The Establishment Of A
New Civilization

“For many generations…they obeyed the laws and loved the divine to which they were akin…they reckoned that qualities of character were far more important than their present prosperity. So they bore the burden of their wealth and possessions lightly, and did not let their high standard of living intoxicate them or make them lose their self-control… But when the divine element in them became weakened…and their human traits became predominant, they ceased to be able to carry their prosperity with moderation. O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are but children. [...] There is no old doctrine handed down among you by ancient tradition nor any science which is hoary with age, and I will tell you the reason behind this. There have been and will be again many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes, the greatest having been brought about by earth-fire and inundation. Whatever happened either in your country or ours or in any other country of which we are informed, any action which is noble and great or in any other way remarkable which has taken place, all that has been inscribed long ago in our temple records, whereas you and other nations did not keep imperishable records. And then, after a period of time, the usual inundation visits like a pestilence and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education. And thus you have to begin over again as children and know nothing of what happened in ancient times either among us or among yourselves. As for those genealogies of yours which you have related to us, they are no better than tales of children; for in the first place, you remember one deluge only, whereas there were a number of them. And in the next place there dwelt in your land, which you do not know, the fairest and noblest race of men that ever lived of which you are but a seed or remnant. And this was not known to you because for many generations the survivors of that destruction made no records.' [Spoken by a priest of Egypt]” - Plato in "Timaeus"

A New Order, A New Civilization, A New Way of Life

"It is generally conceded by those who are students in the Christian faith, as well, as in many other phases of spiritual evolution, that there is the expectancy of:
A New Order, A New Civilization, A New Way of Life, of Community, of Living, or a fulfilling of or a return to those activities that may bring about the time for that redemption of the world.
In a return, or in an acknowledgement, of that as the basis of the individual instruction or direction.
The Order of the Good News in its useful purpose, has that which is to be given to others, an insight as to what, and how there was the physical, mental and spiritual attitude of the Essenes, those who expected, thus prepared, as to how the Essenes so well acted their part, and yet not becoming known in that presented.
The Order possesses the knowledge of the first foundations of the prophets as established, or as understood from the school of prophets by Elijah; and propagated and studied through the things begun by Samuel. The Order of the Good News as an organization shall serve to enable individuals, and groups to so prepare themselves as to be channels through which the more perfect way may be seen.
The individual preparation is the first purpose of the work of the Order. The being sent out into the world is the secondary purpose of the Order.
Social Cohesion is the Foundation of any Progressive Society.

The Fifth Civilization

The present civilization constitutes the fourth civilization in this planet Earth. It is the task, the Aim and the Purpose of the Order to Establish the Foundations in which, by which The Fifth Civilization shall be raised. For the same shall exist for one thousand years. After which, it shall not be, and only, (once again) its megalithic stone constructions, will remain.

That which has prevented and does prevent the whole of Civilization becoming a turmoil is the attempt of those who have the ideals of the Prince of Peace at Heart!
And as of old, the Prayers of 10 may save a City; the Prayers of 25 may save a Nation - as the prayers and activities of One may!
But in union there is strength.
Then if that purpose would be kept, then it must ever be kept in mind that we Are our Brother's Keeper!

A New Model of Society & Civilization

This present model of society will fall, in other words it has no future, or better said its future is one of chaos, confusion, and ultimately fail, fail in all aspects, not one rather all.
A new model based on a much older model, of which records are scarce, never the less available and kept in the archives of the Order will be, and shall be establish.

The Order Seeks To Establish A New Civilization

A Civilization is an Attempt of a People or Peoples to Raise Their Individual Standards Toward An Ideal! That's true Civilization.
The establishing of the Civilization or the turning toward the One God.
When the peoples were in the stage of high civilization, as termed, or men and women with the ability to apply so many of the laws of the universal forces.
To give counsel to others, and to express tolerance, those things that make for the bigger developments, the finer developments; or what may be truly called Civilization.
When there is the study of the activities of the Spirit upon the minds of the young, in their formative years, as there has been studied the variation in the triad and the sextette, it will make the proper setting for a Universal as well as a real individual advancement in civilization.
For the study of man is Man!
The study of the motivating force of Life itself, then, or the spirit and soul, is to study same.
Not the effects, not that which has been the outcome, but what has caused same.
To establish a new way and manner; where the activities of a peoples in a commercial way and manner, in a spiritual way and manner, may bring a high order of civilization.
The present civilization cause us to not get enough sunshine vitamin D as nature originally intended.
The tendency to have less sunshine activity, or less activity in the sunshine, and the taking of more foods that are not close to nature, thus affecting Health.
For, as is expressed, the love of God as it expresses itself in the manner of mien of an individual towards his fellow man is only a practical thing.
So does the earth and its associated activities advance.
So does civilization; so that called brotherly love.
And, as given of old, it is not as to who will ascend into the heaven to bring him down, or who will go over the sea that we might know His face or name, but: “Lo, ye will find Him in thine own heart.”
In thine own mind and thine own expression to thy fellow man, in doing as has been given: “As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”
The application of kindness. And only are those truly civilized that have learned to be kind to those that do them good only? But to those who would intentionally hurt them.
The acceptance of the closer Brotherhood of Man, the Love of the Neighbour as Self.

“You may or not be in a position of great power, never the less know that you each have your part to do.” - The Lord Christ

Lord Lead Thou The Way
I Commit My Body, My Mind, To Be One With Thee
That We May Make Manifest the Love of God and Man

"And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment. And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us." - 1 John 3:22-24

To Further Develop and Establish a New Civilization by means of:

Establishment of Major Libraries, Establishment of High Learning Centres, Establishment of a New Field of Science, developed based on the advancement of Natural Health and the Scientific understanding of Spiritual Phenomena. Bring an understanding to the peoples of the application of the spiritual truths in the affairs of individuals in the earth. The presenting and the establishing of that as to how the tenets and truths might be spread into other lands, as to how they might be an aid to those that were seeking to find a truer relationship with the Creative influences in the experiences of individuals. Where the activities of a peoples in a commercial way and manner, in a spiritual way and manner, bring a high order of civilization. For their own development and for the maintaining of those influences whereunto there might be given greater expression to the manifestations of the relationships between man and man, and between the Creative Influences, and how that the application of a soul to its fellow man Made for manifestation of the spiritual and soul forces in the earth. The establishment of the temples, as to the orders, as to the initiates that aid in establishing the law of Oneness of Christ our Lord God. The exemplification of the so-called virtues in man's activities, there have been brought for the entity developments mentally, spiritually, in its relationships for its own soul's activity. For, only by aiding others may the soul within itself advance for its development towards filling that purpose for which it came into material experience in the earth. That there might be manifest in the flesh those things in the mental and soul body that have been gained throughout the sojourns in the earth. For, only by manifested acts that make for a closer relationship of the soul to that source from which it sojourns, may there come the consciousness of self, and in self, being at an at-onement with the Creative Forces or God in the earth. Yet the greater joy, the greater development may come in making manifest those virtues that have been manifest in the earth by the entity in tolerance, in a closer sojourn of the manifesting of love and patience, and truth, and life, and light; for life and light are the manifestations of God in the earth. That which has prevented and does prevent the whole of Civilization, becoming a turmoil is the attempt of those who have the ideals of the Prince of Peace at Heart! And as of old, the prayers of 10 may save a city; the prayers of 25 may save a nation, as the prayers and activities of One may! but in union there is strength. Then if that purpose would be kept, then it must ever be kept in mind that we Are our brother's keeper!

The Establishing of a New Science

For, as long as there remains those pure in body, in mind, in activity, to the law of the One God, there is the continued resource for meeting the needs, or for commanding the elements and their activities in the supply of that necessary in such relations.

“The earthly civilization possess a lost civilization. She was superior to those who followed. The man of that time was "adaptable" to the great earthly heat as to the great cold of origin. He was electromagnetic, knew how to be governed by high mathematics and astral sciences. Even this magnetic man dwells Pluto ice cream, because as he said, he is "adaptable". - Benjamín Solari Parravicini, 1960

"The young man of the new idea arrives and will say = arrives bringing the sight of the blind man in his hand". - Benjamin Solari Parravicini, 1971

"Civilization, will be extinguished by the thrust of technology and the reigning mediocrity of peoples.
Two extremes that shall never find each other, because they didn't understand the truth." - Benjamin Solari Parravicini, 1972

To Maintain Civilization

Civilization can only be maintained, if there is the acceptance of the closer Brotherhood of Man, and the love of the Neighbour as Self.
One of the Order Aim Is To Establish A Nation Based Upon Practical Christianity on Earth.

The Need For Security

Any Nation, in order to guarantee and safeguard its own Sovereignty, has to be able to provide its own Defence and Security, which is the base of its permissible existence, and the safety of its existence must have a Full Operational Standing Army or Defence Force, no matter if there is, or nor an enemy. The rule of having a Standing Army must always prevail, has not having one, a nation will be placed in peril, that may affect its own existence, and unable to guarantee safety and security to its citizens.


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