Practical Christianity Life

Practical Christianity life is universal, and to be lived in community, and not limited to the cloister, it is to practice solidarity with the poor by implementing of social and economic justice, banding together with those marginalized either by poverty or illness, and serve the disadvantaged.

The practice of fraternal charity, the study of both the scripture and the mysteries of life, and the active proclamation of the Christian faith. All this is part of a Practical Christianity Community Life.

"Lord, here am I, use me, send me where I am needed."

Work in South America

To prepare self, and to live among the community, to educate them thus enabling them to cope with their own problems; not only in the Political and in the General Social conditions which exist among them, but in enabling them to catch a Vision also of that which is the answer in the heart of each Inca: that in Him, the Son, is indeed the great Inca!

What is the value of a soul? Then multiply that by the many that may be aided by such a service! Enter not, my son, lest thou indeed desire to again lead thy people, thy brethren, to a greater concept of a living God!




Volunteer in South America

Volunteer in South America with Hospitallers Order of the Good News.

We have a wide range of volunteer ongoing projects available in South America Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay or Chile, including Teaching English, Childcare, Healthcare, Pharmacology, Construction & Renovation, Animal Care, Nature Conservation, Farming, Gardening, Special Needs.

What do we expect from you

Good health, with good and general positive attitude. Remember you will be living in a community environment and you are expected to be approachable, and socialize with the community where you will be living with.

Follow the Code of Conduct, this are a set of common communal rules that inform you on your duties and benefits while at the Order premises.

What can you expect from us

- You will be greeted at the nearest International Airport and at the end of your volunteering time, we will transport you to the International Airport on your departure.
- You will be provided with Lodging: Food & Accommodation.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers need to be 18 years or over to participate, and have good fluency in English (spanish or portuguese is not a prerequisite). All communication is done in the English language.

What you need to do:

Send us a photo and your CV with a short letter of you telling us of your intent and explaining why you wish to volunteer with us in South America.

Once we reply to you, and you have been accepted, then you need to have the following:

1. Passport with more than 6 months expire date,
Adequate volunteer travel insurance,
3. Provide a criminal background check,

4. A return ticket.

Weekends and travel

During the weekend, volunteers have spare time to relax or take the opportunity to explore.

Long weekends can be taken to travel further afield.



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