The Order Teaches

The Sovereign Hospitallers Order Civil and Military of the Good News, imparts knowledge and instruction, upon His word, in accordance to that which has been given, and recorded in the Archives of the Order being: The Teachings of the Lord.

The Lord Thy God Is One!

"A new commandment that ye love one another. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy body, thy mind, thy soul, thy neighbour as thyself."

Cooperation: This, first, precludes, and is self-evident, that each person must First be honest, fair with self. When this is true, it will follow that the individual, the body will not be unfair to anyone. While each soul, each associate, each acquaintance Is an obligation, a duty, all of these must cooperate, coordinate.

Healing: The Order Teaches that: Through the Purifying of the Body in Thought, in Act, in Certainty, it may make for a Peoples, a State, a Nation, That May Indeed Herald the Coming of The Lord.

Explaining the Words, Deeds and Example of God, The Living Christ: The Ministry to those that are in need: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, ye may bring the Crown of Light, that Cross of Glory into thine own experience, and it become a part of thee.

Explaining the Importance of Meditation and Prayer: To comprehend the necessity of meditations, and prayer for the awakening and the developing of that spiritual import in the experience of each individual.

First, in coming together, let each be in accord with the ideals and purposes of the Order activities. Let each of you know in your own selves as to the value of such a service in your own experience. Let each of you determine in your own manner as to the authenticity of the activities, and as to the value, place and purpose of such activities. Then, as these are in accord with that which is the ideal of each soul, so may you apply that which may be gained through the application of that presented from time to time, in not only your own but in others lives. Thus may the Order become a shining light unto many. For the day of the Lord is at hand, and those who may become the bearers of truth unto those that seek His ways.

Service to Others, in the Teachings of Christ

To purify ones body in service to Him, in expressions of love; in expressions of the fruits of the spirit, which are: Gentleness, Kindness, Brotherly love & Long-suffering.

Thy Lord through thy expression of thy faith in the Divine has made thee an instrument of teaching and ministering to others in their search for the way of living, in their search for the manner of expressions in the material world in a seeking of knowledge and understanding, then temper that ye give with the love of the Father in the ways that the Master gave as to why this or that is done in the relationships with thy fellow man. Then they that in their earthly manners work, labour, here, there, will be, and Are, directed, guided, as to the means, the manners, the ways that they may as individuals, as souls, be as a helpmeet, as an aid to Their portion of the service towards the great brotherhood of man that is in Him.

As to foundations, as to locations, as to sites, how gave He? "Neither in this mountain nor yet in Jerusalem, but rather in the hearts," the lives, the souls, of those who have named the Name and have put On Him that is the Way!

These that would seek as to ways, as to the rejection of this, as to the acceptance of that as a manner, under a head or name, are, yea, likened unto that He gave again, "They that gathereth not with us scattereth abroad," that the works of the Father through the sons of men may be made manifest in the earth.

"He that is the greatest among you is the servant of all." - Matthew 23:11


For Those That Seek the light

Study to show thyself approved unto God, rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping self unspotted from the world; that others may not count thee blameless but that ye may present thy body, thy activities, thy love for thy fellow man as a living sacrifice known unto all. Let the words of thy mouth and the meditations of thy heart be in accord with that thou would have thy neighbour show forth as the glory of the Father. See good in those that would despitefully use thee, if thou would know the love of thy God and of thy brother. For He has borne thy stripes in His body. Bear thou thy brother's stripes in thine own body. Make known to all that thou hast chosen the more excellent way, that ye know the Lord and those that love Him.

Let not thy good works be evilspoken of in any manner. Let the glory of the Father in the Son cherish thee, rather than in the works of man. For His love is above that of all that have presented a word of truth, of admonition, to the sons of men. Keep in the way that leads to light, life and understanding. Look not upon those things that would cause thy weakest brother to stumble, but make known the more excellent ways in the Lord, that the evil day come not to those that are weak. But as He gave: “If ye love me, feed my sheep, feed my lambs.” Much strength ye may bring to those that are seeking. Be thou the light, the strength, to those that falter. Make known His ways to all.

Thou hast been chosen as one that may bear the light to the sons of men. As ye have seen in the glory of the Lord in thine own self, so give, of thy love, of thy counsel, of thy strength, to thy brethren whom ye meet day by day. Strengthen in word and act those that are fearful. Make known the joyousness of being at-one with Him. Keep the way before thee. To Him open, ever. Turn not to look upon those things that would cause thee to stumble. Keep the face to the light that is in the Christ and the shadows will fall behind. And ye will know the truth and the truth shall set you free in Him. For He Is the light unto those that would seek Him now.

As thou hast seen, as thou hast known, as thou hast understood, give first of thyself in aid to those that are troubled and those that would be made afraid. For in Him is strength, in Him is understanding, in Him is light, and ye are called to a service that ye may be strengthened even in thy weakness, that ye may shine as a light to those that are losing their way. Let those things that are past be as not, in thine experience. Let the light of truth and understanding come to cheer, to bless, to bring joy and peace, and thou shalt know the joyous day of the Lord. In Him is strength, in Him is joy. Let thy life, tho, be as a light to others, that thy strength fail thee not.

As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. Let the fruits of the spirit be manifested in thy life day by day. Be not afraid to just be kind, just be patient, just be longsuffering even with those that would speak ill of thee. For what glory hast thou if thou dost good only to those that do good to thee? Let the strength of the Lord be thy might. Not of thyself, but as in Him may ye find the truth, the light, the glory, the harmony, the joy that will make not only thy days of understanding but thine interpretations as of joy to others. Help those that are weak. Strengthen those that are troubled. In thine understanding keep the truth of light and love as thy guiding way.

For those that seek the light are oft disturbed by turmoils through the shadows that come. And thou may give strength and aid to many if ye will keep the lower lights burning in thy contact with thy fellow man day by day. In thine glory in Him ye have strength. In Patience impart it unto thy fellow man. Ye have known His ways in thine heart, thine soul. Be true to thine own self and ye will not be false to any. Let the strength of the Lord be thine; not of thyself, but glory rather in Him.

As ye know the way, strengthen thy fellow man. Be not afraid. For God is Not mocked. They that speak of Him only to those that have spoken well to them are fearful. Those that stand as He and give of themselves to those that even proclaim their strength in themselves, will be strengthened from the Lord. Thou hast known His days. Thou has known His ways. Depart not from them. Look not upon the fleshpots of the flesh. Look not upon those things that make afraid. For thy strength is in being just kind, just patient, just long-suffering.

And as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Lord. In the beauty of holiness is strength. In the arms of the Lord is the beauty of life. Keep His ways. Keep His glory before thee day by day. Lend of thy energy, of thy strength, to those that are weak. Dare to speak gently to those that would scoff.

Keep the faith, for this brings strength; and to him who has found the Lord does the Lord add All that is well for him. Keep thy ways, that thou knowest. Ye grow weary in mind, in strength; but know that His word faileth not. For there is joy in the service to Him, which ye may show by just being gentle and kind to thy fellow man. Strengthen those in the attributes of thy self, and ye will find joy in service to Him.

Come while ye may and sing a new song! Make thy life, thy heart, thy body, as a new light, as a determining that: “Others may do as they may, but for me and mine, I will serve a Living God; in the little things that I may do, that I may say, that I may be to my fellow man.” Strength will come to thee as ye aid in bringing love, life, light and understanding to others. Keep thy faith in God, that ye may make manifest in the lives of those ye contact day by day. Let thy going in, thy coming out before him be as a sweet incense before the throne of grace. And His mercy, His love, abide with thee.

The Parts of the Human Body

As the body itself in its welfare, mentally or physically, unless it cooperates, coordinates each portion with the other, there is not the well-rounded, the well-balanced individual nor the better and best reactions from same.

I   - There is the Physical body
II  - There is the Mental body
III - There is the Spiritual body

They are one. They each have their attributes. They each have their weaknesses. They each have their associations. Yet they must be all coordinated. The spirit is the life. Then each phase of the experience of the entity must be of the spiritual import in its very nature, if it is to live, to be the fulfilling of its purpose, to bring peace and harmony, for which purpose it IS in existence! It must be constructive in the very nature and the very desires, without thought of self being the one glorified in or by same! Rather the Glory is to the influence or force that Prompts same! As is the experience of the individuals: If even filial or marital or soul love seeks the exalting of self, then it is not fulfilling its purpose from the spiritual import. God is love! The influence or force that motivates the life of each soul is love! But it may be love of self, of fame, of fortune, of glory, of beauty, or of self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, or the satisfaction to the ego! These are the conditions that Must be in Every phase of the experience analyzed. There are abilities within the activities of the mental, the physical body of this entity; and these are to be used then in those directions in which the greater glory is given to that which is the ideal of the entity in its spiritual relationships to the creative forces from Within! Then, they are to be used in those manners and in those channels wherein the entity is a creative influence in the lives and the experiences of others, to create hope, to create faith, to create that which is constructive in every phase. Thus, whether it brings material hardships, material problems or not, such an ideal is to be held to; and the problems will be dissipated by the very influence and force of the love and the desire that is Purposeful but Selfless in its nature, in its activity! And when this is applied, when this is done, when the activities are in that direction, we will find the channels for the abilities, the connections, the associations, will be as it were creative in themselves. Not as show, but rather as that in which there may be the magnifying of brotherly love and hope and promise and faith in a Creative Force and influence!

The Education of Individuals

First Spiritual education, next physical, that of exercise, that of proper dress, proper tone of hair, proper care of hair, proper care of body, proper activities that will bring out the better attributes of each individual. For all may have heads and eyes, feet and arms, and a body, yet all may put them to different usages. Physical, mental, spiritual education, social activities all should be to one purpose. Not too much of the satisfying of the emotions but that the body as the temple of the living God may be a more beautiful place for thine own worship.

Education of the Young

Use your abilities in indicating the how, the why, the wherefore of associations of grace and poise. Be able to induce the young, especially of the teen-age, to care for the body, to care for the hair and for the complexion, for the dress, and the why of same; also as to the poise, position, manner of speech and of approach, and the like, and the why of same, direct the teen-age boys and girls in physical education. Through these channels you may make a real contribution to the young people of its own community.

The Central Library

The Central Library keeps all archives of the Order, apart from the Central Library there are two further central archives kept, being an exact copy of the Central Library.

Teachings on Health

The Order Teaches Influence from agricultural standpoint on what it has meant and does mean for the peoples of all nations, as to how their diet may fire and does fire those portions within the body as to set the very influences that bring destructive conditions in the experience of the body.

Agriculture Teachings

The Teachings of the Order in relation to the manner or its practice of Organic Agriculture in teaching to the general public, the peoples in many lands that which will show how that as there are added to the body-physical the elements of the soil in their proper ratio, these bring to the balanced mental and physical reactions the necessary forces for keeping the moral, the mental, the soul, the spiritual balance in the individual. For each and every individual should own sufficient of the earth to be self-sustaining. For the earth is the mother of all; just as God is the Father in the spiritual, the earth is the mother in the material. These are the supplies, the sources, from which individuals sustain, or gain the sustenance for the material undertakings. To be sure, there is a great deal in the theories that are propagated by some groups, that what is in the vegetables and fruits has much to do with the character. If the man who raises and cares for them does it with love, it makes all the difference! Don't think a grouchy man can ever raise a headed cabbage or a tomato that will agree as well as those raised by a man who laughs and tells a good joke, though it may be smutty! This might be extended to where there might be included in half the acreage that is now under cultivation in this county sufficient to supply twice as much of the people, because they are happy in what they are doing! Consider the days of old, these are not foolish! When there were the families that produced upon the farm, how much better not only were the lives of those individuals but the character of the product, and there were not half so many pests to deal with! And whence came they? From the same place that the flies and the fleas and the grasshoppers came to plague Egypt! Insuring the better products for a better people. You expect a new root race. What are you doing to prepare for it? You must prepare food for their bodies as well as their minds and their spiritual development!

New Root Race

A part of the work and of its purpose by the Order of the Good News, is to allow its members to be the channels for the expressions of a new race. Part of this preparation is to ensure the existence of better natural food products for a better people. If you expect a new root race. What are you doing to prepare for it? You must prepare food for their bodies, as well as their minds, and their spiritual development. There is also the necessity to make for the preparation for the cleansing, and the transmuting of the bodies in the preparations for the new race. For the Order of the Good News seeks to bring to the new man a better understanding of the close relationship between the Creative Forces and that created, between man and man, and man and his Maker. There will be many entrances of those who are to prepare the way for the new race, the new experiences of man, that may be a part of those activities in preparation for the day of the Lord. This will require the dedicating of self to the cause, contributing to the welfare of those who may seek through such channels as to the type of training needed, or to the vocational guidance of the young in these periods of unfoldment.

Ideas and Ideals of the Order

The Ideas and the Ideals of the Order are: One with the Lord, He Who Created us, after He Himself was He not Created First? Is He not the Logos? The Pattern, The Light, The Way, The Door, The Life, The Prince of Peace, The Ruler of Earth and Heaven! The Christ, He who came as Jesus, and walked among men, Emmanuel God among men! Know, O Israel, The Lord Thy God Is One!


The Order is composed of individuals of all character of experience, all influences that are of a nature that has brought about the interest in a work of that purposed by the activity of such an Organization:

1. First to the Individual
2. Then to the Groups,
3. Then to Classes and Masses

As to the activities of the Order

First the greater opportunities for service by each and every member. There is to be the Living by individuals of that which has prompted them. Not as ones seeking for self-exaltation, not as individuals seeking for an easy way, not as individuals seeking for a manner or a means of escaping their own selves; but rather as in using their understanding, their comprehension, their knowledge, their love their patience, their long-suffering, in such ways and manners that there may not indeed be the perishing of hope and faith in the earth. Such opportunities are before all those who have purposed in their heart, to Do Good unto those not only of the household of faith, in their individual tenets, or beliefs but unto All, because each soul that manifests itself in human form Is thy brother, and the spirit and soul of same is in the form of thy Maker. For the Lord's sake, then, the opportunities are not to be used to self's own glory but that the glory of the Father may be made manifest in the earth. These be the opportunities, These be the experiences through which each and every soul will pass. For there is set before thee those choices to be made, as to Whom ye will serve.

As to Manners

In which each soul shall conduct self as respecting this as an individual organization, it has oft been given that this is not under any schism or ism or any individual tenet other than that which has been of old: "I Am my brother's keeper!" That should be the cry that should be in the heart of every member, every individual: "I Am My Brother's Keeper!"

Then so live, so act, so conduct thyself in thy dealings with thy fellow man day by day that they who are astray may be set aright. Not those who are astray only according to Thine own interpretations, but those who are seeking! Art thou astray? Art thou troubled? Art thou discouraged? Art thou faint-hearted? If so, then Thou art astray! For: "Lo, I am with thee always", is the promise to those who have put on the whole armour.

"If ye will be my children, I will be thy God" Is to every soul. Have ye lost touch? Have ye lost faith? Have ye lost hope? If so, then ye Yourselves are astray! In thine dealings with the Order, then, and its purposes, and those sources or channels through which ye may seek for that comfort, have ye Applied in thy Daily experience that thou hast heard, that thou hast found good, that thou hast experienced in thine Own life? If so, Then ye may Indeed know the manner, the way in which ye may use thyself in whatever sphere or phase of activity ye find yourselves; that ye may be a Better member, a better servant of a living God! For ye who would be the greatest will indeed be the servant of all, as He hath given from the beginning. Yea, thy Lord, thy God, showeth thee this day by day in His dealings with thy fellow man, to show those promises that have been made sure in the experiences of those that seek. For He giveth good and evil unto all, and ye choose through the Will thy relationships, as to whether they shall be for self-exaltation, self-glorification, self-indulgence, self-gratification, or for the love of life, of truth, of hope, of honour, of virtue, of patience, of brotherly love. Ye yourselves show forth these in the manners, the ways ye deal with thy fellow man! Forgive, if ye would be forgiven. Be patient, if ye would have thy Father be patient with thee.

In what Manner?

First having convinced thyself through thine own personal application, then, as has been given, that which is good, that which is life, if ye would have same give it unto others. For in so doing ye gain that understanding that bringeth to thine own experience that which makes for the fulfilling of that purpose for which ye came into this experience. For He hath prepared a way of escape for each soul; He hath not willed that any soul should perish. Nothing may separate thee from the knowledge save thyself!

What is the Standard?

"Others, Lord, not myself but others, that the glory of the Father may be manifested in the earth; and as the day of the Lord approaches that many may be ready and willing to answer: Here am I, use me. Here am I, use me."

The Order facilitates the understanding of the relationships between self with the universal consciousness, or God

Thus indicating how self may better make use, in applying the many gifts, the many abilities which are latent and manifested in the experience of self during the present incarnation, for the glorification of those purposes for which each soul enters a material experience. If the greater understanding, the greater knowledge would be attained, or the greater good accomplished; It is in the giving of that which is attained that the abilities come for greater comprehension and understanding. The earnest seeking and the desire to be used as a channel through which hope, help, aid, might come to others. Discern well, as the environs have proven, the vast difference between occultism and spiritualism, and spirituality. These are fields of service. They each have their place, their part in the experience of individuals, as well as in the lives and experiences of a great horde of seekers. But know, as the Teacher of teachers gave, there is one proof for all: "By their fruits ye shall know them." Know the author of not only thy faith but of thy confidence as well; and be assured not only from personal experience, but from that which such has accomplished in the hearts and the souls of men, in that such authorities are able to measure up, yea, to keep inviolate (through that form or manner of experience) that which is committed unto them. Such knowledge, such interpretations of authorities would only be found by the answers from within. For: "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit", is an immutable, an unchanging law. And again, the heavens, the earth may pass away, but His laws shall not pass away. Hence in thy seeking, find that answer; not as from something without, but from opening the door of thy own consciousness to the promises that are sure in Him. For ye will find that as the pattern which was shown in the mount to Moses, as well as the greater pattern in the temptations to Jesus upon the mount; in that indeed as He was lifted up, He draws all men, and this means women also, unto Him. This then is, shall be, ever, the basis of thy faith, and not as in they of whom He spoke: "Many shall come in that day and say, Did we not thus and so in thy name accomplish among men those things that bespeak of heavenly things, and I will say I know ye not. Though ye may have done this or that, though ye may have healed the sick, though ye may have cast out demons in my name, I know ye not; for ye have followed rather as the beast of self-aggrandizement, self-indulgence, self-glorification, even as the beast shown here.” - Matthew 7:22-23

The individual finds self a body, a mind, a soul. There are attributes of the physical body that may or may not be controlled by mental forces and influences. There is the soul-body that may not be controlled by, or may be controlled by, the good or the bad influence of spirit. These are as the shadows which were indicated in the mount by the outer court (the body), the inner court (the mind), and the still more holy of holies (the soul). These are but shadows. And yet indicate the trend of the development, just as the sojourns of an entity in or during interims between earthly or material manifestations indicate the trend in which the soul through Varied experiences has sought an outlet or an expression. About the earth in man's (or earthly man's) sojourn are planets (so called); and to such has been ascribed an environmental influence, mentally applied upon the movements, the urges, the impulses. And these are in a manner according to the law: "He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet receiveth the prophet's reward." In each experience, then, it is sincerity, hope, faith, that urges on the individual, toward the means, the manner, for the greater expression. For, remember, the law is as He has given: "Think on these things, meditate on these things." This is cultivation. Men's (and women's) activities are to sow the seed. It's God's part, and promise, to give the increase. It is an answering again of spirit to spirit, the quickening, the enlivening, the life-giving. For, God and love alone are life in its essence. All else are but lines to those forces, for God in His love and in His wisdom has sought such as companions with Him in the movement which began from "God moved and there was light." In thy movements, then, let thy thoughts, thy purposes, thy hopes, thy desires, ever be towards that of light. Not as light of the sun, or even of the stars, for these are but reflections of that Glorious light which is in the Son of God, who is thy light, thy Brother, yea, thy Lord, thy God! For, Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One! Would that all souls could, would, comprehend that great, great sentence, which has been, is, the motivating force in All who seek! not in all who impel, but in all who Seek to live, who Seek to manifest, who Seek to give expression of God's force or power. For, as all power is ordained of Him, so acknowledge same in thy expressions of that which brings faith and hope and brotherly love and kindness. For these are the fruits of the spirit of truth, that take hold upon, and bring one into, the chamber, into the holy of holies; where He makes Himself known, even to His brethren, as He did in those lands so long ago. Then, seek that such be even as He gave: "a sign cannot be given, May not be given, to an adulterous, to a sinful generation; but only to those whose cry is oft, and sincere. “Create within me a righteous heart, O God, and renew a righteous spirit within me!” - Psalm 51:10

These are not words alone, but are as that which applied in one's daily life may lead to an opening of the veil which enters into the holy of holies, even as that veil which was rent when His Spirit cried unto His God. Then, make that God, His God, thy God. What do ye worship? Might, spirit, power, impulse, hope, or what? Whose power seek ye? Thine own, or that in thy weakness ye may be made strong by His abiding light in thee?




The Birthright of Every Soul:

1. To pursue that which will give it as an individual the right to manifest that it would worship in its Creator.

2. For while the body changes, for it, too, must be purified, the Soul remains ever as one. For it is in the image of the Creator and has its birthright in Him. And if this birthright is sold for the satisfying of those urges of earthly desires, they become stumbling blocks in the experience

3. The soul of each individual is a portion then of the Whole, With the birthright of Creative Forces to become a co-creator with the Father, a co-laborer with Him. As that birthright is then manifested, growth ensues. If it is made selfish, retardments must be the result.

4. In their experiencing, in their becoming more and more aware of that divine within each soul that is the soul's birthright, each should regard the body as the temple of the soul where they may meet that divine within for the enlightenment, the growth of that necessary for the individual soul development.

5. Each soul, is responsible to its own better self. For that is the birthright to each soul, in an experience in the earth.

6. To Seek. The birthright to each and every soul that seeks to know the way, the truth and the light. the birthright and the privilege of all who seek to know their relationship to their Maker, and the manner in which they may use or apply that relationship to their fellow men. For, as ye do it unto the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker.

7. The Will. The will is the birthright, that the soul might be one with God, is the gift to each child, to each son, to each daughter; that they may become one with Him, yet conscious of being themselves. The birthright of each soul or entity, the Will of the individual as to choice of that which is the knowledge, or of Knowledge itself. For these are as the birthright of the soul itself. Thus it is given that man makes or fits his own destiny, dependent upon that chosen as his ideal. For, the will is the birthright of every soul from its Maker. Making that will (or applying it) in the constructive, creative direction emanating from the spiritual impulse or desire for good, brings an entity, a soul, into that realm of awareness of God's creative force being present in its relationships, its dealings with others. Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker, thy will, thy birthright, thy God. Each soul in its awareness is born into an environ materially, an environ spiritually, an environ that may be of the making or the undoing; dependent upon the will, the birthright, the gift of each soul that it may make itself manifest and one with that Creative Force, and not merely an automaton that would be moved only as it would not. Man alone is given that birthright of free will. He alone may defy his God! How many of you have questioned that in thine own heart, and know that thy disobedience in the earth reflects unto the heavenly hosts and thus influences that activity of God's command! For You, as souls and sons and daughters of God, Defy the living God!

8. That which is the birthright of every physical being: to be perfect within itself.

9. Giving of self in the service for a cause, a purpose, these bring both a mental and spiritual freedom. For hath not God given freedom of choice to every soul? and it is the heritage of every man, every soul: Freedom! Those that abuse same do so to their undoing. Those that use same in an effort to make known that bright but narrow way, that never correcting but in a Directing manner, bring to themselves the greater understanding.


Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom

“Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech; which is the right of every man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or control the right of another: And this is the only check it ought to suffer, and the only bounds it ought to know. This sacred privilege is so essential to free governments, that the security of property, and the Freedom of Speech always go together; and in those wretched countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce call any thing else his own. Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freeness of Speech; a thing terrible to public traitors.

That men ought to speak well of their governors is true, while their governors deserve to be well spoken of; but to do public mischief, without hearing of it, is only the prerogative and felicity of tyranny: A free people will be showing that they are so, by their Freedom of Speech. The administration of government, is nothing else but the attendance of the trustees of the people upon the interest and affairs of the people: and as it is the part and business of the people, for whose sake alone all public matters are, or ought to be transacted, to see whether they be well or ill transacted; so it is the interest, and ought to be the ambition, of all honest magistrates, to have their deeds openly examined, and publicly scanned: only the wicked governors of men dread what is said of them. Freedom of Speech is ever the symptom, as well as the effect of a good government.

In old Rome, all was left to the judgment and pleasure of the people, who examined the public proceedings with such discretion, and censured those who administered them with such equity and mildness, that in the space of 300 Years, not 5 public Ministers suffered unjustly. Indeed whenever the commons proceeded to violence, the great ones had been the aggressors. Guilt only dreads Liberty of Speech, which drags it out of its lurking holes, and exposes its Deformity and horror to daylight. Horatius, Valerius, Cincinnatus, and other virtuous and undesigning Magistrates of the Roman Commonwealth, had nothing to fear from Liberty of Speech.

Their virtuous administration, the more it was examined, the more it brightened and gained by enquiry. When Valerius in particular, was accused upon some slight grounds of affecting the Diadem; he, who was the first Minister of Rome, does not accuse the people for examining his conduct, but approved his innocence in a speech to them; and gave such satisfaction to them, and gained such popularity to himself, that they gave him a new name; hence the surname of Publicolae is; to denote that he was their Favourite and their Friend.

Legislation was then enacted - First of all on appeals faced by the Magistrate to the People, Livii, lib. 2. Cap. 8.

But things afterwards took another turn. Rome, with the loss of its Liberty, lost also its Freedom of Speech; then men's words began to be feared and watched; and then first began the poisonous race of informers, banished indeed under the righteous administration of Titus, Narva, Trajan, Aurelius, &c. but encouraged and enriched under the vile Ministry of Sejanus, Tigillinus, Pallas, and Cleander.

The best Princes have ever encouraged and promoted Freedom of Speech; they know that upright Measures would defend themselves, and that all upright men would defend them. Tacitus, speaking of the Reign of some of the Princes above-mentioned, says with Extasy: A blessed Time when you might think what you would, and speak what you thought.” - Benjamin Franklin, 9 July 1722.


Thus may the Order of the Good News become a shining light unto many. For the day of the Lord is at hand, and those who may may become the bearers of truth unto those that seek His ways.


Administrative Capital City: Nazareth

Meaning of name: "Ye shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and mind, and thy neighbour as thyself."

Location: Principality of the Good News, Australia

Look, for the moment, then, upon those standards that have been proclaimed in the varied lands. To us, as individuals, we have accepted, we do accept those tenets of the Nazarene, Jesus of Nazareth, whose whole gospel was combined in that message: "Ye shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and mind, and thy neighbour as thyself." For this to become a more practical experience in the lives of individuals, He gave: "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another." Study self, study self's relationships to the Creative Forces and as to how well the each individual applies in its own life that it would teach others to do. Be ye a doer of the word, then, not a hearer or an instructor only. For that thou hast attempted is well, provided it is in accord with the universal consciousness that is in the truth and the way which was manifested in Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus who became the Christ. Thus as set in the example of Jesus of Nazareth, who became the Christ, the Son of God, as each soul as a son of God; but He was the first; the light, the way, the truth; the high priest of the soul of men, the brother in mind and body; that we as individuals might know the Father-God. He was with the Father from the beginning, and He in the earth manifested a material expression. Not that any attains to perfection other than by passing through the earth without error, without fault. Each in self attains to perfection even as He. While the judgment from material things brought death and thus it was judged from the court of Herod, from those activities of the high priest, as error, but in the sight of God, in the sight of truth, in the sight of law, He was perfect, without fault, without blemish. So in the judgments, as indicated, magnify virtues, minimize faults.

Know that all the laws as pertain to the activities are the same, and that what has come into materialization first has had its inception in the mental and the spiritual realm, and is as perfect a body in those realms (or the more perfect, dependent upon the basis of the inception or the desire that has brought it into being), as it is in the material plane.
Thus in seeking information as to the conducting of the affairs and of carrying forward the ideals and purposes of the Order, consider the sources from which such information may come, and as to what and as to how they apply toward what is set as the ideal. And know there is only One ideal.
But as has been given as respecting individuals: “He hath given His angels charge concerning thee, lest at any time ye dash your foot against a stone.” It's just as applicable in any group organization as it is in an individual entity.
Yet there becomes in the practical application more of a confusion unless the Ideals and the purposes that are of a spiritual nature are held to.
For do not consider for a moment (for this might be carried on to an indefinite end), that an individual soul-entity passing from an earth plane as a Catholic, a Methodist, an Episcopalian, is something else.
And such personalities and their attempts are the same; only that Ideal! For all are under the law of God equal, and how did He say even as respecting the home?
“They are neither married nor given in marriage in the Heavenly home but are One!”
Hence the ideals and the purposes of the Order of the Good News, are not to function as another schism or ism. Keep away from that! For these warnings have been given again and again. Less and less of personality, more and more of God and Christ in the dealings with the fellow man.
Those phases of the activity of the Order, in the material plane, must take concrete evidence and present concrete evidence of its being grounded in mental and spiritual truth. But not that it is to build up any organization that is to be as a schism or a cult or ism, or to build up money or wealth or fame, or position, or an office that is to function in opposition with Any already organized group.
Is it rather that it shall be a channel through which only the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, the universal Christ-Consciousness may be applied in the lives and the affairs of individuals in every way and manner?
Ye have an organization then with a physical being, with a mental being, with a spiritual concept. And only that which is not merely idealistic but in keeping with God's, Christ's precepts, Jesus' anointings, may be that which may grow and become as a Living thing in the experience, in the bodies, in the minds; yea to the very awareness of the souls of men whom such a group, such an organization would serve.
In the bodily functioning, then, the activities are to have due and proper consideration, to be sure. But let each phase of the Work present how not only mentally but spiritually there is a grounding in Truth, as is set forth in the Christ-Consciousness as exemplified by Jesus, as has been proclaimed by many of the saints of old.
And then ye may be very sure that all of those influences from the spiritual realm are as One. For whether it be as ye have seen at times, the Lord of the Way or the Christ Himself as Jesus, or others be sent As an aid, depends upon whether ye hold that ideal that is One with the Universal Truth for and to man.


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