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This portal and all publications of the Order of the Good News serve as a contributing factor to that character which indicates the hope, the desire, the purpose for which the Order of the Good News came into existence; and its place, its purpose, its position in the affairs of nations as a directing influence to the hopes of man, in its greater unfoldment of bringing peace on earth, goodwill to man.

"The Lord He Is God"

The Order in its Usefulness

"To make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” - Luke 1:17

The Order in its usefulness is a: Research, Philanthropic and Ecclesiastical Organization. The Order Purposefulness is to bless many of those who came, to seek to know the Teachings, the Ways, the Mysteries, the Understandings. For the Order is indeed a Schools of those that were of the Prophets and Prophetesses. Hence the activities of the Holy Man and Women, through the intuitive forces, through the impelling force of Good in relationships to others. To bring the closer activity in the healing of the body. For the physical Healing, and those activities of the mental and spiritual understanding. To give the interpretation of the Law of One, as reflected in the Mechanical, Commercial, Spiritual, and the Theological Activities of the experiences of individuals.

The work  

The work of the Order is presented from the material angle, as well, as from the spiritual angle. The Order is an Ecclesiastical, Research, as well as a Scientific Research Organization. Not of a sect or set, but as: The Law of One! Making for a healing, a counselling with those of many customs, those of many lands, those of many variations of thought brought into a unison, to the holding to that which is good; for good is from the all good, which is God. In keeping with those tenets, those principles of the: Law of One, or Brotherhood of Man, Fatherhood of God.
Fret not thyself because all may not receive. Cast not thy pearls before swine, but do that with a might that thy hands find to do. That ye have found good, pass on to others. For the Lord is not divided, but is whole within the heart and soul of each individual.
For, the purposes of each soul's entrance into the material plane are that it may be to the glory of the Father, not of self, not of any cult or group or schism or ism; for God is One, and the good in all is the expression of that we call God.

The Teaching of the Order

The Teachings of the Order, and the Teachings of the Gospels, including the Texts of the New and Old Testament are One. For they reaffirm, and validate one and each other. For Truth is One!

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” - Isaiah 52:7

And if there are healed, helped, aided, in body, in mind, in purpose, all of those that time gives, be satisfied. For it is either the Lord's work or it is nothing at all. He will provide. Let each and every soul, then, do their part. As an ecclesiastical group may individuals work, but it must supply to the needs of every character of individual, whether they be of this or that faith. For the faith must be in the good, in the God, that is presented in same.
"Behold, I will bring it Health and Cure, and I will Cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of Peace and Truth." - Jeremiah 33:6

The Building of the The Temple of the Lord

The Purpose of the Order

Lord Lead Thou The Way
I Commit My Body, My Mind, To Be One With Thee
That We May Make Manifest the Love of God and Man

To give of self in the giving of an understanding to the individuals that need the understanding of their human ills. To be carried to the individual, the seeker after the knowledge, the understanding of the spiritual indwelling of man's relation to his Maker, through the advocate that mankind has with the Maker, this is necessary to be proclaimed from one individual to another. With this humanity, will find the understanding of self. To take the message from group to group until the understanding is obtained and sufficient of numbers obtain that necessary to apply in their individual lives. As has been given, and as is being shown, first to Jew, then to all Mankind is this being offered.

Matthew 7:7–8

"Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened"

John 8:32

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"

And ye shall be free indeed, ye who seek first the kingdom from within. To know the truth is to make you free! Truth is as Life, a Growing consciousness in self. Know the truth and the truth shall make you free In the Lord; for he that is the law is no longer subject to the law; for being the law he hath put away fear, doubt, and those things that would hinder or make afraid. The Lord is in His holy temple; yea, in the temple where He has promised to meet thee, if ye will enter in and sup with Him.

This is how the Order can help your personal search

Perhaps you are interested in Health, Spiritual Growth, Prayer and Meditation and or the Mysteries of the Soul? The variety of activities offered along with books and publications we publish, will allow you to examine these notions, and other equally instructive, in light of the Archives of the Order and its Library, which have changed the lives of countless people around the world. Thanks to the legacy of spiritual enlightened beings, you will have the unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of their existence and the existence of the human soul to improve it.

Archangels Patrons of the Order

Archangel Gabriel:  The Messenger
Archangel Michael:  The Defender of Children
Archangel Metatron: The Defender of Children

"And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me."
Matthew 18:5

What is the relationship between Michael the lord of the way, and Christ the way?

Michael is an archangel that stands before the throne of the Father. The Christ is the Son, the way to the Father, and one that came into the earth as man, the Son of man, that man might have the access to the Father; hence the way. Michael is the lord or the guard of the change that comes in every soul that seeks the way, even as in those periods when His manifestations came in the earth.

(Saint Ananias Restoring the Sight of St Paul)

Saint Healing Patron of the Order

Hananiah, "favoured of the Lord".
The Holy Apostle Ananias of the Seventy: The holy, glorious, all-laudable Apostle Ananias is numbered among the Seventy Apostles. He was the first Bishop of Damascus. The Lord ordered him to restore the sight of Saul, the former persecutor of Christians, then baptize him (Acts 9:10-19, 22:12).

Saul became the great preacher and Apostle Paul. St Ananias boldly and openly confessed Christianity before the Jews and the pagans, despite the danger. From Damascus he went to preach at Eleutheropolis, where he healed many of their infirmities. Lucian, the prefect of the city, tried to persuade the holy one to offer sacrifice to idols. Because of Ananias’ staunch and solid confession of Christ, Lucian ordered that he be tortured. Harsh torments did not sway the witness of Truth. Then the torturers led him out beyond the city, where they stoned him. The saint prayed for those who put him to death. His relics were later transferred to Constantinople.

"Trust and believe that the divine power helps and heals! There is no “incurable”; nothing is impossible." - Ananias

"The best and greatest gift in this earthly life is not wealth, but health!" - Bruno Groning

"Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth." - Jeremiah 33:6

The Founding of the Order

Christ, whom his teachings the Hospitaller Order of the Good News holds as its Founder, instructed his followers to Heal the sick. The early Christians were noted for tending the sick and infirm, and Christian emphasis on practical charity gave rise to the development of systematic nursing and hospitals.

Christ, mandate to heal the sick, is put in practice by the Hospitallers Order of the Good News. The Order makes this essential aspect of the Teachings of our Lord God Christ a reality.

The healing teachings of the Christ, are rooted in the Scriptures. They emphasize that an atmosphere of hospitality, sensitivity and worship will allow the Creative Forces to be present to those in need, a primary goal of the Christian Healing Ministry.

In like manner to the Benedictine rule which holds that "the care of the sick is to be placed above and before every other duty, as if indeed Christ were being directly served by waiting on them".

The Work of the Order

The Order is Dedicated to the Preservation of Health and the Cure of Disease; which involve the issue of the rise and fall of nations, and which, next to the Gospel of Christ are the most important to the perpetuity of a Nation, the permanency of its institutions, and the welfare and progress of its People.

The Order view on disease: "There are no incurable diseases just people who do not known how to treat them."

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” - Mark 16:15

The Lord hath created the physician, and of the most High Cometh Healing.” - Ecclesiasticus 38:1-2

What is the Gospel

Good News, New Understandings; and also that which bespeaks the sounding of warning, of knowledge, and awakening, if there will be the considering in the mind of the hearer. The Gospel of Christ. Good News.

What is the Bible

The Word of Life, the Book, the Bible; read and meditate on those commands, those promises, and warnings. They are the words of life; and life, means that continuation of a consciousness, and the study of the relationships of self to the Creative Forces or God.


For no matter what ye say, the manner in which ye treat thy fellow man is the answer to what ye really believe. For the manner in which ye treat thy neighbour is the manner in which ye are treating thy Maker. Know the way ye choose to go. Know the author of thy ideal. Keep in that way. Then go ahead. Keep to those things, and ye will bring into the consciousness of others that as brings the closer walk with Him.

Saint Francis of Assisi Preaching the Gospel of Christ to the Arabs in Egypt
Saint Missionary Patron of the Order
How Saint Francis Converted the Sultan of Egypt to the True Faith

Saint Francis of Assisi stirred by zeal for the faith of Christ and by the desire of martyrdom, voyaged on a time over the seas with twelve of his holiest companions, to fare straight to the Sultan of Egypt and when they came to the land of the Saracens, where the passes were guarded by certain men so cruel that never a Christian who journeyed that way escaped death at their hands, by the grace of God they escaped, and were not slain; but seized and beaten, they were led in bonds before the Sultan of Egypt. And standing before him, Saint Francis, taught by the Holy Ghost, preached the faith of Christ so divinely that for his faith’s sake he even would have entered the fire. Whereat the Sultan began to feel great devotion towards him, as much for the constancy of his faith as for his contempt of the world (for albeit he was very poor, he would accept no gift), and also for the fervour of martyrdom he beheld in him. From that time forth the Sultan heard him gladly, and entreated him many times to come back, granting to him and to his companions freedom to preach wheresoever it might please them; and he gave them also a token, so that no man should do them hurt. Having therefore received this licence, Saint Francis sent forth those chosen companions, two by two, in divers parts, to preach the faith of Christ to the Muslims. And himself, with one of them, chose a way, and journeying on he came to an inn to rest. And therein was a woman, most fair in body but foul in soul, who, accursed one, did tempt him to sin. And St. Francis, saying he consented thereto, she led him into a chamber. Said Saint Francis, “Come with me.” And he led her to a fierce fire that was kindled in that chamber, and in fervour of spirit stripped himself naked and cast himself beside that fire on the burning hearth; and he invited her to go and strip and lie with him on that bed, downy and fair. And when Saint Francis had lain thus for a great space, with a joyous face, being neither burned nor even singed, that woman, affrighted and pierced to the heart, not only repented of her sin and of her evil intent, but likewise was wholly converted to the faith of Christ; and she waxed so in holiness that many souls were saved through her in those lands. At last, when St. Francis saw he could gather no more fruit in those parts, he prepared by divine admonition to return to the faithful with all his companions; and having assembled them together, he went back to the Sultan and took leave of him. Then said the Sultan to him: “Friar Francis, fain would I convert me to the faith of Christ, but I fear to do so now, for if this people heard thereof they would surely slay thee and me and all thy companions; and forasmuch as thou canst yet work much good, and as I have certain affairs of great moment to despatch, I will not be the cause of thy death and of mine. But teach me how I may be saved; lo, I am ready to do whatsoever thou layest upon me.” Then said St. Francis, “My lord, now must I depart from you, but after I am returned to mine own country and by the grace of God have ascended to heaven, after my death, as it may please God, I will send thee two of my friars, at whose hands thou shalt receive the holy baptism of Christ and be saved, even as my Lord Jesus Christ hath revealed to me. And do thou meanwhile get thee free from all hindrance, so that when the grace of God shall come upon thee thou shalt find thyself well disposed to faith and devotion.”
Thus he promised and thus he did. This said, St. Francis returned with that venerable college of his holy companions, and after some years he gave up his soul to God by the death of the body. And the Sultan, being fallen sick, awaits the promise of St. Francis, and stations guards at certain of the passes, and commands them that if two friars appear in the habit of St. Francis, they shall straightway be led before him. At that very hour St. Francis appeared to two friars, and bade them tarry not, but hasten to the Sultan and compass his salvation, according as he had promised. And anon the friars set forth, and having crossed the pass, were led by the said guards before the Sultan. And when the Sultan beheld them he was filled with great joy, and said, “Now do I truly perceive that God hath sent his servants to me for my salvation, according to the promise St. Francis made to me by divine inspiration.” And when he had received instruction from those friars in the faith of Christ and holy baptism, he, being born again in Christ, died of that sickness, and his soul was saved through the merits and the prayers of St. Francis. - in “The Little Flowers of St. Francis” 1390. And be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth that must he also reap. “It is in Pardoning that we are Pardoned” - St. Francis of Assisi

Prevenient Grace

We believe that the human race’s creation in Godlikeness included ability to choose between right and wrong, and that thus human beings were made morally responsible; that through the fall of Adam they became depraved so that they cannot now turn and prepare themselves by their own natural strength and works to faith and calling upon God. But we also believe that the grace of God the Christ is freely bestowed upon all people, enabling all who will turn from sin to righteousness, believe in Jesus the Man, the Christ Soul the First Created God for pardon and cleansing from sin, and follow good works pleasing and acceptable in His sight.

Unlimited Atonement

1. The purpose of the Atonement is Universal: Jesus the Man died on behalf of all people.

2. The Atonement makes a way for all to respond to the Gospel call: Part of the effect of the Atonement is the restoration of the ability to respond to God's the Christ call of salvation.

3. Salvation is available for all, every human has the opportunity to accept Christ through faith.

4. The Atonement legally pays for the sins of those who believe in the Soul of Christ: "The Lord He Is God!"

Practical Christianity Order


The end, the moral, and purpose of the Order is: to subdue our passions, not to do our own will; to make a daily progress is a laudable art, and to promote morality, charity, good fellowship.

Freedom, good nature, and humanity, to live in community men and woman side by side as equals in harmony complementing one and each other, to spread the word of the Good News the word of the Prince of Peace of the Christ, and to Protect the Faith.

Dedicated to:

Seeking the presence of The Forces of Creation in our lives, promoting love and respect for our heritage and community, and to maintain Civilization by means of: Diplomatic services; Legal services; Security services for the protection of property and individuals; Religious services; Protection of human life (civil protection); Protection of Animal life; Protection of Plant life; Providing personal support for victims of natural catastrophes or wars.

The provision of places of worship; Religious activities relating to the Cultural, Philosophical and Spiritual Values of the Christian Faith; Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals, namely providing personal support to families fighting hunger; Charitable humanitarian services, namely providing personal support to Christians fleeing persecution.

Helping pilgrims visit holy places and maintaining a Christian presence everywhere.

Supporting the poor, sick, and unjustly accused; standing against oppression and protecting freedom of speech.

To Further Develop and Establish a New Civilization by means of: Establishment of Major Libraries, Establishment of High Learning Centres, Establishment of a New Field of Science, developed based on the advancement of Natural Health and the Scientific understanding of Spiritual Phenomena.

To Teach the Essential Nature of Disease, and the Modus Operandi of Remedies; and thereon to predicate a philosophy and a practice of Health which is correct in science, in harmony with all of the laws of Nature, in agreement with every structure and function of the living system, and successful when applied to the prevention or cure of disease. The Guarantee of Human Safety both Physical and of Property.



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