatest help to their Children?: As has been indicated, in counsel; but not in worry. In advice, but not in envy or strife; nor in any of that of such anxiety that ye create a mental barrier. For the duties of parenthood and the duties of a children are so akin that if the divine forces are kept in the mind of each, their proper relationships, their proper activities become not a duty, not an obligation, but rather a loving influence that is constructive ever in the experience of each. The adjustments of every individual, with an Ideal, may ever fit him for Whatever surroundings there may be. Hence the advice, the counsel, is to Know Self and What Is Thy Ideal! Not in Who or in what ye believe, but in Whom You Believe! And know He is able to keep that thou hast committed unto Him against any experience that may arise in thy associations with thy fellow man. For what ye sow, ye must reap. And with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to thee again.

Creation - Souls were made to be companions with the Creator. And through error, through rebellion, through contempt, through hatred, through strife, it became necessary then that all pass under the rod; tempted in the fires of flesh; purified, that they may be fit companions for the Glory that may be thine. Glory, then, is thy lesson; and This thy affirmation: Open Thou Mine Eyes, O God, That I May Know The Glory Thou Hast Prepared For Me. In the beginning, as matter was impregnated with spirit of the creative influence, there came into being Man, in his environment that made for the indwelling of the spirit, with a soul that might be made One with that Creative Energy. That matter became impregnated with spirit, arose from the very fact that spirit, separated, had erred, and only through the environ of matter, or flesh, might the attributes of the source of good be manifested. For, the spirit of evil has not, did not, become manifested in matter; only has it moved by or upon or through matter. Hence, as the process of time has moved in and through matter, there has come to man, in the finite mind, the consciousness of the indwelling of soul, spirit, body. Hence, there is, through these influences of the acts of the body in the finite sphere moved upon by the soul, the mind, the spirit, the attempt to make those influences upon the minds, the activities of man in his present state.

Criticism - Not merely of others, but tending to make the same criticism of self, or to feel sorry for self, which is the severest criticism of all. For, unless there is the ability in each entity, each soul, to appreciate self and its relationships to the Creative Forces, what opportunity is there to have others to think much of yourself also? For like begets like. These are unfailing, in spiritual, in mental and in material aspects. These change not. They are unchangeable laws. Like begets like. Study to show self approved unto God or unto thy ideal. This is saying, then, choose an ideal in spiritual aspects of your life; not merely saying as ye read the tenets of this group or organization: "These are good, I accept these," No! Those are the tenets of others. Read thyself. Set not only in mind but on paper what the entity believes. For what the entity promises itself, this entity will fairly well fulfil, unless it becomes slack in those urges as we find that conflict with the mental processes of the individual. Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even Think bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think Well of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don't speak! but don't think it either! Try to see self in the other's place. And this will bring the basic spiritual forces that must be the prompting influence in the experience of each soul, if it would grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding; not only of its relationship to God, its relationship to its fellow man, but its relationship in the home and in the social life. In the analysing of self, rather than in calling judgments upon others, it will make for a great deal more harmonious experience for self. For, know, the Lord thy God is One. And all that ye may know of good must first be within self. All ye may know of God must be manifested through thyself. To hear of Him is not to know. To apply and live and be Is to know!


Death - For it is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die; for one is the beginning of the other, and in the midst of life one is in the midst of death. In death one begins in that birth into which the earthly application of the inmost intents and desires as applied in respect to will's forces, that given by the Creative Energy, that one might make self equal with that Energy.

What is Death: For, it is not all of life just to live, nor all of death to die. For there is no death when the individual or the real self is considered. There is only the change in the consciousness of being able to make application in the sphere of activity in which the entity finds self. For, a birth into materiality is not by chance, but that the will of the Creative Forces may make manifest in the experience of each soul its purpose in a material and mental plane. Death in the physical plane are those circumstances and conditions attending the separation of the body and soul. Thus death is not the grave, as people think. It is another phenomenized form of life. Death in earth plane is merely the separation of the spiritual and soul forces from the earthly connections. When soul and spirit take flight from the animate forces of an human, the life becomes extinct, with soul and spirit gone. The dead are separated from the living. As it is in the earth, so it is in the spiritual. Dead, or death, is separation. Death in the spiritual, then, is separation from life. And life is God.

What form of consciousness does the entity assume after death?: That of the subconscious consciousness, as known in the material plane, or the acts and deeds, and thoughts, done in the body, are ever present before that being. Then consider what a hell digged by some, and what a haven and heaven builded by many.

Defence - If there is the innate feeling within self that there is a desire to Personally give self in a defence of the country, or the purposes or ideals, then the entity should consider same. But know within self, he that waits and serves is just as much a contributor to the welfare of the country as he that offers himself even in combat.

Depression - How can one rise above depression? Set thine thoughts and thine mind on things that pertain to His love, His will, and those things that would hinder become as the shadows in the background, and look not upon that in the rear, rather pressing on to the mark of high calling, as set in Him, that has been put in thine Own ideal, in the Christ life, the Christ consciousness; for in Him Is hope, life, peace, harmony, understanding. As has been given from the beginning: "There is set before thee good and evil. Choose thou." In the choosing, in the setting of thine will in that direction or the other direction allows those influences to become magnified or lessened by that in the Promises. Else why Should there have been the shedding of blood that there should be an Advocate With the Creative Forces? For He overcame the flesh, the death, and evil, the devil. So in choosing thine self in the ways to go, these that are as influences are but as signposts, knowing that thou hast passed this or that test, even as He passed through the garden, the Cross, the grave, hell, and rose in the Newness of all being put Under submission; for having overcome He Became the way, the light, the Saviour. So, in those experiences that would overcome, as He has given, when ye are beset by those forces that would unbalance, unroot thee from that thou hast believed, even as He: "Get thee behind me, satan, for thou savorest of the things that are of the earth." Mind not that as would destroy the body, rather that as would destroy the soul, the hold upon Him who Is life, light, and immortality!

Desire - Desire being of a threefold nature. Keep these ever in thine mind as development. The Physical is the manifestation of a mind directed in the one or the other ways, either as the fulfilment of desire that is of spiritual mindedness, or fulfilment of desire that is tempered with the gratification of Selfish interests. Keep the at-onement; and the usefulness, purposefulness, the abilities to magnify the divine within, will become the desire of the life. For, Desire, as has been given, is of the earth earthy and also of the spirit spiritually, but is activative in the realm in which it is directed by that which is the motivating force through the will and the mental abilities and faculties of the individual. Hence it is a growth, as knowledge, to know in material things what to desire. For, thou hast been given that thine heavenly Father knoweth what ye have need of before ye ask. Then the weak or the pessimist may say: "Why do I have need to ask, if it is known?" The very act shows what the desire is. The very expression shows, if the self will analyse same in the light of that given, as to what is the motivative force in the experience of such a mind, soul or body. But seek ye, for he that seeketh findeth. To him that knocketh it shall be opened. Apply, then, that thou hast received. Know ye within yourselves as to how, in what manner and as to what fruit it will bring in thine own experience. For, as has been given: "We believed for the word of the woman, but now we believe for we have seen and heard ourselves." Apply ye that ye know, for in the application comes understanding. For, as the Master gave: "Ye Are gods", if ye will use His force of desire and will in His kingdom,  but Not thine own.

As to what has motivated and does motivate the desire: If it is for the self, or for the glorification of the Christ Consciousness in thine experience. That this or that may appear to self as being well, if such and such an experience were thine own. But, as has been given, each soul may find in self an answer to that it seeks or desires to Know from what source it (the desire) Has originated, or is in its impelling force. First ask self in the physical consciousness, and answer, and find an answer, yes or no. Then enter into the inner self through meditation and prayer, and seek the answer there; for: "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit as to whether thou art the sons of God or not", in thine activity, thine desire, thine purposes, thine aims. If the desires for the physical things in life are Spiritualized, they are indeed then as necessary as the higher motivative force in spiritual things. But who is the judge? He that is the Giver of all good and perfect gifts. Even as He prayed: "Father, let this cup pass from me, but Thy will, not mine, be done." Again and again do we see in this the manifestation of the flesh warring with the spiritual life itself. And we are to be in that position in our desires that His pattern, His life, is the pattern for our lives. Seek ye ever, but: “Thy Will, O God, Be Done In Me, Through Me, As Thou Seest; For The Desire Of My Heart Is That I May Be The Channel Of Blessings To Others In The Ways And Manners Thou Seest; Not My Way, O Lord, But Thy Way.”

What, then, is thy desire?: Let it be first in the Lord. Daily, yea, three times each day, repeat to self this, then Live it! “Lord, What Would Thou Have Me Do?" Put that in thine heart. Let it be manifested in thy dealings with others, in thy labour, in thy activities in thy home, in thy meeting with thy friends in Any phase of thine experience. And ye will find the abilities to write, the abilities to make speeches that are unusual before other groups; that will become the channel through which ye may make a contribution to the world being a better place for thou having lived in same.

What is the difference between the desire of the heart and the desire of the will?: Only in Him. In speaking of the heart and of the will, analyse for the moment as to what they represent in thine own experience. The heart is ordinarily considered the seat of life in the physical, while the will as a motivative factor in the mental and spiritual realm. To be sure, these may be made one. But how? In that the will of self and the desire of the heart are selfless in the Christ Consciousness. Even as He gave in the shadow of the day when the Cross loomed before Him on Calvary, when the desire of the heart and the will of self were made one. Indeed, as He gave, the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing, if the spirit and the will of the inner self will be made in accord with the spirit of truth, in the desire of the heart to be one in and with and through Him. For, the soul is in Him; yet, as the promise in the Christ is, the soul shall be free in Him through that love, through that manner of making the desire and the will one in the Father as did He in Gethsemane.

What is desire and how does it build physically?: Desire, as first given, was in the motivating force that may separate or make the soul one with or separate from the Whole, through the manifestations in the will. And it builds in that the spirit moves in the direction in which it is motivated by will and desire.

Is it necessary to give up physical desires for spiritual development?: Rather spiritualize the physical desires as He did in the Garden. What there is shown thee as to how the physical, the spiritual, fought, as it were, one with another? "Father, let this cup pass from me." This is as every experience in the physical man when there is the fear of the loss in this or that direction. There is the constant: "Father, save me from this, from this." Yet, even as He, if there has been builded in thine experience as was in His experience, offering Himself for the world, then thou must pass through same, in making the physical desire and the will of the Father as one, that there may be the cleansing in the soul, of those things that may bring the consciousness of the oneness with the Father in whatever realm. Let thy desire be my desire. What to hold in mind? Hold the Christ before thee, ever. For, He has promised to take His own self and to take thy burden upon Himself, as he bore same. Rather would thy prayer be: I Cannot Bear This Alone, My Saviour, My Christ. I Seek Thy Aid. And such a cry has never, no never, been denied, the believing and Acting heart.

Destiny - Destiny then is indeed in the hands of the Individual, for He hath given: “Though ye be far, if ye call I will hear.” If ye be unto thy brethren, unto thy associates, unto those about thee as a channel of blessings, then He thy Father, thy God, will direct thee in the ways thou should go. Learn ye then to Know Him as thy personal, as thine own Father; to whom ye may go in joy, in sorrow, in distress. In whatever may be thy experience let thy light, thy self, so shine before thy fellow man that others may know that ye walk oft with Him. He that climbeth up some other way deceiveth self and gives credit where little credit is due.

Development -
Each soul must seek for its Own development to the consciousness of being in accord with, and one with, that which is creative in its elemental as well as positive forces in its experience. Hence whether in life as manifested in a material plane or whether in the inter-between, that which has been and is the impelling influence for the consciousness of the individual is the determining influence in that reaction which that individual soul (that is a portion of the Whole) is to become, whether it is to be one with or separate from its creative influence in its experience. Hence, when we put these into those terms in which we may as individuals grasp, all souls must come to the knowledge and consciousness of their oneness with their individuality; yes, their consciousness of being one with the influence that makes for growth to that they worship in their inner selves. Hence the source is from that which has been builded in the experience of a soul, as to what plane, as to what sphere of experience it has become conscious of in its journey from the impregnation of spirit in matter to the spirit in oneness with that which gives it life, its activity, its separation, to make it individual in its relation to the Whole.

These be the manners then that one may develop one's self: Ask self: For what purpose, would I enter into active, conscious service for my fellowmen? Is it that self may be exalted? Is it that self may be abased, that there may be the glory of God manifested among the children of men? or that an entity, a soul, as self, seeks expression that it, too, may use material consciousnesses for self-expression, self-glory? What witness does such an entity bear? That the Christ has come in the flesh, or that He beareth witness with thee in the deeds done in the body that are the fruits of the spirit of truth? or is it the indulgences into that which satisfies a longing for self-glory? These questions must be answered, and may be answered in this: Study to show thyself approved unto God: "a workman not ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth; and keeping self in body, in mind, unspotted from the world."

- As has been given of old, when the children of Israel stood with the (Daniel 1:5-8) sons of the heathen and all ate from the king's table, that which was taken that only exercised the imagination of the body in physical desires, as strong drink, strong meats, condiments that magnify desires within the body, this builded as Daniel well understood, not for God's service, but he chose rather that the Everyday, the common things would be given, that the bodies, the minds, might be a more perfect channel for the manifestations of God; for the forces of the Creator are in Every force that is made manifest In the earth. Few are able, even as the prophet of old, (I Kings 19:11-12) to see God in battle, in the shedding of blood, in the thunder, in the lightning, in the earthquake, in the various tumults in nature, but All may experience Him in the still small voice within! Do Thou likewise, and the body is the Temple Of the living God, and is a Reasonable service that we present same holy and acceptable unto Him. (Roman 12:1) Just as great a sin to Over eat as to over drink; to over Think as to over act! In that thou buildest, do even as He. Make thine body, thine Mind, ready for Every occasion that arises in the life. Think well on what was given: "Why could not We cast him out? Such is done only, Only, through fasting and prayer." - Mark 9:29

Now, in the matter of diets, One activity is necessary, if there is to be a mental diet, or if there is to be a diet for a well-rounded Physically useful, Mentally useful, Spiritually useful body. Do not eat like a canary and expect to do Manual labour. Do not eat like a rail splitter and expect to do the work of a mind reader or a university professor, but be Consistent with those things that make for, even as the Universe is builded. In the layers of one is dependent upon the activity of another. One that fills the mind, the very being, with an expectancy of God will see His movement, His manifestation, in the wind, the sun, the earth, the flowers, the inhabitant Of the earth; and so as is builded in the body, is it to gratify Just an appetite, or is it taken to fulfil an office that Will the better make, the better magnify, that the body, the mind, the soul, Has chosen to stand For? and it will not matter so much what, where, or When, but knowing That it is consistent with that, that is desired to be accomplished Through that body! Then, in the meeting of the diet, be sure the activities, physically, and mentally, are in keeping with; and Do Not Do these Spasmodically, but Be consistent, for the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body, is as "Grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding." - 2 Peter 3:18

Disappointments - Conditions that are disappointments continue to hurt, continue to make for sorrow. Yet if there is held fast to that which is the purposes for the consciousnesses and the awarenesses, the individual will know that these are ways, means, manners in which the soul, the entity, may find its way to its Creator; and are to be looked upon, are to be used as stepping-stones, not wept over or sorrowed about. But weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who do rejoice, in the Lord! Hence know rather that the strength Is in Him, and It, the Strength, is thine if thy trust is Wholly set in Him as having His purpose, His way, His will with thee. In the application of self in the present ye will find disappointments in individuals; as ye caused disappointments in the minds, in the experience of others. For know, this is an immutable law: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap!" And it is not only others, but thy Self and the sorrow and the disappointment ye have caused in others that ye meet In Others in thy experience. But, showing mercy, asking judgement, being patient, ye may overcome. For as He has given: "In mercy and patience possess ye your souls." Then, in the beauty of thy strength, in the virtue of thy wisdom, in the love of thy God, Learn, Know what these Mean, in relationships to others! There are those disappointments, those shadows. Just being kind, and in every word and in every deed let it be: "What would He, Jesus, have me do?"

Discouraged - Be not discouraged then, for was He discouraged? Hath He not promised to be thy stay, thy strength? Trust ye in Him. For while it is yet light in thy experience, work that ye may show forth thy life, thy being, thy purposes, as one with His. That there have been in thy experience those moments, those hours of joy even as with Him in His experience, that there have been and will be those moments, those hours of sorrow, those hours as of neglect, these be the natural laws in a material world, in which man finds himself entangled in the various influences that beset him upon every side. The weaknesses of the flesh, the weaknesses of desire, the weaknesses of those influences that are as appetites that have become as cultivated forces and require and desire an individual satisfaction. Yet there be only in Him that which is the true bread of life, that true water of life, the true increase in the vine, in thy life. Ye are His. He hath chosen thee for a carrier of good tidings to those that are sick, to those that are in sorrow, to those that are afraid. Be ye then indeed Glad Helpers in His name. Through Him much may be accomplished, realized by those of thy conscience. Meet Him oft in the temple of thy body, knowing He is the author, He is the finisher. And if thy life is disturbed, if thy heart is sad, if thy body is racked with pain, it is thine bungling of the laws that are as universal as Life itself. Life is of God; it is through Him that ye may know, then, its purposes. And thy experiences are as given of old, "Those He loveth He chasteneth, He purgeth, that they may bring forth fruit Worthy of thy Lord, thy Master." Be not afraid, it is thy Lord that would guide thee, that would direct thee, in all thy ways. For He Is the Giver of all good and perfect gifts. Pray ye the Lord.

Disease - To be sure, it may be asked, Why does the system keep producing refuse or poison, when the body attunes self, and the body desires health, and the body keeps in accord with that which is of a spiritual import? This is a result of disobedience of Laws, not only in the present; for Life is the whole, not an individual experience! For, impulses arise, and tendencies; and ye would be every Whit whole! Remember, as He gave: "The heavens and the earth will pass away, my word shall Not pass away; but ye shall give Account for every Deed done in the body!" Hence we find Law. Law is love, yes: as love is law; yet God is not mocked, whatsoever ye sow, that must ye reap. If ye reap it in Him, He bears the cross with you. In the purifying of the system, remember it is the active principle of these influences indicated that works With the divine within, as with that law, to produce Attunement to a normal balance In an individual entity. Thus, what is at times to some upsetting is to another creating a balance.” For God has not purposed or willed that any soul should perish, but purgeth everyone by illness, by prosperity, by hardships, by those things needed, in order to meet self.

Divine - The divine influences conserve everything in nature - time, space, colour, opportunity, expression, all.

Division - “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” - Matthew 12:25

First, find self. Know thy ideal, spiritual, mental, material. Just as thy body, mind and soul are one, so should thy purposes be, thy hopes, thy desires. For, as has been said, a house divided against itself will not stand. So, as the entity analyses self, study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping self unspotted from condemnation of others. But hold fast to that which is the Law of One, that ye may know in truth, as has been given, that house, that temple, that soul that finds itself divided against itself becomes one of turmoil. And what gaineth a man though he gain the whole world in fame or fortune and hath lost his own rest, his own peace, his own soul? Learn well that lesson, that, "In union there is strength," and that "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Because a house divided against itself, either mentally, physically, spiritually or any other, must be disrupted. A doubleminded individual fails to impress anyone or to make for peace or harmony within self's expression. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Ye are either for or Against me, saith the Lord, for "This day, as of old, there is set before thee good and evil. Choose Thou whom ye will serve".

Do - Then do Thou that Thou Knowest to be the constructive experience in thy field, and trouble not thy mind or heart as to others.

Door - The Open Door: Self must open the door that He may enter in. Self will work at that job of bringing that consciousness, that awareness of His presence in the material and mental affairs of life, knowing that lesson must ever be that the spirit is the life, the mental is the builder, and the physical or material results are the effects of the application of the knowledge or understanding toward life, light, or the spirit of Any effort. So, then, measure self and self's efforts by that standard in Him who went about doing good. Do thou likewise. As He is the way, and stands at the door, and those who hear His voice are His sheep and He the good shepherd, so may Many become His sheep through the seeking to be one with Him. This is an illustration of that which has been given, as to how one who has, does, will apply those things given in the lessons may now open the door that many sheep may enter the fold, for they hear His voice and answer by name even as He calls, and: "There are other sheep I have that are not of this fold", gave He: "they also will I bring and they will be one fold." That as applied in self, in self's seeking with Him, through Him, through the door opened by self to Him; for, even as He gave: "I do nothing of myself." So may we in opening the door with Him be one with Him in the Father, that we all may be one in Him. Take that thou hast in hand, that thou hast builded day by day, and without fear Open the door that He may come in and abide with thee; for: "He that takes my yoke upon him and learns of me, with Him will I abide day by day, and all things will be brought to remembrance that I have given thee since the foundations of the world, for thou were with me in the beginning and thou may abide with me in that day when the earth will be rolled as the scroll; for the heavens and the earth will pass away, but my word shall Not pass away." The promises in Him are sure - the way ye know!

Through gratifying of the desires of flesh the door closes: As self is a free-willed agent in a material world, with the birthright of the attributes of the sons of God, then gratifying of the earthly desires through the gratifying of the flesh Does close the door to the spiritual life; for the closing is in self. He is ever ready. The spirit is ever willing; and one needs then to rely upon those promises, not in the passive, but the positive, active manner, that there be kept the door open that He may enter in. Nothing is lost; we have used or abused our opportunities and there abide by them. In Him, through Him may they be blotted out, for: "Though your sins be as scarlet, in Him they shall be as wool. He that heareth my voice and abideth in me shall Know no lost opportunity!" Glory in the strength of the Lord, and thine body will receive that strength which will make Thee a power in and through His name. For, as like seeks like, so may Thine experience bring to another that hope that has been raised in thee. For, He faltereth not. For, has it not been given, though ye wander far afield, wilt thou cry unto that God in thee, the God of promise, He is not slow to answer those that seek. In thine daily experience, thine self in body and in mind, be a Helper to thine brother, thine neighbor; as thou hast seen in that which has been received by self through such associations, such relations, that which has comforted thee, hast aided thee; so those in distress, in body, in mind, may be awakened to that which they too may receive for themselves, through thine efforts in His name. Let no soul present any thought, any manner, that may not from the depth of his soul be: "As God deals with me, deal I with my fellow man."

How to Open  the Door: “As the father Knoweth Me, So May I Know The Father, Through The Christ Spirit, The Door To The Kingdom Of The Father. Show Thou Me The Way.” Each that have dedicated themselves and their efforts in the preparation of the way, the door is through the life, the spirit of the life, not the man, but the spirit as manifest in the Christ Consciousness in the material world. So, as each do manifest in their daily walks in and before men with that consciousness as the standard, so may the door be opened for that entity, that soul, to so grow and magnify that spirit to the glorifying of the Father, losing self in the service to others, that in the earth His name may be established forever.

Dreams - Dreams are of many natures. Dreams, are either from the material activity of individual influences attempting to be assimilated, or warring with those influences within the body, and bring visions or experiences that are at times called nightmares, night horses or the like. Those are experiences also through which the subconscious forces are constantly aware of what has been the experience, and it comes as an influence for foreseeing or for premonition or experiences. And necessarily unless they are impressed more than once become rather as dreams. Then there are experiences of the soul that has been awakened to the knowledge which has been or may be written upon same, the experiences of the entity as an entity through its sojourns, and these are given then in emblems or in visions that are to be and are a part of the individual entity. In the meeting of same, trust in Him who Is the power, who Is the strength, and abide by His judgments, not thine.

Duty - First, know self and self's ideal. Know that the ideal must be of spiritual import, and thus may bring into the experience of the entity those things that bring harmony. For, know that to live justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly before the Lord thy God is the whole duty of man.


Economic Conditions - To be sure, these have been approached from many varied angles by those who have sought, are seeking, to find the answers to such conditions in their own experiences; and by many that are seeking, and have sought, that there might be aid, understanding, comprehension, in the experience of others. In the very nature, though, of a nation, a people, there are some fundamental principles upon which the economic and the soul life of a nation must be founded, if such a people, such a nation, is to remain true to that which is the birthright of every soul: To pursue that which will give it as an individual the right to manifest that it would worship in its Creator. For, the first law that has been given to man from the beginning is: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." And when man has faltered, has altered that, which has deprived others from giving expression to that birthright, that command that has come to man throughout the ages, then there arises that which creates those things that are the fruits of the evil influences that are in the earth. Such as: Hate, jealousy, avarice, and the like. These make for the creating of those conditions in all walks of life for power, for position, for the love of money and that it will bring in its associations in the lives of individuals. And, as there has been just this experience in the affairs of the nation, as a nation, the nation as a nation then passes through that period when each soul must turn to that thought within of: What is its relation to the Creative Forces in its experience. And each soul must ask itself: What it as a soul is going to do about that command that was given?, and that is the privilege of every soul; to show forth that very law of love that is the birthright of every soul. For, with that command has come ever that to which mankind may expect to find himself reduced when he has forgotten that which is his First duty, and the second which is likened unto it: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." Then, this condition has been the experience in the greater portion of the whole nation, the whole world. For, that is the experience of the individual that makes for the creating in his environ, his surrounding, of that which breeds strife, that which breeds hate, that which breeds malice, that which breeds selfishness. The next law, as man knows, is that: "Like begets like." And His injunction has been: "The worlds may pass away, but my Word shall not pass away; and ye shall pay to every farthing. And: “As ye do unto your neighbour, as ye purpose in your heart, so will it be measured unto you." And when conditions arise that make for distress, whether they be in body, in mind, in the economic influences in the experience of any, Sin lieth at Thy door. Not thine neighbour's! Blame not the other fellow. Seek first to know within self that which has prompted thee, and when thou hast set thine house in order, when thou hast made thine peace with thine own conscience (that would smite thee, if ye will look within your own heart), then may ye find the answers that will come to every soul that seeks. For, as He has given to those of old, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Think not as to who will ascend into heaven to bring down comfort and ease to thine own aching heart, or who will go over the seas to bring that which may be of a recompense within thine own experience, but lo! ye shall find it in your own heart! Thus has the lawgiver given, and thus has He said who has set the way to make the intercession for man: "I will not leave thee comfortless, if ye will seek to do my biddings." Many would say: "Yea, this is beautiful; yet it does not feed the hungry nor clothe those that are naked, nor make shelter for those that are cold." Who is, Who Is, the representative of the Father in the earth? Hath not He committed unto mankind the keeping of his brother? Hast thou answered that question that has been of old in thine experience: "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" The answer that should ring in the heart and soul of every individual is: "Know ye not that the blood of your brother crieth unto me from the ground!" So, in the experience of those that have sent and made the conditions are greed, selfishness; that has been practised in the minds, in the lives, in the experience of the nation. Think not any soul: "Yea, that is true for the other fellow." But it applies to Jim, to Tom, to those in ordinary walks of life, to those who have been given those powers in high places, those that have wealth about them; They are the oppressors; yea, look within thine own heart! Hast thou not practised the same? For, as it has been given: "Yea, though there be only ten just men, they may save the city; they may save the nation; they may save the world", if they will but Practice in their daily experience that which has been the command from the first: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and thy neighbour as thyself." This is the basis of all Spiritual law; and to you would there be given as this: There is no activity in the experience of man that has not its inception or purpose in the spirit of those injunctions but what Must fail; unless it is founded in the spirit of truth. Hence each would ask, then: "What must I do about it; not what shall this, that or the other ruler, other office holder, or the other individual do", but each should ask: "What must I do about the economic conditions in which we find ourselves?" So live each day, each hour, as to put into practice those precepts, those influences in thine own life, and in the life of all ye contact day by day. For, He hath said: "Though ye wander far afield, if ye will cry unto me, if ye will ask, if ye will draw unto me, I will draw nigh unto thee; and my help, my arm is not short as man's counting of shortness, but will bring to thee speedily that which is the desire of thine heart, if it is conceived in righteousness." The applying of these principles (not tenets, principles!) as given, will bring lasting aid to a nation. For: The Purpose Is conceived in truth.

Ego - Knowledge is well, and understanding is good; but to use these in a manner in which self, the own ego, is to be exalted, makes for confusion to those who would seek to know their place in the activities of the realm of opportunity that is given in the present. Only those who become distorted, disturbed, and attempt to express or manifest their own ego, become the more confused, in not having their own way.

Earth - The life on Earth as we know it, is three-dimensional and that of lesson, or karma, there is also a fourth and fifth dimension. Oft in the emotions being five rather than the three (as the earth is interpreted as a three-dimensional sphere of activity), we come to the realm through such emotions or senses, of the fourth, and to the fifth dimension. Thus warnings may be given, that because of such emotions in self ye will find others oft question thy authority, because of thy interpreting of fourth or fifth dimensional experiences and expressing same in three-dimensional terms. Yet the experiences in the Earth become in manifested form as the Emotions; that find expression in those influences in their relationships as one to another through the emotional influence. And the Mind ever is the Builder. For Mind is both divine And material. Dependent upon the application of self in these directions then, does the building in the experience of the entity become spiritual or material. Let's get what is the first principle here. It is true that the activities so far as in this sphere or Galaxy of activities of the planetary forces within this present solar system, the earth first became as the indwelling of the consciousness of the race, or the man in this particular sphere, but sin, the separation, that as caused the separation of souls from the universal consciousness, came not in the sphere of materiality first, but in that of spirit. For what Is that as just indicated that makes for the choice, or produces the saying by the teachers or sages that "no one may come except he be called of God"? That is, that the activities of the individuals through the various actions or consciousness or awareness in the various spheres of activity Become As a part of the divine plan for the return, only Through the reincarnation into the actions in which choices may be made by the individual for the alleviating or the satisfying or for the development of the individual entity or soul to be in the awareness of being itself and in relationship to the Creative Forces as become one with Him, even as has been shown by the necessity of the first begotten, the only begotten of the Father to enter into the material plane as the first consciousness or awareness of its being able in itself to choose for its activity independent of materiality where those activities became, and become, manifest as a part of the whole consciousness. Hence the awareness of the soul as to its separateness, or its being separated, only comes through the manifestations of the principles of that cosmic consciousness in materiality. Hence it is as evolution in a part of the development of the whole of the universe; not this consciousness of our own solar system, but of that about all solar force, or which our own system is only a mere part of the whole consciousness. But in the earth and man's awareness into the three-dimensional consciousness, only those that have entered same may relieve or leave same through the awareness of there being those influences through their various spheres of activity, including not only the earthly sojourns or material sojourns as we know in a physical consciousness, but the sojourns throughout the spheres of activity when they are absent from a physical or material consciousness.

Emotions - Capable of being fired by emotions even to madness or anger. These are well. For they that are not capable of becoming emotional over their own ideas and ideals are very lax, but those who may not control same are in a sad plight indeed!

Enemy - The greatest enemy is self, as it is with everyone else. To thine own self be true, and you will not be false to others. Enemies are only those that are selfish in themselves. If thou considerest them as self, thou art as selfish as they.

Essenes - The Essenes was the outgrowth of the teachings of Melchizedek, as propagated by Elijah and Elisha and Samuel. They took Jews and Gentiles alike as members, preserving themselves in a direct line of choice as channels through which might come He of the new or the divine origin.

Example -
This is as the Master lived. This is as He asked that we live. And as He gave, "The things I do ye may do, for I go to the Father, and what ye ask in my name, that I will do." Practice this: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. So live that ye would be a living example before others. Thus may thy prayer ever be: "God here am I. Use me send me where I may be the channel of greater service."

The Example given by Christ: Surrounding thyself with the Christ-consciousness. Living daily in that consciousness by thy dealings with others. Did He find fault? Do ye? Did He question purposes? Do ye? Do ye love those who hate thee? He did. Do you keep the words: "Not of myself but my Father who worketh in and through me" as thy ideal? He did. He is thy pattern. That is thy protection ever. For it is in Him ye live and move and have thy being. Ye know that, act like it!

Expect - Those that expect little of the Lord receive little; those that expect much receive much, if they live it!

Experiences - Remember, the Lord thy God is One! Thy experiences through the earth then are one. The activities of thy body, thy mind, thy soul Should be then as one. And each experience to thine self comes as those influences that make for regeneration, uplift, the experience which if taken into the activities of self becomes as the means for bringing harmony and peace in the inner self. Turn within and not without, as the inclinations are at times when thy disturbances arise; and know that He hath promised to meet thee in thy temple. And thy body Is the temple of thy soul, the temple of the living God. And there He hath promised to meet thee. And His promises are sure, if ye will but allow thyself to draw upon them in joy alike as in sorrow, in the ups as well as the downs. For He thy God is not a God of wrath, nor of hate, but a God of love; for He Is love. And not only in thine distresses praise Him, thank Him, but be consistent in thine experiences, in thine seeking; and ye shall find that thy relationships and thy tendencies that arise - even from the unitarian forces in thine own activities - may bring that which will not be the extremes. For the natural tendency is to go to the extremes. And the entity is oft very much elated over what?  That which is bubbling as it were from within, that which is growing as from within. For remember, as ye sow so shall ye reap. And when that thou hast sown in thine mind (for thine mind is the builder) has grown to fruitage it brings that thou hast sown; some sixty, some forty, yea some an hundredfold. For a kindness, a gentleness to a fellow person brings more harmony into self than some great deed that may be wellspoken of. For this is soon forgotten, but the fruits of the spirit, as may be experienced in thy daily life, become as wells of living water, springing up within thine self to bring that joy, that harmony that comes from walking oft with Him.

Evil - How to determine that which is good and that which is evil?: In the application does the seeker find that which answers to that It has set as Its ideal, that It may worship, that It may become one with in its consciousness, in its sphere. What separated spirit from its first cause, or, what, causes good and evil? Desire! Hence Desire is the opposite of Will. Will and Desire, one with the Creative Forces of Good, brings all its influence in the realm of activity that makes for that which is constructive in the experience of the soul, the mind, the body, one with the spirit of truth. In seeking, then, ye that seek the souls of men that they may present that which is proof, that which is truth, that which is constructive in a material life, from the souls and spirits of those as they journeyed in the spheres of activity: Know in whom, in what Thou believest. If the desire of the heart, the soul of self is constructive in thine own consciousness, then that thou receivest in thine Own consciousness may not come save from that sphere, that soul, that may, too, be constructive in its progress through that journey that is before each soul in its activity in eternity in which each soul finds itself in a physical, a mental consciousness. Do that which is good, for there has been given in the consciousness of all the fruits of the spirit: Fellowship, kindness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, love; these be the fruits of the spirit. Against such there is no law. Doubt, fear, avarice, greed, selfishness, self-will; these are the fruits of the evil forces. Against such there Is a law. Self-preservation, then, should be in the fruits of the spirit, as ye seek through any channel to know more of the path from life, from good to good, to life; from death unto life, from evil unto good. Seek and ye shall find. Meditate on the fruits of the Spirit in the inner secrets of the consciousness, and the cells in the body become aware of the awakening of the life in their activity through the body. In the mind, the cells of the mind become aware of the life in the spirit. The spirit of life maketh not afraid. Then, know the way; for those that seek may find.


Faith - Hence the greater forces should be exercised in placing that faith, that confidence, that purpose, in Him, the Giver of All Good and Perfect Gifts.

But hold fast to thy faith in thyself, thy God, thy fellow man: For as it has been indicated, the try, the attempt, though it may at times appear futile, will be counted to thee for righteousness. And you will come to that realization, as was expressed in Him, that as ye abide in truth and love, truth and love abide in thee, bringing into thy experience more and more harmonious forces, bringing peace that taketh away fear, doubt from thy experience. Hold fast to Him! Let that which causes doubt or fear be taken up in the willingness, the desire, to be of help to others.

Do keep the Faith: Meditate upon the principles of the prompting which come from the study, its application of the law of the Lord which is manifested in the precepts, the commandments, the psalms and the promises of Jesus, little has been the fear of what the man-force has to offer as to disturbing factors in the earth. Keep that faith. Keep the precepts which are the promptings. For these are in keeping with the tenets of the Book itself. For the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul, and the greater the stress, the greater the impress of the purposes upon the life of the Master, greater may be the joys which are found. Do not let those things which may not in the present be understood weary thy soul, but know that sometime, somewhere, ye, too, will understand. Keep the faith. Keep that faith which prompted thee. Let nothing take it from thee. For as ye have known, there is nothing in heaven or in hell that may separate thee from the love of God, but thine own self, thine own denial of self in relationships to Him, who blessed thee in person.

Keep the Faith as He hath given: "That ye ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in thee, in me." - John 14:13

Hence as ye ask in His name, as the Father willeth, there may be brought to bear in the experience of the individual not so much of that which satisfies the ego, that which maketh for exaltation of self, that which maketh for being wellspoken of alone; rather ask that as the Father seeth the individual hath need of. These be the manners, these be the ways, these be the means which ye as individuals, as a group, may aid others. Just giving a loving word. For hath He not given: "He that giveth a cup of water in my name shall in no wise lose his reward"? lose that touch with the Master? Keep ye in touch with Him in thy purpose, in thy heart, in thy mind. For He hath loved thee and hath promised that He will come and abide with thee. He will bring that to thee that will give thee the more perfect understanding of that estate He had with the Father before the world was, before those experiences in the earth. And He will bring peace, harmony, understanding, glory in thy own experience. For though the heavens and the earth may pass away, though that thou hast builded in thy material world may appear to come to naught, though thy friends may forsake thee, though the very few may be in thy own experience as faithful, yet art thou faithful? Hast thou kept the way? Thinketh thou it were easy that those kept not awake for one hour, when the cares of the world, the experiences of unjustness were being piled upon Him? When ye because of a harsh word, a seeming unjustness have turned against this or that individual, when ye have separated thyself, when ye feel a hardship against another, think of thy Master. Then ye may indeed know that His promises are sure. For He hath borne the blame of the world upon His mind, His body In The Flesh; yet He hath promised to stand between thee and those things that would make thee afraid. For the way is easy when ye look to Him. Be ye joyous then in the fact, in the truth, in the knowledge, in the understanding that Thy Brother, thy Saviour, would be, will be, Is nigh unto thee when ye pray, when ye seek that help, aid, health and harmony may be in the experience of thy neighbour. For as ye do it unto the least ye do it unto Him. For He, the Maker, He that hath bought each soul with the price of the knowledge that He underwent all the laws of a material world that ye might have access to Him, is the source of all thy knowledge. Can ye comprehend the heart of God, to give His loved ones? Can ye comprehend how that thy prayer may save the sick, may bring harmony? As ye are in harmony the experiences come to thee. Be not faithless. Rather let the heart of God through Christ encompass thee. Let thy purpose, thy aim, thy desires be one with Him. For he that hath saved a soul hath indeed covered a multitude of errors in self. Let not thy heart be troubled; believe in God, and in His purpose with thee. For He hath looked on thee and loved thee. Forsake not His ways.

Fall of Babel and Rome - What caused the fall of Babel and of Rome: The dissensions, the activities that would enforce upon these, in this or that sphere, servitude; that a few might just agree, that a few even might declare their oneness with the higher forces. For their's was the way that seemeth right to a man but the end is death.

Familiar Faces - If places look familiar, faces appear familiar to you. Not that those who are not familiar are to be forgotten. For nothing happens by chance. There may be opportunities for thee, not only to help others, but to be helped by others. "For all that ye may ever keep is just what you give away, and that you give away is advice, counsel, manner of life you live yourself." The manner in which you treat your fellow man, your patience, your brotherly love, your kindness, your gentleness. That you give away, that is all that ye may possess in those other realms of consciousness.

Fame and Fortune - While fame and fortune has its place in man's, or woman's experience, still, this fame, this fortune, should be rather the Result of life's expenditure than the life expended For fame or fortune. Get the difference! For there is vast difference! and on the individual being able to gain the proper concept of its relation in the sphere chosen depends the real success of the individual. Put purport, the aim, the desire of the heart, the Soul, the Life, in manifesting before men that concept in self of the true relationship of man and man's experience to the Creative Energy, or God (call it by whatever name may be termed)! If fame be thy god, then the feet of same is clay. If position or power, or wealth be thy god, then the feet of same are in the ashes and sand. Would that, that is Best be shown In thine self, put God before self, before fame, before position, seeking that first! Then these things may be added unto you! For, fame or fortune takes wings and flies away; but hope and love and patience and faith abideth forever, and bringeth peace.

Fasting - Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.

The meaning of Fasting: For, fasting, as is ordinarily termed, is as the Master gave: Laying aside thine own concept of How or What should be done at this period, and let the Spirit guide. Get the truth of fasting! The body, the man's bodily functioning, to be sure, Overdone brings Shame to self, over indulgence in anything, but the true fasting is casting out of self that as "I would have done", "but as Thou, O Lord, seest fit, use me as the channel, as the strength comes by the concerted and cooperative seeking of many to give Thy strength to a body!"

Father and Mother - Who is your father and mother: Harken not to the things of the world, or of ease or pleasure. While ye love the home, ye are destined to be far from home oft. But know, wherever ye gather with the Lord's children, ye are at home. For, "Who is my father and mother, who is my brother, my sister? He that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my mother, my brother, my sister." Do ye likewise.

Faults - Faults in others are first reflected in self. When such conditions arise in the experience of an entity, there should be first those considerations of that in self that has produced such a reflection, so that the God shining through. Any activity is lost sight of by self in the fellow man; especially one that is seeking for the spiritual activities in a material plane, and he that would gain the world and lose self's Own soul has lost all. We would magnify the virtues, we would minimize the faults, as should be the policy of each one, in it choosing activities for others. Do not find fault. For he that finds fault with his brother is guilty already of the same.

Fear - Fear is the root of most of the ills of mankind, whether of self, or of what others think of self, or what self will appear to others. To overcome fear is to fill the mental, spiritual being, with that which wholly casts out fear; that is, as the love that is manifest in the world through Him who gave Himself as a ransom for many. Such love, such faith, such understanding, casts out fear. Be ye not fearful; for that thou sowest, that thou must reap. Be more mindful of that sown. Fear creeps in when there is a closing in the individual from the lack of the full trust in Him. If there is the attuning of self, the surrounding of self with the Christ-Consciousness, be not afraid. But let thy meditation be, as given: "Here am I, O God! Use me, send me." Thy whole little house of thy hopes comes tumbling down, by thy very fears. Do not become discouraged. God is not mocked. These are testings for thee. Fear not! Know, Know, He is able and willing to, and lovingly will, Guide the way. For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and without Him, the speaker there, Jesus, as ye call Him, the light, as He is in the mind and soul of individual entities, without Him, there is no way to the Father. He speaks to thee: “Ask in my name.” “Love ye one another” is His last command; pure, simple; not possessive, but love that casteth out fear, that putteth the heart, the mind, the soul at ease and not in doubt and in fear.

Are ye afraid? Are ye ashamed?:
Have ye so belittled thy opportunities, have ye so defamed thine own body and thine own mind that ye are ashamed to have thy God meet thee within thine own tabernacle?

Then, woe be unto thee, lest ye set thy house in order: For as has been indicated, there are physical contacts in thy own body with thy own soul, thy own mind.

Does anyone have to indicate to you that if you touch a needle there is pain felt?: Ye are told that such an awareness is an activity of consciousness that passes along the nervous system to and from the brain. Then, just the same there are contacts with that which is eternal within thy physical body. For there is the bowl that must one day be broken, the cord that must one day be severed from thine own physical body, and to be absent from the body is to be present with God.

Why, then, is Man afraid?: For the power, the might that man accrues unto self, to make for that of fear as to his own daily sustenance, has been construed or taken on by man. Then in thy activities, in thy associations, not as a pacifist in the manner that maketh for Non-Activity, but rather as He gave: "I am come to set brother against brother." What meaneth this? That they that do err, they that do consider self, they that do the things that bring the fruits that maketh men afraid, will be set as naught by those that proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord.

Being afraid is the first consciousness of sin's: "There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother," and "he that is just kind to the least of these, my little ones, is greater than he that hath taken a mighty city." These building, these kept within the consciousness of the entity, will build to that Christ consciousness as makes all free; for in Him is the life, and He is the light that shineth into the dark places, even to the recesses of that of His own consciousness that makes for that which casteth out fear; for being afraid is the first consciousness of sin's entering in, for he that is made afraid has lost consciousness of self's own heritage with the Son; for we are heirs through Him to that Kingdom that is beyond all that that would make afraid, or that would cause a doubt in the heart of any. Through the recesses of the heart, then, search out that that would make afraid, casting out fear, and He alone may guide. Let not thy heart be troubled, let it be not afraid, so long as ye are conscious of thy effort. Know there is no great thing any soul may do, except here a little, there a little, telling of, doing and being that ye would understand thy Lord would have thee do. And these will bring that harmony, that outlet for those opportunities. And each day is an opportunity. As ye do the first step, the next is shown thee.

Financial - Whom should one seek to contact in order to better ones financial condition: First contact self from within! And then, as there is the application of self, those Channels may be opened for self. For, as is or should be known, those that are in the earth in the form of material expressions or possessions are Lent! And if ye are in accord with the divine influences, and apply thyself, the way is opened. How gave He concerning that which is good business in relationships to such? If it is for the purpose of bringing hope and faith and love into the lives and experiences of those who are to be aided, then Whose Is the money! For: "The silver and gold is mine, saith the Lord, and the cattle on a thousand hills." Show Forth thy love to thy fellow man, by putting his trust in God! There will Be then no recession for such.

Find - Find self and thy relationship to thy Maker.

Forgive - Wrong Doing by Others: This should be as something forgotten. These are not things to be kept in the mind itself. For if ye are to be forgiven, ye must in thyself be forgiving. For the manner in which ye treat others is the manner in which ye are treating thy Maker. Remember, it is yourself you have to live with the most. Others can move out of the way. You can't move, or you can't refrain from meeting thine own self.

Freedom - Freedom of what? When ye bind men's hearts and minds through various ways and manners, does it give them freedom of speech? Freedom of worship? Freedom from want? Not unless those basic principles are applicable throughout the tenets and lines as has been set, but with that principle freedom. For God meant man to be free and thus gave man will, a will even to defy God. God has not willed that any soul should perish, but hath with every trial or temptation prepared a way of escape. Those nations who have taken those vows that man shall be free should also take those vows: "He shall know the truth and the truth then shall make him free." The truth maketh one free. Just as have been those principles of your present conflict. "Send help, for man's heritage of freedom will be taken away." By whom? He that hath said: "Surely ye will not die." There are those two principles, two conflicting forces in the earth today: the prince of this world, and that principle that says to every soul, "Fear not, I have overcome the world and the prince of the world hath nothing in me." Can ye say that? Ye must! That is thy hope; that "The prince of this world, satan, that old serpent, hath no part in any desire of my mind, my heart, my body, that I do not control in the direction it shall take." These are the things, these are the principles. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! Guided by what? "In God We Trust."

Friends - Keep that ability of appreciation of friendships, appreciation of all that is beautiful in every form in thy experience. Friendships are only the renewing of former purposes, ideals. Live thine own life, and use each associate, each opportunity as the means for giving expression to that which Is thy ideal. And then the fruits of thy activity will, even as with He, cement those friendships that may bring the greater blessing in thine Own experience, as well as in the experiences of all whom ye contact. There is no such thing as having too many friends, or having so many that you can afford to lose a single one. This does not indicate, to be sure, as from what has just been given, that all are within the inner circle, as it were, but rather that ye will lose no opportunity, by mere acquaintance or by passing chance, of giving the opportunity for such to know what is thy ideal. Cultivate those who bring thee strength in thy ideal, Not in thy weaknesses or thy faults. For these ye know within thine own self, as ye meet them day by day.

Friendships: Each must, of course, work out her own purposes in those ways that to each seemeth best. But to self, be true ever, and ye will not be false to any; and there is none so abundant with friends that he can afford to lose a single one. But this is more than friendship, for it is oft as food and drink, that must supply that something of hope, that something of desire, that something of the fires even of nature that must not be put out.

Fruits of the Spirit - The fruits of the spirit that are the motivative forces in the experience of man; for in His image are ye made, that ye may indeed through the application of thine own understanding become as a companion with Him, Knowing thyself to Be thyself, yet one with Him. This is the mystery, which is So Simple that those who are wise in their own conceit stumble over same. "Like begets like." In the seed is the fruit of that Thou Sowest, whether it is envy and doubt, whether it is fear and trembling, or faith and hope and patience and longsuffering and gentleness and kindness. The Seed are there, and ye meet same in thine own self. If thou dost trust in thine self, turmoils overtake thee. If thou dost trust in Him that giveth the results, He bringeth to pass that which is Accounted to thee for righteousness in thine Attempt; not that ye succeeded before men, not that ye made the welcome ring, or that thou hast done some mighty deed. But he that has kept the fires of faith and hope burning in the hearts of men Lights the way to the Throne of grace and mercy that is found in Him. If there is the application of the will by the individuals, and groups in authority towards the more constructive influence in those fields of the demonstrating of the fruits of the spirit, then the more constructive, the more advance, the more development will ensue. As there is more and more a turn in the hearts and minds of the seekers to see and know the Face and the Purpose of the Creator or Maker with the sons of men, these then bring these constructive influences; and thus become that as the material answer. Let the Father that would speak to thee in secret be manifested in thy daily walks of life. For Thou knowest to do good is to be Just Kind, Just Patient, just Friendly, just loving, to thy fellow man! These are the fruits of the spirit, and they bear their fruit in the hearts and the minds and in the souls of those thou wouldst mete such out to.


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